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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What a Rush.

Our Location today is Marion, North Carolina, USA.

I don’t understand why but we’re practically falling asleep while sitting at the computers this evening. Yeah we had to set the alarm to get up early this morning but I still beat the clock. I never used to need this much sleep in my past life or does that mean by joining the ranks of the Retired we actually joined the ranks of the Really-Tired. 

We’d had breakfast and were waiting with the rest of the folks from the RV Dreams Reunion Rally that were going Zip Lining today by the pavilion at 7:45. After everyone checked in with Howard and he gave a brief description of the route we’d be driving to Navitat Canopy Adventures just outside of Barnardsville. Our caravan was on the road by 8:00 this morning. 

Some had carpooled but Kathy and I were by ourselves in our truck because we had plans for later this afternoon. Unfortunately the route Howard chose to take meant that many of us could not get on the highway during the same traffic light session as him. Luckily for us Kathy had set the GPS for our destination and before we knew it we’d become the Pied Piper of the left behind vehicles. 
Our Group of Zip Liners with the mountains as a backdrop.
Howard 4th from left. Kathy and I at the far right.
When we pulled into the parking lot to Navitat Canopy Adventures we started to wonder if we were at the right location because Howard had not arrived yet. When we checked at the office they confirmed our reservations and minutes later Howard pulled in saying he’d missed his turn off. Once the group was separated with those doing the Moody Cove Adventure that only left nine in our group which meant we would not get our group discount. So even though he had not planned on Zip Lining today Howard joined us giving us a cheaper rate. 
Kathy and I ready to roll.
We were given a brief Safety talk telling us what we’d experience and asked if we wanted to change our minds everyone said let’s go.  Once we were all suited up with harnesses helmets and gloves we were transported three quarters of the way up the mountain in 4X4 vans up a switch-back path that made us thankful we were wearing helmets. We were required to wear our seatbelts in the vans but looking out the windows you couldn’t see the ground below the canopy of trees. 
Hiking to the Launch Platforms.
Our guides for the Blue Ridge Experience were Zac and Jack took turns educating us as we walked to the platforms about the local environment and what Navitat and Other Companies in the region are doing to protect it.
Kathy on her way down the first line.
When we got to the first Launching Platform everyone was pumped. Jack launched ahead of our group so he would be at the Landing Platform to help us off the lines and would radio Zac when it was clear for the next group to follow. Howard was on the first launch having done both courses just over a week ago so he could be certain it was safe enough for us to try. This course had side by side zip lines that had automatic stops built in at the end of the lines which was perfect for beginners as most of us were. 
Jack waiting for two incoming people.
Kathy and I were up next and our first ride was over eleven hundred feet long and three hundred feet above the ground. The ride was exhilarating and once the gate had dropped you just enjoyed the rush and the scenery around you. Unlike others who had rented GoPro Video Cameras I was using our Canon Power Shot D10 and taking pictures. When I hit the first automatic stop it popped the camera from my hand. Luckily I had tied it to my wrist because it would have been lost forever. 
More walking.
Once everyone had regrouped we needed to hike up to the second platform. Even for healthy guides the additional elevation increase of five hundred feet caused everyone to stop a few times to catch our breaths. Again as we hiked our guides were educating us on the trees and shrubs that were around us. At the second Launching Platform Zac was the lead guide waiting at the Landing Platform. Jack pointed out it was ironic that the second launch was from a height of thirty-six hundred feet and that was the length of the second line which at one point was nearly four hundred feet above the ground below.   
Kathy on the second line.
The last Launch Platform was only a short walk away but we let others go ahead of us. This zip line was only twenty-three hundred feet long but at a steeper angle which meant we sailed through the air around sixty-five MPH before coming to the Landing Platform. 
Great view from four hundred feet off the ground.
Everyone was hyped walking back to the office and their vehicles. We both added to our T-shirt collections and would do this again if we have the chance. 
Looking below Kathy on the third line.
We finished the afternoon back in Black Mountain visiting some of the shops we didn’t see on our tour the other day but we also revisited a few that we did. 
Zac finishing the tour with a stunt.
He has zip-lined nearly a thousand times.

Back at the trailer we had to turn the AC on to cool it down. It was cooler outside in the shade so we spent time talking with Gerry and Sandy about their tour today. Minutes ago the Thunder and Lightning began bring some hail with it. Tomorrow we have to use that alarm clock again. That’s just not right! Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Looks like you had a blast! I thought that was hail I heard on the windows . . .

  2. Looks like a fun time! We have not done canopy adventure before but we have done something similar a couple of times, one was in New Hampshire and then just in January we did one of the longest ziplines in the world at just over 2 miles long (it took about 2 minutes and 30 seconds to complete) and I don't know how many feet high but is was a blast and the scenery over the Copper Canyon in Mexico was fantastic. We will have to keep this place in mind next time we are in North Carolina.

    Glad you have been enjoying the rally, they have been keeping everyone pretty busy.

  3. sounds like you enjoyed yourselves at the rally.

  4. Looks like you had another awesome day.

  5. Looks like you guys had quite the adventure.

  6. WOW...You two are way more adventurous than Paul and I. Maybe Paul would have attempted that but NEVER me! The view looks amazing though.