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Thank You for following this Blog

Friday, June 30, 2017

Anniversary and Mysteries Solved.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Because yesterday’s Humidex was still at 97 F (36 C) when we went to bed last night we left the Air Conditioner turned on overnight but even with all the Windows and Vents closed we could hear the heavy rainfall on the roof throughout the night. Once the sound was recognized as the sound of the Rain tapping away on the roof it immediately put us both back into a sound sleep. 
This was our completed Flowerbed.
We both were awake by 8:00 this morning and even with the Window Shades all up it was still dim inside the trailer from the Cloud Cover. That didn’t matter though because we both had our Love to light our way. It was Sixteen Years ago today Kathy and I started our lives together as Husband and Wife. Having lost our former spouses neither of us ever thought that we could ever find someone too make us feel whole again but we were wrong. We have found that we compliment one another and feel like someone was looking down on us so we would find each other. We are hoping and praying that we will see at least another Sixteen Years together. Since the morning temperatures were already nearing the Ninety Degree Mark we thought that we’d take a day off from our chores as a way of celebrating and did more reading. 
This was the Freshly Planted Burning Bush.
Minutes before noon we were getting ready to go out for an Anniversary Lunch when we walked by our Flowerbed that we had spent so much time nurturing this last week. I happened to be looking down and stopped dead in my tracks looking down at what used to be our Burning Bush. When it matures it turns a Brilliant Red colour. It appeared that someone had taken Pruning Shears and clean cut all the leaved branches off on an Angle. When Kathy saw it she thought someone might have actually cut the branches in an attempt to grow their own Burning Bushes. All the other shrubs in the Flowerbed were untouched. 
This was our Burning Bush this morning.
We talked about what kind of thief would do that kind of thing. Even as we enjoyed our Fish and Chips at the Michigan Diner in Essex we continued to mull ideas over and over. 
The branches appeared to have been sheared.
We were back at Wildwood Golf and RV Park around 1:30 and had to drive past a long line of RVs that were there to register for the Canada Day 150th Long Weekend. The first thing when we got Home was to get Kathy in the Air-Conditioned Trailer where she could better survive this heat.

I figured since we were hot so were all the plants we had planted so I set about hooking up the hose and giving them a good soaking which also allowed me to further pack the Clay and Grass around the Firewood Patio. I also took the time to add the Garden Hose Splitter into our Water Line ahead of our Water Filters along with a Backflow Valve and Short Garden Hose to our Black Tank Flush. I normally use our waste Grey Water to clean our Black Tank but every so often I need to connect the garden hose to give it a good rinse. Now to Flush the Black Tank it is as easy as turning a valve. 
Adding the Garden Hose Splitter before our Water Filters we can
now flush our Black Tank by simply turning the second valve.
While cooling off inside I remembered that we were supposed to get something made for our son Kevin but didn’t know when he needed it. After a quick call to Mellissa to confirm the date Kathy then called Cakes ETC to see when they would be open this weekend. They were closing at 5:00 today for the Holiday Weekend until next Tuesday. 
A Southern guest dropping in for a rest.
We were soon out the door and headed to Windsor. We headed over to Seminole Street and were pulling in to the parking lot where Cakes ETC was located in October to find the building Empty. They had moved and didn’t leave anything on the door to say where they moved to. Since Kathy didn’t have the Phone Number with her so we needed to find a Phone Booth to use its Phone Book. Yes, there are still some of them around but you really have to look for them. Four blocks up the street attached to the side of a Variety Store was a Phone Booth. Kathy stayed in the car to keep cool while I found the Phone Number and called from my Cell Phone. I was back in the car when they finally answered. Explaining we didn’t know they had moved they apologized and said they were now Four Blocks up the street from their old location right next door to a Variety Store. You guessed it they were in the same parking lot we were parked in.

We then drove across Windsor to Dougal Avenue to check the location and condition of a Hotel that we’ll be staying in while our Home is in for its Warranty Repairs. We didn’t stop but continued down to Cabana Road and headed over to the Zehrs Super Store on Walker Road to get some groceries. They were selling bottled water at half the Walmart price. 
Didn't quite make it Home.
We had planned on grilling a couple of Hamburgers when we got Home but we weren’t even half way when the sky opened up. The Weather Guessers had forecasted a late afternoon Thunderstorm for our area that would last until early tomorrow morning so we kept driving until we reached the Little Caesars in Amherstburg where we got a Medium Hawaiian Pizza to take Home for supper. It seemed like the rain stopped long enough to unload the car at Home but it hasn’t stopped since we stepped inside.

As for who cut up our Burning Bush Kathy went Online after supper and found our that the Burning Bush is like feeding sugar to Rabbits and we have lots of them in the park. The way the branches were cut just goes to show how sharp their teeth are and the amount of damage to the Bush will likely be its demise. We’ll have to replace it with something that the Rabbits don’t like to eat. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Joke of the Day

A fine is a tax for doing wrong.

A tax is a fine for doing well.


  1. Oh Rick what a disapointment to see the lovely shrub chewed bare of its leaves. You guys did a really nice job with the landscaping and I hope the RV management will notice and show some appreciation. Happy anniversary to you both and many more returns!

  2. I was just going to say .... rabbits!! I babied some succulents for weeks and weeks, only to set them outside and have them disappear overnight with only the roots left.

  3. Happy Anniversary! May you have another happy 16 years!

  4. Up here in Montana my sister is fighting the deer for her flowers. Not sure who is winning that battle. I've never been good with plants so I just let the deer or rabbits have them. Good luck with the new plants. Happy Anniversary. Isn't it wonderful when you find someone who makes you so happy.