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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Additional Restrictions Coming, Second Impeachment and Overdue Visit.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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It was hard to see that it was once again daylight when I looked out the Balcony Door at 8:00 this morning but by the time we sat down to eat breakfast there seemed to a bright circular shape forming behind the Clouds. Then it happened. Shortly after we sat at the Computers a glaring light started filling the room and it felt wonderful to see.

After hearing of the Provincial Government’s Plans for a more secure Lock-Down in an attempt to stop the spread of the Coronavirus I became concerned about my chances of finding a job. Since most companies have their doors closed to anyone from outside their workforce I’d simply be wasting my Time, Fuel and Hard-Copy Resumes. Having found a way of doing it On-Line I was actually starting to feel more hopeful in my search but would it continue.

I sent E-mails to both Cindy and Kossi asking whether they believed the Lock-Down would affect chances. Within Ten Minutes both responded that everything should be good. I just won’t hold my breath on the process and went about applying for a few jobs on my own.

As mentioned before we try to base our meals according to our Activity-Levels. Today’s lunch was simply a bowl of Vegetable Soup.

Returning to our Computers I remembered that we needed to visit our daughter-in-law Jen before this Provincial Lock-Down takes affect at Midnight. She was shocked when I sent her a Text which is something I normally never do but have had no choice during the job search. When she confirmed it was okay we continued with our research for a while. I managed to get a short workout in before it was time for supper.

Just before we sat down to enjoy a Medium Store Bought Thin Crust Canadian Pizza for supper we turned on the US News Media to check on the Insurrection Investigation. What we got instead was the announcement that the President had just been Impeached a second time for Inciting an Insurrection. It gives me mixed emotions because I feel the pain the Country feels because something like this had to be done. At the same time it put the blame of Incitement on the Person we saw on Television last Wednesday telling his base what they had to do.

We took the Truck heading out to Essex where we had the chance to see Jen, along with grandsons Connor and Haigan for the first time since last fall. Since Jen has worked from Home for years and the boys classes have all gone Viral for the last Two Weeks we felt quite safe visiting. Both the boys are in Military Cadets but have not been able to meet others at the Armoury. While we visited with Jen both boys were On-Line taking virtual classes from their Instructors.

I have mentioned before how our granddaughter Emma has been making Wine with an Uncle. I’ve also mentioned how the Carbonated Juice (Fake Wine) we drink is actually dispensed in Wine Bottles. Rather then throwing them into the Recycle Bin we save the bottles for Emma and her Uncle saving them from having to buy them. They simply sterilize the Bottles before using them. We brought another Two Dozen over tonight.

One of the reasons we took the Truck was to exercise it and it is much Safer then what our Car would be and that’s no joke. When we got our F-150 the Insurance was cheaper then our Van because it was Four Wheel Drive. When we got our F-250 again the Insurance went down because it was also Four Wheel Drive. When we got the F-350 and it went down again I asked the Insurance AgentWhy?” His answer was “It was not because of the Four Wheel Drive but if we were in an accident with a Car, Van or smaller Pickup we’d win”. (Actual Words Spoken) He said “your truck is built like a Tank”.

With all the Clearance Lamps that I’ve installed it’s even safer because everyone can see it coming at night. The problem is during the daylight it’s invisible at least that’s what the Three different people told Police after the backed into it. Their very words were “I didn’t see it”.

We watched the 11 o’clock Local News. With another 9 Coronavirus Deaths in the Windsor/Essex area today we’ve now had 237 Deaths since the start of the Virus. They reminded us of the Additional Lock-Down Restrictions.

Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion unless it personally attacks someone for their comment or is Spam.

Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Duck goes into a pharmacy. Tells the pharmacist he needs some Chapstick.

Pharmacist asks, “Are you paying cash?”

Duck says, “No just put it on my bill.”


  1. Wow, I too was surprised by what your insurance agent said but he is definitively guys would win.

    Your Covid-19 numbers are as bad as ours but I live in a red state and our governor does not believe in lockdowns no matter how bad the virus is in Texas. I have no other choice but to self-quarantine.

  2. Keep working with the resumes and one day it'll happen. I guess when they lockdown they mean it if you can't go over to relatives. The vaccines are getting out down here finally.