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Monday, October 26, 2020

What Sleep, Turned The Heat On and Numbers Slowly Climbing.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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After only One good night’s sleep I was back to staring at the ceiling, constantly turning over and looking at the Clock. Finally at 3:30 I got up to take an Extra Strength Tylenol. By 4:00 I could barely keep my eyes open so I headed back to bed only to start staring at the ceiling, constantly turning over and looking at the Clock all over again. I think that every time I actually drifted off to sleep I would immediately wake up.

Rather then continuing to look at the Clock after 8:00 I simply got up and stumbled through my early morning duties. When I toss around like that at night it also affects Kathy’s sleep so it was not a problem when she slept until nearly 9:00.

When we returned to the Computers I could barely focus on the screen. Even though Kathy suggested that I lay down for a Nap I worked around it. I try to avoid Naps when I have nights like that so I will sleep at night and not let my Biological Clock change my sleep schedule.

Wanting something different for lunch we had Macaroni and Cheese along with Cookies, Oranges and Chocolate Pudding Cups. Unlike yesterday when Kathy did give me a Chocolate Croissant because she was running low on Cookies and she doesn’t like the Dollarama Croissants.

I was surprised after lunch to find that the Thermostats had been turned up in the Apartment. It was always Kathy who was finding the Apartment too warm so we had not turned on the Heat. With our outside high reaching 46 F (8 C) today she was feeling chilled. Maybe we’ll sleep better tonight.

It was nearly 2:00 when we finished lunch and even though I had Planned to workout I just could not muster the energy to do so.

We watched the 6 o’clock Local News where we had another Coronavirus Case in our area. The Local Health Unit was concerned that the numbers are again going up mostly due to people not wearing Masks when out in public which is how we got out numbers down the first time. We’ll be seeing temperatures below the Freezing Mark overnight.

It was past 7:00when we decided to have something to eat for supper, Since there was lots of Leftover Pulled Pork I suggested we have that. That’s what Kathy served me but chose to have Peanut Butter on a Bun instead because this Pork is a little too spicy for her liking.

I’m making certain I’ll sleep tonight. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.

Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


What do you call a cheese that isn’t yours?

Nacho cheese.


  1. Hope tonight was a better night for sleep.
    Funny, not really, but for the next couple of days we are going to be experiencing some of the same type of temperatures according to the weather predicters. I guess we will see when we get up in the morning. Take care.

  2. My current experience with masks just shows they don't always work. I know your sleep pain ... I do the same thing very often. It's the pits!!

  3. If masks work, shouldn't the numbers be going down? Or shouldn't those of us who don't wear them be dead by now? hmm. I too, have a hard time w sleep but just suffer through and hope the next night is better.

  4. I have chronic insomnia and have just learned to live with mine. I wish I was able to make up the sleep the following day but sadly that is not the case. I sincerely hope you had a good night's rest last night.

    Today we are not supposed to get out of the '40s so my little part of Texas is experiencing Canadian temperatures :-)

  5. Have any of you tried CBD oil to help you sleep? I went thru 2 bottles but it was a little pricey. The 1st brand I bought had an awful taste. The 2nd brand had a peppermint flavor. But it does help. I'm now using Copaiba from doTERRA. The cost is a lot less than the CBD oil. Just throwing some thoughts out there.