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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

New Time Zone and Another Blowout.

Our Location today is at Lowe’s in Lebanon, Missouri

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After spending a rainy night at the Fast Stop Travel Center in Vandalia, Illinois we were looking forward to some warmer dryer weather. The hot Coffee/Tea with breakfast helped get the last of the chill out of our bones.
By 9:00 we were back on I-70 heading towards St. Louis. There was the typical construction nearly the entire distance so we made a quick stop along the way so there wouldn’t be any panicked stops going through St. Louis itself. By keeping our speed down made for a much more relaxed drive.
After crossing the Mississippi and going through near Bumper to Bumper Traffic we were finally on our way out of the suburbs and heading westbound on I-44. By nearly 1:00 we stopped at a Flying J to top off on not only Diesel but our lunch. That was when we also realized that we were then in CST. Having gained an hour we decided to drive just a bit further so we would have more time to explore things in Oklahoma.
Good Place for a Blowout.
Those of you that followed our return trip from the southwest in 2017 will remember that we had a Blowout and Kathy was quite upset that I had changed it myself on the shoulder of the road. Having replaced all the tires since that happen and driving at a slower speed at nearly the same spot but heading west we had another Blowout today.
Calling our Roadside Assistance I advised them of the Traffic passing within feet of us and not moving over. Using the information displayed on our GPS we were able to pin-point our location without too much difficulty. They sent out Corporal Mylnr from the Missouri State Police who sat there with his Flashers going which made everyone give us a wide berth. Within a short time later Larry an Independent Contractor showed up and set about removing the shredded tire. Since I had already dropped the Spare that helped speed things up. Once we were back on the road we followed Larry to a small place called the Oasis at a Sinclair Fuel Station so we could top up or Spare to the same pressure as the rest of the tires.
Since it had been Four Hours since we had lunch we had a bite at the Oasis Restaurant. They are not fast but the food was tasty and reasonably priced. Everyone we talked to recommended we go to Lebanon to get our Tire replaced and being it was only Twelve Miles up the road that’s where we headed.
Not knowing which direction to go when we arrived we went through the downtown area before heading back and finding the Walmart right next to a Lowe’s where there was space along the fence to park.
Going inside I first asked permission to stay and then where the nearest Tire Repair Shop was. That was where customer Rob gave me directions to the nearest place and even offered that we go to his shop to plug in. Since it was already dark and we were parked we thanked him for the offer but passed.

When we cross the International Border we are supposed to have all our Medications and Vitamins in their original Containers. We had a couple Pill Doucettes filled so we could at least get to warmer climates before I needed to refill the rest. It reached 61 F (16 C) this afternoon but it still took nearly Three Hours to complete that task this evening because of all the Containers I had to fill up.
Kathy got this Sunset from the Lowe's Parking Lot.
We’ll move to the Tire Shop tomorrow and hopefully be back on the road by noon. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. That is the one thing I always fear is a flat tire. I have roadside assistance but it isn't very good. If I get lucky enough to get back on the road I will get Good Sam again they were great.

  2. EVERY breakdown we've had (and we've had more than our share) has been on a Interstate, near a city, with lots of traffic whizzing by. The joys of RVing.

    Wise choice to have someone else change that tire.

  3. Oh Oh!!! I've been on that road!! Thankfully no flat tires however. No matter what the speed limit, I really do try to stay close to 55. It's SO much more relaxing a drive.

  4. Have you weighed your trailer recently? Sometimes that weight creeps up and contributes to tire problems.

  5. Oh the joys of RVing. Thankfully the good times outweigh the frustrations - most of the time.

  6. Oh no, sorry to hear that you had a blowout. Thank goodness that the State Police sent someone to help with the traffic control. You may have mentioned this in an earlier blog and I missed it, but do you have a tire pressure monitor? Hope that the tire place gets you back on the road quickly.

  7. Sorry to read about the flat. Glad to read you decided to call for help and not change it yourself with traffic flying by. Hope everything is working out and you are back on the road or will be soon.

  8. Sorry to read about this mishap. You handled the bet you could. Hopefully the tire is fixed quickly and soon you will be on your way.