It's about time.

Many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" to follow our dreams.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Laptop Back, Car Sent Away, Curious Neighbours and Trees Planted.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Even with the near freezing night in our area we only ran our Electric Fireplace for a short while this morning because the outside temps were improving early. As soon as breakfast was over while Kathy did her morning reading I started making phone calls. The first was to our friend Jim at Windsor Gas and Diesel in Windsor. When I told him about the heavy gasoline smell his first words were “Don’t Drive it. If by chance the leak was over the hot manifold the car could catch on fire.” When asked if I could send it his way “He said he’d squeeze it in.”

The next call I kept getting the person’s voice mail. After getting my morning chores finished I sat at the computer for the short time it took Kathy to get ready to head out the door.

Our destination was SX Video in Essex to pick up my laptop. On Thursday evening I received a call from someone identifying themselves as from Norton Antivirus. That would never happen in real life. They stated there was a problem with my computer and I needed to give them some personal financial information. I wasn’t born yesterday and when I said that his response was “Well say goodbye to all your files.” He wasn’t even on my computer but as he said that my computer started going blank. Try as much as I could I could not bring it back to life that night. 
Fairy Garden
Dillon at SX Video told me this morning that what had happen is somehow while surfing the Web a Cookie had been planted which could scramble my passwords. Even though I regularly clean those out it had buried itself. Now another cookie gets planted and buried sending a message to these Scumbags that it was ready to be used. Now they just call you on the phone and disable your computer all because of those Cookies.

I’d dropped Kathy at the nearby Shoppers Drug Mart where she looked for some shampoo. We both met at the truck at the same time. 

Back at Home we had a lite lunch of Tomato Soup, English Muffins with two Oreo Cookies and a Clementine Orange for desert. As soon as we were finished eating I called CAA roadside service to have a Flatbed Tow Truck bring our car to Windsor Gas and Diesel. They were busy so it would take about an hour for the truck to arrive.

We wanted to start getting our site spruced up the way we did last year so we started getting things out from the shed. Kathy had wrapped some of the figures in Bubble Wrap in order protect them. They looked just the day they were purchased. That was when Nichol came over and started talking to us about our trip. That was also the same time the Flatbed Tow Truck showed up to pick up the car. While Kathy spoke to Nichol I took care of the car issue. 
Our car being sent for service.
Once the truck was gone Kathy and I started talking about removing our Golden Cedar Trees from the decorative pots we had them in and actually planting them in the ground. Unlike other Residents we have seen digging on their sites we laid a plastic tarp down to gather all the Clay that was being removed from the hole that I was digging. Kathy busied herself by recreating her Fairy Garden. It took close to two hours digging that trench in the Clay and cutting through numerous tree Roots that were running close to the surface of the ground.
Fairy Garden.

We stopped long enough to have supper then we went right back to work. With all the trees in the trench we made certain they had a slight stone base with Peat Moss around their bases and Potting Soil packed in around the top. Now they will grow to make us a privacy barrier and we won’t have to worry about them surviving the winters. 
The tarp keeps the Clay from mixing in the grass.
We stopped to take a breather when I spotted our new Miniature Alberta Pines sitting by the shed. Since we were already dirty we took the time to plant them into the larger planters by the shed doors. Now we’ll have to find one of the many other things that needs to be done to use our time. 
By planting our trees takes them off our patio.
Busy adding Peat Moss around the trees.

We have officially been Fulltimers for one year we are starting to feel more confident in advising people when they ask us about what to do. Not everyone does it the same way or with the same kind of RV but that’s what makes us human. Some have Base Parks that keeps them close to Family and Doctors while other continually move around. Most of our answers are the same such as wishing that we had done it sooner but we also say that it is not for everyone. 
One of our newly planted Alberta Miniature Pines

Our Neighbours Larry and Nichol were filled with questions about our Solar Panels and Boondocking “Off the Grid”. Would they ever be Fulltimers? Probably not! With the rising costs of Electricity, they are extremely interested in the Solar. Would they boondock in the desert? It’s temping to them but only time will tell.
The other Alberta Miniature Pine.

We’re expecting the weather to start improving soon and we hope to get our Home repaired so we can start enjoying this Fulltime Lifestyle the way it was meant to be. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. On the average full timers last around five years. Then there are some like Nancy and I that have been at it since the year 2000. Enjoy the life its the only one you will have.