It's about time.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Unexpected Cold Night, Easy Travels, High Winds and From Escapade to Escapees Park.

Our Location today is Dream Catcher RV Park, Deming, New Mexico, U.S.A. 

As soon as we’d posted the Blog last night I started putting away our Computers so that we could have an earlier getaway in the morning. What I failed to do was to check the overnight weather forecast for Tucson. We were both surprised just how cold our Linen Sheets felt when we settled in for the night. About three weeks ago we had replaced our Winter Sheets with our Linens because they were keeping us too hot at night. Let’s just say they would have been well appreciated last night as we both had trouble keeping warm. 
When we got up just before 7:00 Arizona Time this morning we both found our housecoats in an effort to keeping ourselves warm. The inside thermometer showed the temp to be 43 F (6 C) which is a far cry from being comfortable. Our hot cup of coffee/tea spent more time defrosting our hands then being drank but we had everything packed and closed for traveling and were pulling off our site before 8:30.  
The reason for such an early start was to avoid the sudden rush of Escapees at the Dump-Out Station. Winding our way back towards the front of the Fairgrounds we finally arrived to our turnoff that was in fact clearly marked since the other day. By the time that we arrived one of two RVs ahead of us was just pulling out. That allowed us to swing around to come from the opposite direction so we could start the cleaning process while the other RV was still doing his chore. We were fortunate enough to have a Fresh Drinking Water Bib close enough to add some water while the Waste Tanks were draining. As soon as our Waste Tanks were empty we stopped taking on Fresh Water and were on our way. In that short time it had taken to freshen up our Home there were at least twenty RVs in line to dump out. 
It took less then five minutes after leaving the Fairgrounds before we were turning the truck Eastbound on I-10. There were very few steep mountain climbs as we meandered along seeing the last of the heavier mountain terrain. There were no slowdowns due to Accidents or Construction and everyone was focused at driving Safely. There were a number of Speed-Traps set up to keep the cars and light trucks that weren’t towing more in line with the posted limit. There were “High Wind Warnings” that were posted on the highway’s Digital Displays. There were many Dust-Devils visible off in the distance the entire trip which cause a lot of Blowing Sand across the Highway. 
After crossing into the state of New Mexico we stopped at a Flying J so we could have lunch and get some fuel. The RV Parking Area was packed so without hesitation we found ourselves a spot amongst the Semis. It felt good just walking to stretch our legs before going into Denny’s to have our meal. When our waitress first approached our table the first thing I did was verify the time with her. New Mexico does use Daylight Savings Time so we sprung forward an hour now making us now only two hours different to our family back home in Ontario. Our stop for Food and Fuel took just over an hour before we were once again heading east on I-10. 
It took less then an hour until we were exiting at Deming, New Mexico. It was amazing when the GPS tried to have us go in a different direction but because we had spent two weeks here in November I turned the way I knew we should. Three minutes later the GPS finally caught up with us just as we were arriving at the Escapee’s Dream Catcher RV Park. There were two RVs already stopped in the driveway and within minutes there were five more behind us extending onto the roadway. 
Kathy went in and had us registered in minutes while I crept the truck forward as the other RVs cleared the way. The Park had received numerous calls to reserve sites from others that had just left the Escapade in Tucson. Since most of the sites were booked we were given a Seasonal Site belonging to a Member that will be away for a while. 
It was an easy back-in site that brought today’s 209 Mile trip to an end by 3:30 Mountain Daylight Saving Time. Once the trailer was unhitched and leveled it didn’t take long to set up for our stay. Since we’ve been “Off the Grid” for a while, we thought we could stay at this Wonderful Park and get a few things taken care of. Being an Escapee Member does have its perks like low cost parks. 
Burgers and Bean Salad.
We continued to be buffeted by the High Winds after getting parked. When the Winds calmed a bit, we grilled a couple of Burgers for supper. Tonight’s temperature is forecasted to hit 37 F (3 C) so we’ll add extra covers and keep the heat in and to keep us warm and comfortable. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.
Pictures taken by Kathy.

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  1. The temperatures even turned cooler here in Quartzsite but not quite as cool as you are experiencing. Hopefully, the winds will not continue. Continued safe travels.

  2. When we have stayed at Dream Catcher and the temps dip, we have awoken to no water. Their pipes are close to the surface. They usually defrost by 9 or so. So....make sure you have water in your holding tanks for those cups of coffee.

  3. You're almost catching up to us. We're in Abbeville, LA. Lots of great seafood here. Palmetto Island State Park is here. You might check it out if you come this way on I-10. Safe travels.