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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Rockin’ Like Never Before, Where We Really Are, Examining the Fact, We’re Not Alone and We Overdid It.

Our Location today is Bottomless Lake State Park, Roswell, New Mexico, U.S.A. 

Even with slightly milder temperatures last night I just couldn’t seem to sleep solid for the entire night but Kathy was out like a light. When I woke just after 6:30 the sound of the wind starting to increase could be heard. Before I could reach the kitchen to start my morning routine the trailer began getting rocked like someone was driving their car into it. In those first few moments of the Wind pounding the trailer was all it took to wake Kathy and have her coming downstairs to be closer to me. Kathy has experienced the effects of Strong Winds and a few Tornados personally and they scare the dickens out of her. 
You can't see the road 100 feet away. This morning's Dust Storm.
We had our breakfast earlier than most mornings and were on the Computers before 7:15 MDST. The first program I always check especially on days like this is The Weather Network. It took a few minutes to come up but when it did we were both in for a surprise. We were being slammed with 61 MPH Wind Gusts every five to ten seconds for about an hour and then it slowed down a wee bit to 50 MPH.
At 7:27 the west winds were 39 MPH Gusting to 61 MPH.
We could see a Rainbow in the clouds over the dust on the Desert Floor but the camera just couldn’t pick it up. We were still watching out our curb side windows when suddenly they were getting sprayed with rain for about thirty seconds and then it started to dry. We took our time doing our morning reading as the Wind continued rocking us around inside our Home. 
Less then two hours we have Clear Skies.
It was shortly after 9:00 that we left the security of our Home and fought with the Wind to open and close the door not only on the Trailer but on the Truck as well. When we arrived here yesterday we had driven through town and kept it a little bit of a Secret even at the top of our Blog where we give our location. This morning our destination was to head back into town to check out what it is world famous for.  
As the sign says as you enter the town of Roswell, New Mexico it is the Dairy Capital of the Southwest. On a night back in July 1947 it became the hotspot of the United States when the reports of a UFO crashing in the country side had the area buzzing. To stop mass Hysteria of citizens the US Military intervened and all evidence was deemed “Top Secret”. After many US Presidents acknowledged that there is proof that there is likely Alien Beings from space that have visited earth along with discoveries of Archeological Finds thousands of years old that refer to Aliens from space the US Military continues to deny that the event happened to this day. There have also been many other sightings as well as Unexplainable Happenings around the world to make this event more than believable. 
Going through the International UFO Museum and Research Center many might think this is only cheap Hogwash but with all the evidence that is presented and all the Affidavits and Videos from witnesses saying that they were threatened by the US Military about anything they saw only collaborates what happened back then. The US Military even set one of their own as a Fall Guy about the earlier reports and even as the Seventieth Anniversary of the crash nears they continue their denial.  
The story as it broke the News
It only cost us $3.00 each as Seniors to go through the Museum located at 114 North Main Street in Roswell. We figured we’d be out of there in about fifteen minutes but we were there for nearly three hours. It is well documented and other then an Old-Fashioned Animation that activates every half hour the rest is very informative and is self-guided. You are given a sticker to wear so if you want to leave for a meal and return you are able to do so at no additional cost. The museum is open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, except on the US Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. They also have a Gift-Shop that helps keep the Museum operational but it is completely manned by Volunteers and all research is privately funded. 
The Military Cover-up Begins.
It was after 1:00 when we realized it was nearly six hours since we had eaten breakfast and were starting to feel it. Driving further south on Main Street we found a Long John Silver where we each enjoyed a Fish and Chip meal for a late lunch. 
A reproduction of the lid of a Mayan Tomb 400-500 A.D.
It references Alien Visitors.
After eating we continued further south until we were about to leave town before turning around. Since I wanted to check out the route we’ll be taking when we leave tomorrow we started heading back north stopping along the way to walk through such stores as K-mart, Big Lots and Even Walmart. We did drive until we were right near the Onramp to I-70 without going on before turning around. That also gave us a chance to see where we’ll be stopping for Fuel tomorrow before getting on the highway. Besides walking around the stores we did manage to scratch more Christmas Gifts off of our list for this fall. 
Alien Animation.
It was 6:30 as we were driving Home when we spotted a Golden Corral. Since we haven’t been to one since coming south last fall we thought that we’d have supper there. Golden Corral is a Buffet Style eating establishment and even though we were both careful not to “Overdo It” by the time we got back Home at Bottomless Lakes State Park we knew we’d “Overdone It”. 
Another Wonderful Sunset.
Even as we unloaded the truck this evening the Wind was still blowing at 40 MPH Gusts but is due to settle down through the night as we get Freezing Temperatures. Tomorrow we’ll be heading further Northeast as we head back to Ontario and stop at our next adventure. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

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  1. I would have been freaking out with 60 mile an hour winds. Glad you didn't blow away.

  2. That's spring in Roswell, for ya.
    Up til' 2015, one ranch woman was in an assisted living residence in Roswell. Her family owned the Roswell site and she herself was featured prominently in the news about that time. Haven't talked to her since then but she had stories.

  3. Roswell is on our bucket list...that wind does not sound like fun though. Of course, Kathy crossed more Christmas Gifts off the list...LOL Safe Travel Day.

  4. WE have been in those type winds and even a couple of times felt the winds of a near by tornado's.
    Stay safe

  5. Been to Roswell, never stopped to visit though.

    We ALWAYS overdo it at Golden Corral.

  6. We love Roswell. We have found that some of the restaurants even have names for their specials related to the UFO's. Smoky the Bear museum is also in the area and worth a visit.

  7. Hopefully the wind stops by the time you are ready to leave!

  8. Sorry, I cheated. Checked out where you were camped last night, so I knew you were near Roswell. Recognized that name immediately! Lot of irrigation nearby too.