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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Late Start, Town With A Sense Of Humor and The Big Texan Steakhouse.

Our Location today is Amarillo, Texas, U.S.A. 

With the night time temperatures feeling like they were below freezing last night neither of us dared to toss off the extra bed covers. Kathy managed to sleep until she heard me getting things ready for breakfast and said she had slept like a log. My log must have been drifting with the tide waking and falling asleep throughout the night. I figured after having two restless nights I would have slept soundly but it was not to be. 
Hot Drinks on a Cold Morning always steam.
We didn’t dawdle long after having breakfast with our late supper last night lots of our pretravel preparations was left until this morning. The Computers and CPAPs had to be closed and stored before I could go outside to begin prepping the Truck and removing the Ropes that we used to tie down our Slide Toppers with. As soon as Kathy had finished securing the inside of the trailer she came outside to see how was I getting things ready. She asks why I do things so that if something were to ever happen to me she could hitch the trailer and truck and if need be drive it Home to Ontario. By the time we finished dumping our tanks and made our way out to the Highway it was nearly 10:30 MDST. 
What our site looked like at Bottomless Lakes State Park.
Due to our having to drive back into Roswell to get onto Highway I-70 we stopped at a plaza that was right next door to a Gas Station. The problem was that we had to unhitch because the station was just too small for the trailer. There were other stations up the road but when you are paying fifteen cents less per gallon of Diesel you do it. It also gave me the chance to clean our windows which caused me to discover one of our Wiper-Blades was tearing so it was replaced before we left because we didn’t need to scratch the windshield. 
When we were back on Main Street Kathy suggested pulling in to the Walmart parking lot and getting lunch at whatever restaurant there was nearby. It was nearly 11:30 when we got parked next to other RVers and walked over to Panda Express for lunch. We were well satisfied but not stuffed like we had been last night. 
This was a very flat but rough highway.
It was 12:15 when we finally turned northbound onto I-70. The temperature never got above 59 F (15 C) the entire day but we only had a few gusts of wind but nothing compared to yesterday.  

As we were entering the town of Portales, New Mexico Kathy suddenly started laughing hysterically. The sign that greets people to town said “Welcome to Portales, New Mexico. Home of 17,000 Smiling Faces and maybe three or four grumpy ones.” She laughed so hard she couldn’t get a picture of it as we drove by. It is not often you see a town advertising that it has a Sense of Humor and there were a few more signs spread across the community that also had her laughing. 
After a couple of hours on the road we stopped to stretch our legs and to top off our Diesel. It is hard not having our Auxiliary Fuel Tank to use. It was at this time that Kathy decided to activate our GPS. She figured travelling the highways with a map was one thing but getting in and out of a big city she would need some help. 

This guy is parked by the front gate.

Minutes later we were back on I-60 and crossing into the state of Texas and another Time Zone. There was a noticeable change in the landscape as we were no longer traveling through any mountainous areas but strictly rolling hills.  

As we approached Amarillo we joined in the daily madness of Rush Hour but we still made it safely to our destination the Amarillo Ranch RV Park. When we arrived there were three RVs ahead of us but within fifteen minutes we were being guided to our site which brought an end to our 237.9 mile trip for the day. We had everything set up inside and out within an hour but then I realized we hadn’t adjusted our watches to the Central Time Zone. When Kathy realized it was already 6:30 she didn’t know what to start for supper so I suggested we go out. 
Inside the Big Texan Steakhouse.
We had read about the Big Texan Steakhouse being quite close by so we stopped at the office for directions. They have a shuttle service but we chose to drive ourselves. We arrived at the Big Texan Steakhouse around 7:00 Central Time and had no problem getting seated. The big draw to this place is they advertise that if you can eat their 72-Ounce Steak in one hour it is free but if you don’t you just pay the bill.
This is what our Steaks looked like.
Just as we were being seated a young man from New York City ordered the Big Steak. You are then seated on a stage where everyone in the room around you gets to watch if you can do it. I saw the look on his face when he saw his steak. He didn’t even try to eat it all and spent more time Texting and talking on the phone then eating. 

This young man didn't really try but did order the 72 Ounce Steak.
Kathy and I each enjoyed our 8-Ounce steaks and were more then satisfied as everything was done to perfection. We didn’t get Home until after 8:30 but at least we can say we were there. 
We have other plans as well as some chores to do tomorrow and we have another near freezing night to deal with. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

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  1. A town with a sense of humour, that's cool!

  2. I like steak but 72 ounces is just too much.

  3. We rode over in the limousine. I think if they had explained that instead of a shuttle you would have enjoyed it too. I was a little confused when you said you were on I 70. In America that means interstate 70. I think you are on HWY 70 and HWY 60 (highway). They have a nice indoor pool at that park. There's a free RV museum at the local RV dealer nearby that is worth seeing.

  4. Amarillo .... one of my favorite Texas towns, except for that tornado/severe thunderstorm warning! I was a rebel ... I had chicken fried steak at the Roadhouse.

  5. I dare you to try that steak!! Enjoy Texas.

  6. We stayed a couple of nights at that same park last year and ate dinner at the Big Texan, also. Three young men tried to master the 72 ounces while we were there...none succeeded. Continued safe travels.