It's about time.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Quartzsite Weather In McGregor, Visiting Family, Supper For Lunch and Waiting For My Computer.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

We once again found ourselves sleeping comfortably under our Winter Bedsheets last night. While in Quartzsite this year we spoke to people who regularly made the southwest U.S. their winter get-away destination. All we heard from them was that this had been the Coldest, Wettest and Windiest winter in the last Two Decades. Even the locals agreed with that statement but that won’t stop us from going back.

Normally at this time of year in our Home district of Ontario it is normally in the mid to upper 60’s by the middle of April but not this year. It seems that the cold damp air that we experienced in Arizona, California and New Mexico followed us back. Watching The Weather Network on television the Meteorologist are actually saying “This is what we should see” but the very next day they are changing their forecasts. With all the modern equipment they now have to use the Weather has become Unpredictable.

By the time we got up at 7:30 this morning the temperature was already at 54 F (12 C) which was our daytime high. It was no use taking pictures of the cloud filled sky because it just looked like it did yesterday. At least there was no rain but we could feel the dampness inside the trailer again. The Electric Fireplace took some time but it eventually took the chill from the air. Once breakfast, our morning reading and chores were finished we were soon heading out the door. We shut the Fireplace off whenever we leave.

Our destination this morning was the town of Essex where we had multiple stops planned. Our first was a stop to visit with our daughter-in-law Jennifer. They had only moved back from Welland the day we were heading south. This visit gave us a chance to see their new Home and a chance to have a short visit. We had a chance to talk about some of our experiences which gave Jen a better understanding for some future plans and visits. We all had so much to get caught up on that our one hour visit only lasted two and a half hours and there is still more we’ll talk about the next time we get together.

Our next stop was SX-Video where I dropped off my Laptop Computer. Kathy went next door to the No-Frills grocery store which helped to save some time. While I was explaining what happen to Dillon he seemed confident that he could get it back up and running and maybe save my files. I hadn’t seen Brian in ages since he opened another location in Harrow. When I told him about the Solar on our trailer he really tried filling my head full of technology. When it comes to being “Off the Grid” he knows every trick in the book.

It was past 1:30 and we hadn’t had lunch so we stopped at the Michigan Dinner on Victoria Street in Essex. This location was under construction when we headed south and it is nicely done. Being this was Friday we had their Halibut Fish and Chips. We even met Linda who used to be at the Manning Road location but now works in Essex just two blocks from her home. With that large meal later in the afternoon we would only have a Bran Muffin and a cup of tea as an evening snack later.

We drove to Fantastic Sam’s hair stylist in Windsor where Kathy hoped Jenna our normal stylists could give her a touch up. When we got there we found out this was her day off so we’ll wait until next week.

We drove to the Walker Road Canadian Tire location where we picked up parts I’ll need to repair our car in the next few days.

We finally made it Home by 5:00 and decided just to relax before watching the 6 o’clock News. They were forecasting a warm up in our weather for next week but our temperature will dip to 37 F (3 C) for the night. I see warm blankets calling our names. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Sorry No Pictures Tonight.


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  1. You should have enjoyed South Texas. Warmest winter on record. We are in Houston.

  2. You had a warmer day than we did, at 5C for the high. I'd take the sw weather anytime compared to this!:) sounds like busy days. Enjoy.

  3. I am catching up and all I can say is you two have been busy...whew. Not having a kitchen slide is not fun for a couple of nights...for a couple of weeks has got to be inconvenient...fingers crossed it gets fixed sooner then you think. It is always nice when you add in the travel pictures. Keep warm...I know we are trying.