It's about time.

Many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" to follow our dreams.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Getting Things Straightened Around.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario.

I only took one Ibuprofen as a safety precaution before going to bed last night and it worked. I only woke a few times before waking minutes before 8:30 and before I could start making the coffee Kathy was coming into the kitchen. I felt totally refreshed from having a pain free night. 

Shortly after breakfast I called Bell our internet provider explaining that our DSL modem was down and not letting us get online. In the past the tech at the other end would tell me to just hit the reset button but this person said by my resetting the DSL to get it working was the problem. Who the heck is telling the truth? Anyways ten minutes later all our computers were back online. 

My next call was to my doctor to inform them of the problem with the prescribed medication and all they said was to discontinue its use and remind the doctor when I see him in October. Like I said yesterday that was the only medication that I’m on so I don’t understand why he had me start taking them in the first place. 

The whole time I had been on the phone Kathy had been busy making the Taco Soup that we had bought the ingredients for yesterday. It was a difficult thing for me to only have one bowl but I knew that if I had more I wouldn’t need to eat supper tonight. I was pleasantly surprised that Kathy had spiced it up a notch but she hadn’t anticipated that it would clear her sinus cavities as well as it did. 

After lunch I needed to go to VitalAire to get my CPAP machine checked out. Lately it has not been delivering the amount of air it is supposed to, the machine starts as soon as it’s plugged in without being turned on and I have been smelling the scent of burnt wiring lately. As soon as I said about the burnt wiring they said it was finished and my particular model they do not repair they just replace. 

Since my CPAP is six years old I need to get a prescription for a new machine which I have to get at the Sleep Disorder Clinic. I haven’t been there in two years so now I need to get a referral from my family doctor so Dr. Deny the specialist will send me for a sleep study. Once he reviews the findings he will then issue the prescription that I need. There has got to be an easier way and I’m still waiting to hear when my appointment will be. VitalAire did issue me a loaner CPAP which has a lot of high tech controlling built into it. 

Back at home I disassembled the printer hutch that I had made for our file cabinet that we sold the other day. Since the purchaser didn’t want the hutch I will recycle it into things I need to build for the trailer. Kathy started baking this afternoon since she had done cooking this morning. By the time she was done she had baked an Apple/Rhubarb pie, Walnut Tarts and Rolly Pollys. While everything was cooling she started cooking Salmon Patties and a pasta side dish for supper. 

It’s amazing how one thing can lead to another and plans can get changed in an instant. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.          


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  1. Yep plans do change our have been like that for most of the summer, good luck with your tests.