It's about time.

Many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" to follow our dreams.

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Thank You for following this Blog

Monday, June 19, 2017

Moved Some STUFF, Got More Supplies, Hard Rain and Last Campfire.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

After finding out that we’d be moving to the other site before Friday and that the Park Personnel would be around today to level the driveway we though it would be wise to set the alarm for 7:30 this morning. It was like we both had a pretravel night’s sleep. Toss and Turn take a Nap and Repeat until you just can’t stay in bed any longer in the morning. We were up to start our day by 6:45. We thought that the crew would be around by 8:00 so then we could start moving things over shortly after.
Our new site with the debris in the driveway.

We were both outside by 8:00 when we saw Joe the owner had stopped to investigate the pile of debris we had piled in the driveway. When we told him that we had been cleaning and that pile of rotting wood was from under the gravel he was amazed. We also mentioned that we needed the driveway leveled because we have to move the trailer before the shed. He said he’d get his crew over to pick up the pile of garbage and bring in a load of gravel. He also told us due to changes in Fire Regulations the only type of Firepits allowed would be the ones raised off the ground so the existing one would be removed. 
Our old site with picnic table, flowers, solar lights
 and brick around the firepit.
I then called our son Kevin asking about borrowing the Wheelbarrow and the four wheeled Utility Cart. Kathy had some things to do inside the trailer so I drove out to Amherstburg to pick them up. When I arrived he’d already gotten them ready so I was heading back Home in a matter of minutes.

When I got back to our site Kathy was outside slowly moving flower pots over to our new site. Nobody had shown up to pick up the debris yet so we just kept working at moving our own outdoor STUFF to our new site. The Wheelbarrow and Utility Cart were big time savers as well as carrying the weigh that I would have strained to do. We were very fortunate that there was a lite breeze and the temperatures only hit the Low Seventies today. 
This is our new site but that is our Trailer at the end of the patio.
Kathy called me in for a lite lunch shortly after noon. We talked about things we would need for the new site and how we would like to lay it out. We had just finished writing out a Shopping List of materials needed when the Park Crew showed up to take away the debris.

As we were heading out we stopped at the Park Office where I verified with Val that once the gravel was leveled we’d be able to move the trailer.

We were soon on our way to Home Depot in Windsor. The first thing we picked up were the Patio Stones we use for our Firewood Rack and Barrels. Then we got a fifty-pound bag of Black Dirt for planting a tree since most of the ground at the Park is Clay. We got the Stone we’ll need under our raised Firepit before going inside and purchasing the Firepit itself. Kathy sat in patio chair while I walked to the far end of the store to get Cement Anchors and Pipe Cement. It took a while to get it put in the truck before going back to the Outside Plants Section. There we came away with not one but four Emerald Cedars and another fifty pound bag of Black Dirt.
Just the trailer and shed to move.
It was now after 3:00 and the wind had picked up a bit. We had worn off our lite lunch and were starting to feel it so we stopped at McDonalds for their Sweet Chili Wraps and a Smoothie to help us cool down. As we ate our wraps we sat where we could see the truck so nobody would steal our trees. We never saw anyone go by the truck but we saw the sky turning very Black so we knew it was time to leave. 
The truck at our new site loaded with supplies.
We barely got in the truck when the rain started pounding on the roof and it continued for a while after we got Home. When we got back to the Park we went over to our new site on Fourth Street where I backed in on our freshly leveled site. We sat in the truck talking for about five minutes before the rain slowed enough for us to go inside. It was nearly 5:00 before I could go back outside to unload the truck and bring it Home. Since I’d already prepped the truck for towing I backed in just short of hooking up. 
Nearly hooked up.
We’d just finished watching the 6 o’clock News when Kathy looked out the back window and saw two Golf Carts at our new site. They were checking out the site thinking it was available and wondering what all that STUFF was on the patio. They apologized when I explained we were moving there and that even our old site had already been rented.

On my way back to the trailer I noted our firepit was filled with twigs that the wind had continually blown from the tree. I suggested to Kathy we have a final Campfire here because who knows how long it will be before we have another. Since everything was wet from the heavy rain our fire had a smoky start but once it got going it was nice. The breeze however was chilly and Kathy need her jacket for her shoulders. 
Last Campfire on this site.
Tomorrow we will move our Home to our new site then we have to empty the shed before moving it and securing it down. Then we will slowly make our new site our Home. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Congratulations on your new site, I can't wait to see pictures when you are all set up.

  2. Your site is looking awfully bare! Hope the move goes well.

  3. Hope your move went smoothly.
    Today's Krackers...said it all. Enjoy your new site.

  4. Is your slide still not working?