It's about time.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

One Step Forward, Two Back.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

After a decent night’s sleep I still managed to sleep in until after 8:00 this morning. Kathy didn’t want to believe that I had only gotten up ten minutes before she had by the time she joined me in the dining room.

By the time we were done breakfast we only had a short time to spend on the computers before I was calling our dentist’s office in Amherstburg. For the last two days I have been experiencing pain in the gum below a tooth and didn’t want a repeat of an Abscessed tooth when we go to Florida like two years ago. Since I couldn’t be there in ten minutes I opted to see one of our dentist’s associates at 3:45 this afternoon.

We immediately packed everything we felt we would need today and were heading down the road by 9:30 this morning for Cartridge World. I explained the problem I had with the refilled ink cartridges that wouldn’t work and he gave me a full refund which I applied towards new HP cartridges. As far as I’m concerned I should be able to use refilled cartridges because I own the machine not HP who have programmed their products not to use refilled cartridges. It would be the same as a car manufacturer telling you can only use a certain type of gasoline and it is only sold by their dealers. 

Our next stop should have been the trailer at the storage yard but just after we got across the last intersection and had a line of cars behind us the railroad barrier came down ahead. We sat for fifteen minutes waiting for a slow moving freight train to get by. We stopped at the trailer to get some things that I didn’t think I would need the other day but did today. That was also when I noticed I had forgotten another tool back at the apartment. 
Tire cover on a Jeep.
Since it was nearing lunch we stopped at a Subway and shared a sub and pop for our lunch. It was past 11:30 by the time we were back on the road heading for Amherstburg. It was after noon hour by the time we arrived at our son Kevin’s where the plan was to do a repair to the truck because of the nice weather. If I had time I would work on the project for the trailer. 
Some jobs have their down side.

My friend Ross loaned me one of his power tools thinking it would help me get into the tight area under the truck that a larger grinder might not. First off I don’t like borrowing tools and I should have made a lame excuse up when he presented it to me but his reasoning was logical. This turned out to be a tool from hell that what it was supposed to do and did do were two different things. I finally finished the job using my 4.5 inch grinder to do what I needed much quicker. Once I had the control box was open the problem turned out to be burnt out relays and not fuses. 
Boots enjoying the afternoon sun.
The time was flying by and I needed to get washed up and changed for my dental appointment. We had no sooner sat down in the waiting room when I was called in. After sensitivity testing and X-rays indicating it was not an Abscess it was found to be the shell from a kernel of Popcorn that I had on the weekend that had gotten between the tooth and the gum. After it was removed the discomfort was greatly reduced.

That was cause for celebration so Kathy and I went to McDonalds to celebrate by having Wraps for supper. We also spent some time people watching before we left and went for a ride down along the river’s edge.

We arrived back at Kevin and Melissa’s around 6:00 for our weekly Wednesday night visit. We always have plenty to talk about whether it’s about the boys in school, things around the house or even our travels. By the end of the evening we had plenty of laughter which helps us all to relax.

This was the last day of nice weather for this area probably until next spring so what I didn’t accomplish today I’ll work on next week. Besides we still have 51 days until we leave for Florida. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Paul won't borrow any tool. He said if he doesn't have the tool, he will either go buy it or not do the job. Buying seems to be his solution to all situations....hehe

    I had a popcorn kernel that stuck in between my teeth too. I love popcorn, but maybe it isn't liking me so much...hehe Glad they the problem fixed in quick order.