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Monday, November 11, 2019

Cleaning The Parking Lots, Big Problem and Lots Accomplished.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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Even though there was no Sun shining in our window this morning the daylight was letting us know that it was time to get out of bed before 7:30. A quick peek out the Window showed that the forecasted storm was just beginning as the entire parking lot was taking on a White hue.
We made it a double cup morning while we got caught up on our reading on the Computers but still managed to start back at the projects before 10:00. The first was to install the Drawer Pull Outs that we picked up yesterday at Lowe’s. The first unit Pull Out I installed was wider for under our sink where Kathy is presently keeping her Crock Pot and a few other appliances. Now she won’t have to get on her Hands and Knees to dig it out.
Pull Out under the Sink. Almost twice as wide.
Of course most of you commented on the Three Pull Outs that were installed on Saturday. Today I installed the ones on the Upper Three Shelves. Now Kathy has even taken to rearranging a few things because she can see it all.
Picture from Saturday.
An interesting note we found out by accident was that if you give them a shove they will Slow Close the last Two Inches so they don’t Slam.
All Six  Pull Outs and they don't Slam Shut.
The SXXW was still coming down and the Contractors were going around cleaning the parking lots of all the Apartment Buildings in the area.
Contractors starting to clean the parking lots.
My next project was to assemble the Bookshelf we bought yesterday. We weren’t looking for fancy and high priced just practical, nice looking and easy on our budget. I had the shell assembled by the time we had our late lunch.
Since Kathy brought most of her Brunch home from Hi-Ho/Michigan Diner yesterday we shared it for lunch and topped it off with a Yogurt Cup for dessert.
It only took a few minutes to install Self Adhesive Felt Pads on the base of the Bookshelf so if we slide it on the Laminate Flooring there is no worry that we will scratch it. After installing the Movable Shelves I moved on to my next project while Kathy started adding Books to the Bookshelf.

My next project was to install the Vertical Blinds that we got last week for our Balcony Door. Someone had left a Curtain Rod hanging on the wall so I thought that I could just use the same Screw Holes. It didn’t take long to install but as soon as we stepped back to look at it we saw a Big Problem. Whoever had mounted that Curtain Rod didn’t use a level and there was a Two Inch Difference between both ends. The center bracket was the only One that I didn’t reset. Now there is only a difference of a Sixteenth of an Inch.
The Contractors were back cleaning the parking lots again.

Yesterday we purchased a Horizontal Blind for the bedroom. The problem was that wherever I drilled to put a securing plug in the material just crumbled. I finally found a single solid spot above and one on the side of each Bracket inside the Window Frame. I’ll patch the other holes later.

Kathy cooked up a Store Bought Thin Sliced Pizza in the oven for supper. Not that the weather would have let us use our Weber Q but the Fire-Marshall won’t allow Propane Barbecues on the Balconies either. Within Thirty Minutes it was cooked just the way we like it.

Back to the Window Blind in the bedroom I had to adjust its length by removing the extra slats then trimming off the excess string. That part was going fine until my Thick Fingers were having trouble repositioning the cut strings. With Kathy’s Thin Fingers we were able to get it done in minutes.

These are not your old Venetian Blinds. You use a twist rod to adjust the angle of the slats but you use Both Hands to raise or lower the entire thing.

Started getting things ready to install the Two Televisions and didn’t get pictures of the Two Window Blinds but called it a night. With more SXXW forecasted for tonight through tomorrow and we have many other things planned we’ll let you know what happens then. The Contractors are back cleaning the parking lots. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. My goodness, you guys had a very busy but productive day. Rick, you are a great handyman!

    I love that you are up so high that you get a great view and better yet that you are not responsible for snow removal.

  2. I love those drawer pull-outs! I may have to pick some up for my RV.

  3. We love the drawer pull-outs. Bill has had that in mind for our Suite and it will likely happen this winter. Our cupboards are wide but the pullouts will hold things in place too.
    You are getting things in place.

  4. The snow day certainly allowed you both to get a great amount of to do's off the list. Looking forward to seeing your window treatments.

  5. Nothing like a bad weather day to get things done. Great view you have there