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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Fall Weather, Problems With CPAPs and Second Wave.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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After the broken sleep I’ve been having over the last Three Weeks it felt wonderful to be able breath throughout the night and not wake up until morning. It was after 8:00 when I woke this morning and I had gotten things ready for breakfast along with making the adjustment to Kathy’s Medication Doucette before she joined me.

Since Kathy had cooked up the Rhubarb we got from our daughter last evening we had Toast with the Rhubarb Sauce as a topping for breakfast. Looking at the Calendar it was nice to not see any appointments needing our attention for the next few days.

According to The Weather Network it was a couple of degrees warmer then yesterday but the Wind would be picking up through the course of the day.

Reading Comments on our Blog this morning it was noted that we are not the only ones to suffer when our CPAPs lose Power and you are left gasping for air. That was what happened to us in 2007 in a Campground in northern Ontario. That soon had me adding additional Batteries and installing a Pure Sine Wave Inverter. After that we never worried about losing Power at night.

The trees are changing colour and losing
their leaves at the same time.

That comment also triggered another thought. Kathy was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea in 2004 and her first CPAP Machine was the size of both our present Machines combined. It was that big. Three Years later I was diagnosed and my first CPAP was Half the size. It was during that time that other people we knew were diagnosed as well. We travelled with the CPAPs in our RV’s and didn’t have any problems.

The expected life span of a CPAP Machine is Five Years so in 2010 our insurance provider replaced Kathy’s with a Machine similar to mine. When we purchased our 2011 Avalanche I not only added Batteries and an Inverter I even created storage under our Bed to house them.

That last modification must have jinxed it because in 2012 my CPAP started emitting a strong Burnt Smell. When I brought it in for service I was informed that my Machine not Kathy’s was on a Recall for possibly catching on Fire. I ended up with a new Machine that would not fit in the storage under our bed.

When we upgraded to our Eagle Fifth Wheel in 2016 I also set up Batteries, Inverters and Solar Panels so we could use our CPAP Machines even while Boondocking in the desert.

When we returned in the spring of 2019 we both felt like we not getting enough air. At that point Kathy’s Machine was Nine Years old and mine was Seven Years old. We had to go through Sleep-Overs before being given the Prescriptions for our New Machines. Since I needed further testing Kathy got her’s in September and I finally got mine in October just before we moved into the Apartment.

Fast forward Eleven Months to this September and my New CPAP is starting to smell of Burnt Wiring. Eight Years later and history is repeating itself. I used my Second Machine until I got my warranty replacement on September 24th. These new Machines report daily to the Sleep Disorder Clinic through the Cell Towers no matter where we are. Suddenly the New New Machine is leaving me gasping for air. It almost sounds like a SiFi. Hopefully this Third New Machine will continue working the way it is supposed to.

For lunch we had a Beef Brisket from Lou’s Kitchen on a Hamburger Bun along with fresh cleaned Pineapple and Shortbread Cookies for dessert.

After finishing our Tea Kathy finished reading a Mystery she started the other day. I managed to restart my Exercise routine which is something I need to continue but as I’ve mentioned before if there is something needing to be done I’ll put it before my own needs.

For supper Kathy made us Pancakes her’s with added Chocolate Chips.

The 6 o’clock Local News showed a rise of Coronavirus Cases not just in Ontario or Canada but Globally. Word is the Second Wave has arrived. Starting tomorrow we’ll be seeing a lot more Rain, Wind and Cooler TemperaturesDuring a commercial break there was an advertisement for Lou’s Kitchen products. That was the first time I had seen that on TelevisionThank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.

Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Your CPAP machines seem to be having lots of problems. The fire part ... that's REAL PROBLEM. I think we'll see a third and fourth wave. Just like the regular flu every year, this isn't going away as most people think it will.

  2. Hope you have better luck with your CPAP machines.

  3. Those CPAP machines are giving you much trouble and it seems new models are not always better. Do you also need to clean the hoses at a regular interval?

  4. That's getting cool. All the mountains have fresh snow on them they say snow levels are coming down more by this coming Thursday . Guess it's about time to head south. Good luck with your CPAP machine

  5. I use a CPAP machine, and when I set it up in our RV I added a bunch of battery's and a 12vdc plug to run the machine. Been using Cpap since 2004.