It's about time.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Making Things Right.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

After spending a wonderful evening with our good friends Bill and Vera we came home feeling very relaxed. That relaxation spilled over when we went to bed making us sleep extremely sound. I was surprised when I woke up to see the clock indicating that it was nearly 8:00 this morning because I hadn’t woke once through the night. After I had everything ready to make breakfast I went to do my morning reading on the computer. It was past 9:00 by the time I finished all my reading and went into the bedroom to open the last of the closed drapes in the apartment. The sunlight immediately caused Kathy to wake from her sound sleep thinking I’d turned the lights on in the room. 

Watching the Weather Channel as we had breakfast informed us that the sunshine was only a ploy to get us out into the below seasonal temperatures. The cold weather was again blamed on a very early Polar Vortex that is plunging most of North America into a deep freeze. 

As soon as we finished breakfast we took our coffees into our office. We searched for a calibration sheet showing the settings that had been applied to the truck the last time it had a front end alignment. Fortunately Kathy had created a file where all that information is stored. The only problem was that she hadn’t put that one according to its date making it just a tad harder to find. 

It was shortly after 10:00 when I was back on my way to Windsor Gas and Diesel. Last evening I suddenly realized that the steering wheel was not sitting where it should be when the wheels are straight. Because of the blowing snow Jim had not noticed that change after replacing the Lower Control Arm. This morning he very apologetically worked on the problem to make it right. Because his shop doesn’t have a front end alignment machine he had to repeatedly adjust it until it was the way I wanted it but did recommend getting it aligned on a machine before leaving on our trip south in less than 6 weeks. That is something that should automatically be done to any vehicle that has any repairs done to the steering. There was no charge for the nearly two hours of work he did today. 

Kathy was busy getting some spare ribs in the slow cooker and making some Chocolate Chip Muffins when I walked in the door. She also made soup and a cheese sandwich that we shared for lunch. It really helped me to warm up. 

Going through today’s mail Kathy finally got our confirmation about the change to our return trip home next April. Upon reading the fine print in the agreement it caused us to have a bunch of questions that we need answers to before we commit to the final agreement. I was also busy researching a DPF kit for the truck which should help to increase its horsepower and fuel mileage which would really make our travels more affordable. 

We enjoyed the spare ribs Kathy had started cooking earlier for supper along with a nice herbed rice dish and then we topped it off with Grapefruit and Clementines for desert. Watching the 6 o’clock News the weather report was called a BRRRR alert and suggested cuddling for warmth for the next few days. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Now spare ribs are something we haven't had for ages. I think I will just add that to my shopping list.