It's about time.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tasty Leftovers, Flowerbed Complete, Trees Planted, Firepit Damaged and Errands To Finish It Off.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

With the 50 F (10 C) temperatures assisted by a brisk north wind we actually had to close the windows last night. However, the few hours they were open exposed us to so much fresh air that it was past 8:30 this morning when we woke up. We scrambled to have our breakfast before heading over to the Computers. We were so in tuned to getting all our yard work completed today we actually drank our Coffee/Tea while it was still hot. 
Kathy placing new plants where they will be located.
It was barely 9:30 and we were already out the door with a game plan of what we wanted to do in mind. We both focused our efforts on the front Flowerbed still locating more ripped up pieces of the Landscaping Cloth that we knew they had to come out. Since the Arthritis in Kathy’s hands didn’t have the grip to pull out the Cloth it became my chore. What was unbelievable was that as I’d remove these smaller pieces of Cloth I was again finding many more of the Tendril Roots of the Ferns that had attempted to take over the entire Flowerbed
Placing the new plants in their new home.
Kathy located the additional plants that we purchased to replace the Fern where she wanted them in the Flowerbed. Once they were planted we worked together laying the new Landscape Cloth making certain the only openings were where the plants themselves were coming through. The challenge to this kind of work was the 30 MPH Wind-Gusts that kept trying to send the Cloth over to the Golf Course. We used a lite layer of the old Mulch to hold the Cloth in place while we finished getting the entire Flowerbed covered. 
Chicken Stir-Fry on Eggs along with Strawberries on Yogurt.
That’s when we noticed that it was nearly 1:00 so we headed inside to have lunch. I’ve mentioned before that Kathy hardly ever serves us Leftovers without changing something. Last nights Chicken Stir-Fry was delicious but there just wasn’t enough for two more servings so while that was warming up Kathy made Scrambled Eggs. By covering the eggs with the Stir-Fry changed the flavour and made it more then filling.

Back outside by 1:30 the first thing I needed to do was to relevel all the bricks surrounding the Flowerbed itself. Once that was done we finished it off with three bags of fresh Black Mulch. We had people walking by asking us to do their sites. 
Now we just have to wait for the flowers to bloom.
After giving all the traumatized plants a good soaking of water we turned our attention to the back of the Patio. On this past weekend we removed the old Firepit and planted a Emerald Cedar in its place. Like the old site and on the side of the trailer Kathy wanted to create a little more privacy so yesterday we brought Home two more five-foot Emerald Cedars to go close to the Firepit-Tree.

It seemed like the job was taking forever because I was digging in Clay and Stone I had to be extra careful of where the shovel was going because there are the Cable 1 Coaxial Cables that are run unprotected just below the surface of the ground. There were also lots of tree roots that had to be cut through from a Maple Tree that was twenty-feet away. It was after 5:30 when both trees were planted but we needed more Decorative Stone to finish the trim. 
Trees planted, just need to add the trim.
Being as tired as we were I thought I’d just assemble our new Above Ground Firepit but when I opened the box I found one of the inner pieces damaged. So we were soon on our way back towards Windsor.

Our first stop at 6:30 was at Wendy’s where we had Chicken Sandwiches off the regular menu because with all the work we had done today we were starving. We even had Chocolate Frosties for dessert to help cool us down.

Next stop was at Canadian Tire where we had no trouble exchanging our Above Ground Firepit.

We then traveled to Home Depot where we picked up the Patio Stones that will be put under the Firepit as well as the Decorative Stone to finish trimming the trees that were planted today.

Since we have been doing a lot of errands with the car we needed to go to the Pioneer gas station and fill the tank,

We were Home shortly after 8:00 so I immediately unloaded the car and started assembling our Firepit. With the promise of rain later tomorrow we are hoping to get everything finished in the morning and get our site cleared of the Waste and Clay. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. I can't wait to see the fire pit. Your planter looks beautiful!! Great job!!!

  2. The flower bed and trees look really nice.

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