It's about time.

Many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" to follow our dreams.

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Doing What We Can, Looking At More Sites, High Wind Takes Awning and Sharing A Wonderful Meal.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

We both surprised one another when we slept straight through until 8:00 this morning. We even had the majority of the windows open so we had plenty of fresh air blowing through. Yes, blowing through because even though the showers ended last evening it seems the wind increased. We talked about what we would work on today while having breakfast. We still went to the Computers for our morning reading and to finish our Coffee/Tea

After completing my inside chores I headed outside in hopes of accomplishing something from our To-Do List before the forecasted hot weather took its toll on the both of us. First we had the plants we purchased yesterday to replant in the Window Box we planned to put them in. With Kathy’s help we were able to divide the three Lilies that can go in the one pot but when it came to the other plant we weren’t so lucky as it only had a single stem. There was only one thing to do and that was Kathy would have to go get another such plant to balance out the Window Box

While she was gone I removed the rear basement wall. We all know how frustrating it can be when driving and we want to make a lane change how drivers will say they didn’t see our signals. While we were in the US back in April we purchased a pair of Marker/Signal Lamps to install on our trailer. The plan was to remove the middle side markers and replace them with the new lights but all the wires were behind the basement wall. Because I had removed most of the things we carry in the basement and stacked it in our small Garden Shed I had to go digging to find most everything that was needed for the job. 

Kathy had tried going to the Essex Home Hardware Building Center thinking they would have the plant but they were already out of stock. She then had no choice but to drive back to the Home Depot in Windsor to find it. She later told me there was hardly anything left of the large stockpile they had yesterday. 

As soon as she got back Home we returned to planting our Window Box. Since we had disturbed the other plants and had just left them while Kathy was gone they were already starting to dry up. We made certain there was plenty of Enriched Potting Soil around all the plants before giving the plants water. Kathy went inside to start lunch while I gave all our plants a good soaking. 

While having our early lunch Kathy noted she had seen Val’s car at the Office when she had come back from Home Depot. We thought that it would be wise to talk with her about reserving Larry and Nichol’s old site. The heat was building outside but there was such a steady breeze that it didn’t feel too hot. 

We drove to the Office where Val listened to what we were saying and even gave us another site to look at. It was a larger site with no trees and a smaller patio. It didn’t appeal to us so we drove around to see Larry and Nichol’s new site. Seeing Larry outside and telling him what we were doing he suggested yet another site that he thought we would like. After checking it out Kathy and I were back at the Office putting our names in for this site as well. Whichever one becomes available we will take it. 

Back Home Kathy got the magnifying glass out and started pouring over some of the maps we got yesterday. I returned working in the basement fishing the turning wires to the new Side Markers. With the heat supposedly to increase over the next few days I want to finish this today because our basement vents into the trailer itself which would be a waste of the AC when we turn it on. 

I needed a break after a while and since Kathy had gathered all the trash and recycle before starting to vacuum I went and got rid of it. On my way back from the Trash and Recycle Area I ran into a couple of the guys I used to work with and stopped for short talk. They couldn’t believe I was working outside in this heat. 

I was just finishing mounting the curb side marker when I heard a loud noise behind me. Our neighbours Paul and Tina who are RV Newbies had gone out for a ride and left their awning out. By the time another neighbour Ted and myself got there the wind had calmed just enough that the awning had come back down from their roof. We found some rope and tied it down as best we could but the arms were already damaged. 

Ted had given us some Perch that he had caught while fishing this past winter. After thawing one package out Kathy cooked Spanish Rice and Asparagus to go with the Perch. There was so much she made up two plates and delivered it to Ted and Eileen for their supper before cooking our meal. It was all delicious and more then filling. The best part is there is more for another meal. 

Once supper was over I finished the road side marker and reinforced the basement wall before reinstalling it. I was just closing up when another hard wind gust pulled the entire awning over Paul and Tina’s trailer this time snapping the drum off at both the arms. As a crowd gathered to survey the damage Paul and Tina arrived from their ride. 

Everyone knows RVers are the friendliest people in the world and everyone was there to help with ladders to salvage what they could of the awning and to make certain that no further damage would occur to the trailer itself. 

Having lightly watered our plants about a half a dozen times today all the plants were looking fresh and full. As we sit here the wind is still gusting. We’ll see what else we can do tomorrow. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Pictures taken in the
US Southwest.

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  1. Hopefully the new RV'ers learned a lesson the hard way about leaving their awning out. Every time I do a orientation for someone picking up the RV the have bought, whether it is their first or not, I make sure they understand how fast this can happen. I have seen two awnings destroyed due to wind and one from rain.

  2. I feel for the newbies. My awning has a sensor ... very little wind will close it up immediately. I never trust it. If you leave, put your awning in. Love your sunset and sunrise(?) pictures.

  3. Such a shame about your neighbor's awning. I was lucky to be next to one in Colorado when a sudden wind picked up and I hear that same bang that no one wants to hear. Fortunately, I am the queen of bungee cords and grabbed a handful and was able to get it stable until they got back. I realized, quickly, that I had to be careful to to get my hand taken off. It was out about a foot, but it held. Glad to see you and Kathy enjoying your life of freedom. :)