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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Back To EST and Making Tracks.

Our Location today is at Cracker Barrel, Gas City. Indiana.

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Because of the Cold Damp Weather in our area after our son dropped us off at the Amherstburg Walmart we were in bed by 9:30. With the Temperature continuing to dip below the Freezing Mark we didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. Then to top it off we had to set our clocks back this morning as North America ended Daylight Savings Time for another Five Months.
With our being dressed and ready to hit the road by 8:00 EST and no place nearby to eat breakfast we drove down the road to park in the No Frills parking lot. From there it was a short walk to McDonald’s for a Breakfast Wrap and Coffee. We brought my Computer along so that we could check a few things including the weather in the direction we were heading in.
Kathy checked her E-Mail and Messenger Account while I walked back to the truck to reorganize the backseat. Because of the extra appointments we needed to take care of the last few days not everything got put where it belonged. Since we had gained the hour today I managed to get it all the way it should have been. After going back to Mickey D’s we refilled our Coffee Cups before walking back to the Truck.
When we arrived at the Ambassador Bridge we just sat for about Five Minutes before traffic could go anywhere. When everyone started moving we were surprised to see Construction Equipment moving barriers around on this Sunday morning.
The line of traffic ahead of us in the RV Lane only took Ten Minutes to process. As per usual the Immigration Officer had to look inside our Trailer for Illegal Immigrants. He had a hard time understanding why we would rather go sit in the Desert in Arizona rather then going to Florida. (Been There, Done That!)
Our first stop was the Myer’s in Belleville Michigan to purchase Fruits, Vegetables, Meats and Cheese to replace everything we could not bring from Ontario. We also picked up a Ham and Cheese Sandwich from their Deli that we shared for lunch.
We were soon back on I-94 heading west but we weren’t getting any warmer and actually had to adjust the heat in the Truck. Finally taking Exit 108 we were soon southbound on I-69 heading towards Fort Wayne, Indiana.
After a quick stop at a Pilot Travel Center for some fuel we pushed on. We finally left the Rain behind and could see the outside temperature reaching 57 F (14 C). Something we haven’t seen in weeks.
As the Sun was starting to set we pulled into the Cracker Barrel in Gas City, Indiana. After 271.2 Miles for today we had a lite supper and with permission are safely tucked in for the night. With Temperatures feeling staying in the Mid-Forties overnight we’ll be comfortable. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Welcome back to the US! Good to hear you have day 1 under your belt. Enjoy your journey. Safe travels!

  2. We go to the car races on the dirt race track in Gas City. James Dean was from near there.

  3. You wouldn't want to go to FL. this year, still having red tide problems my friend live there and said it is awful.

    But you sure made good miles today. Stay safe

  4. I guess 57° feels good to you. We are having 80° for the next week here on the gulf coast of Florida, and it feels good.

  5. Not sure what your route will be, but keep a close eye on that weather. We, too, have been to Florida and done that never to do again. Give me the desert any day. I try to avoid staying at a Cracker Barrel because that's usually more expensive for us than staying in a campground. lol Safe travels.

  6. Everybody's on the road again!!! Welcome back to the U.S.

  7. Glad your border crossing was easy. Everyone I read seems to have had an easy one so far :) Love the Cracker Barrel store!

  8. Welcome back to the road :-) Safe travels.

  9. Welcome to the US. Glad to read you had a smooth crossing. Safe travels as you make your way west.