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Friday, May 27, 2016

Tall Tale and Organizing Ideas

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

After being asleep for a couple of hours last night I was awakened by Kathy talking in her sleep saying “Hello this thing is not working”. That is the first time that has happened in the sixteen years that we’ve been together and I didn’t think she was dreaming. By the time I got around to her side of the bed thinking her CPAP machine had stopped working, she had woken herself up and realized she’d been talking out loud. With an apology we lay back down and slept until morning. At breakfast she explained the dream was that she had been talking to someone on the phone when the line suddenly went dead. That was when she started talking out loud. We both had a good laugh.
Every day there seems to be a different shape to our plants.
It turned into another day of errands which started shortly after receiving a call from the Amherstburg Home Hardware Building Center that the last of our food storage containers were in. It didn’t take long to head out with that being the first intended destination but I was so relaxed as we were talking I’d driven over a mile past my turn before realizing it. I simply took the next turn and headed to Walmart as our first stop. We had a few grocery items that we needed. Once we arrived at the Home Hardware Building Center we had to return some self-adhesive letters (that didn’t stick). We then got letters that we knew would stick to the picnic table and the proper Food Storage Containers we’d ordered. If you recall, we had ordered them before by the volume size not knowing that the manufacturer made square and rectangular containers for each of the six sizes they produced. The rectangular containers would not fit the depth of our pantry but the square ones do.
We were Home for lunch but when Kathy went to get hotdogs from the freezer there were none. I suggested hamburgers and Kathy was again shocked not to find any of those either. Luckily we had some ready-made Pork Kabobs that grilled nicely to go with the Caesars Salad that Kathy had made for lunch. Needless to say picking up hotdogs and hamburgers went on our shopping list.

We were headed to Windsor before 1:00 where we had a number of stops to make. It was nearly 6:00 by the time we grabbed a quick bite out before stopping for a short visit with our daughter Karen in Tecumseh. We only stayed a very short time before heading off to the grocery store to finally get the hotdogs and hamburgers.
Twenty stackable rectangular containers
In a comment Donna asked about the food storage containers we were using and why. All shelves whether in homes, apartments or RVs generally have square corners and if you use round or cylindrical containers you waste a lot of corner space. RV manufacturers are notorious at wasting space so by using square or rectangular containers there is very little wasted corner spaces making better use of the shelf space.
Even the blue lid cereal containers are Rubbermaid.
They still keep things fresh with no bugs.
The containers we prefer to use are stackable and made by Rubbermaid. We have used other lower quality containers in the past only they easily spill and one time we found ants had gotten into them. Those containers along with their contents went immediately in the trash. The Rubbermaid brand containers have tight leak/air/bug proof sealable lids. In our cupboard where most of our bulk food stocks are kept we used stackable containers that all have the same footprint the only difference was the height. In our search for these containers we have only been able to find them in the Home Hardware Stores. All the other big name brand stores carry some Rubbermaid products but they do not have the same space saving quality that these do.
Another beautiful sunset
Tomorrow appears that we’ll be turning on the AC with the Humidex getting close to the Century Mark. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


 Joke of the Day 

When a clock is hungry, it goes back for seconds.


  1. Gorgeous pots, Kathy. I just love the color purple!

    You two could win an award for your organizational skills. Those shelves look

  2. Thanks for the storage container ideas anything else you think you might want to share as far as storage goes I would love to see it sometime
    . You guys are so organized