It's about time.

Many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" to follow our dreams.

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Thank You for following this Blog

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Pleasant Travel Day, Lots Of Stops and Nearly Home.

Our Location today is the K.O.A in Wapakoneta, Ohio, U.S.A. 

Last night was another time that we needed to wear our Ear Plugs in order to sleep. The Luv’s Truck Stop in Greenville, Illinois was fairly quiet as far as the trucks idling or running their Reefers. The problem was that the Truck Parking Area was close to I-70 and the constant noise from that alone would have kept us awake without them. We both had trouble sleeping due to the temperature changes that occurred throughout the night almost like being back in the desert. When we first went to bed we had to toss the blankets aside because we were too hot but by the middle of the night they were pulled tightly around our necks because we were cold. 
Nice sunny morning.
Waking at 7:00 I knew that Kathy needed more sleep so I tried to stay in bed longer but by 7:30 my back told me it was time to get up. I tried getting things ready for breakfast as quietly as possible but Kathy had sense my absence and was soon coming down the stairs to join me because we had discussed getting an early start before. We enjoyed a normal breakfast of cereal with our Tea/Coffee discussing what our travel plans were for the day. As soon as we’d finished eating we started into our travel routine of packing things up. With no outside utilities to take care of we were pulling onto I-70 by 8:50 DSCT. 
Twenty minutes later, clouds rolling in.
After being delayed by the Blowout yesterday we changed out travel pattern a bit today. Instead of driving for two hours before stopping for a break we drove an hour and a half, topped off our diesel, found a store to walk in for a few minutes then headed back on the road. The second stop we walked around a Walmart where we picked up what would later be our supper and then walked over to a nearby Arby’s for our lunch. With the outside temperature only being 50 F (10 C) at the time it kept us walking at a faster pace. Our last walk around was at a Camping World in Ohio where we did find a few supplies that we were running low on. 
Less than forty minutes after the first picture.
As far as the drive went today it seemed there were more truckers on the road and less aggressive cars and the ones that were out there normally got caught up the road by Speed Traps. There also seemed to be plenty of Construction going on but there was hardly any slowdown in traffic. With this being a route that we had never traveled before Kathy managed to take a lot of interesting pictures of our travels but missed the Indiana welcome sign. 
With all the extra stops we made today we stayed on the road later then yesterday because we had a definite place we wanted to stop in mind. We didn’t pull into the Wapakoneta K.O.A. until just after 6:00 this evening. John instantly remembered us and wondered where we had disappeared being it’s been nearly two years since we last saw him and Donna. He expertly guided us to our site and made certain everything was working before he headed off to guide another RV in for the night. This K.O.A. closes November 1st and reopens April 1st to give Snowbirds someplace to stop on their way home back up north. With over fifty sites available there were only ten empty when we finished setting up outside. This park is also constantly adding things to make everyone’s stay here more pleasurable no matter what the season.  
Ohio welcomes us on I-70.
After driving 362 miles today we finally sat down to enjoy our supper at 7:00 EDST. After we ate Kathy had me programing the television to work off the Park Cable System. We haven’t watched any television since we left McGregor unless it was playing in a restaurant we visited and she wants to hear The News and not just read about it. 
John guiding us to our site at Wapakoneta K.O.A.
We’re going to stay here for a couple of nights before finally heading home which will give us some Travel Recovery Time. I also have to reorganize my tools that were used to change our Blown Tire yesterday. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

Words of Inspiration 

To dream of the person you would like to be 

 is to waste the person you are.


  1. You and Kathy relax and enjoy your "Travel Recovery Time".

  2. Enjoy your time here , we love the area. Guess we see you on down the road.

  3. WOW, 362 miles in a day. That sure is a lot of miles for a full timer.

  4. I'm glad we don't have to drive those kind of days. I keep forgetting that you are limited on the number of days in the states.