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Monday, March 13, 2017

Plenty Of Chores Accomplished, Change Of Plans On The Wind Generator, Changing LED Lamps and Late Moon Rising.

Our Location today is La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A. 

After sleeping with all the windows and vents open again and having an almost perfect sleep when the Sun started peeking in the windows I knew that I’d over slept. It was already 7:15 Arizona time and in order to get our chores done before the heat of the day set in we had to get moving. Within minutes Kathy was up though not moving at my pace she was ready to start the day.  
Kathy like the steam vapour rising from our Coffee Mugs.
I had already changed my clothes before we ate breakfast because I didn’t want to waste the early hours of the day. The breakfast discussion was what we were doing. Once breakfast was over I stripped the bedsheets off the bed and brought them along with the rest of our laundry to the living room area to be sorted. With our empty Propane Tanks, empty Water Containers, and our Laundry loaded in the truck we were soon on our way heading to Quartzsite. 
Our first stop was the Main Street Laundromat which looked only partially full on the outside but was busy on the inside. Kathy helped by getting change while I loaded the Washers. Then we had a chance to relax for a bit. When it was time to change the clothes to the Dryers we were able to sit quite a bit closer. As the Dryers stopped what was still damp went in a bit longer while we worked together at folding the clothes. From the time we arrived by working together and the warmer weather we were done Five Loads of Laundry in an Hour and a Half. 

It wasn’t even 10:00 when we arrived at Discount Solar. We had purchased some LED Lamps back in December for over our Dining Table that made it hard for Kathy to read using that light. Talking to Mike I suggested the LED Waffles like we had used in our closets that work great but this time I suggested Kathy choose which colour she wanted. We went with the more natural colour. The problem with the other LED Replacement Bulbs is that a lot of the diodes were facing the inside of the lamp housing. We also considered replacing our Exterior Security Lamps with a LED Fixture but they didn’t have anything in stock so the suggested a couple of other places to try. 

We also mentioned our intention of adding more Batteries, Solar Panels and a Wind Generator in the fall. Mike’s face went white and then he explained that he had put a Wind Generator on his trailer in the past. It generated more then was needed especially in the winter months when there was little Sun. What he and his wife could not stand was the Whooshing noise that it constantly made. Figuring if he moved it on a tower away from the trailer it would be okay. It was not as intense but it could still be heard. Since they got rid of the Generator and he doubled his Solar Panels. His wife often uses the Slow-Cooker to make supper or the Microwave for a fast warm up. He said if we still want to go that route it was our business but he would advise against it. When we left Discount Solar we were rethinking our future plans without a Wind Generator. 

The next stop was at Family Dollar where I was busy filling our Water Containers at the Reverse Osmoses Dispensing Machine while Kathy went inside to get a few more necessities and to get out of the heat.  

We still had more errands to run but by the time we finished at Family Dollar since our breakfast was long gone so we drove to McDonalds where we each had what suited our taste for lunch.  

As soon as we were back on the road we went to RV Pit Stop where we had a couple of Propane Tanks that needed filling. Even though we are not using Propane to heat the trailer with at this time we are using it to run our Fridge, when we Cook on the stove and to heat Water for our showers.  

We stopped at a few places that had been recommended looking for the LED Security Light Fixtures without any luck before we headed to the Roadrunner Grocery Store for a few food items.

When we got Home even though we had left the windows and vents open it was like walking into an oven. As soon as everything was brought in Kathy put the groceries away while I went upstairs to put fresh linens on the bed that I had only stripped this morning. I drank a bottle of water just doing that. Then we started putting away the clean laundry. 

By this point we needed something to cool us down with and Kathy had just the thing, Welches Fruit Flavoured Icicles. They only cooled us a bit but it helped us to feel more comfortable.  

While sitting at the dining table I decided to install our new LED Waffles to see if they worked any better. I should have known better than to be looking directly at those lights without the globe when I first turned them on. It was like looking at the Flash on a camera. Kathy says she can now see what she is looking at with no shadow. Since those LED Waffles worked so well inside Kathy and I discussed using them outside. 
Back at Discount Solar I was hoping to get larger LED Waffles but then one of the clerks suggested soldering the leads of two Waffles together to get what I wanted. “Why didn’t I think of that?” Because I wasn’t drinking enough in this heat I could barely think straight.
I needed a few more supplies that they didn’t have so ended up at one of the Winter Vendors before heading back Home. The outside temperature was 93 F (34 C) and it wasn’t much cooler inside the trailer. For supper Kathy made a nice Salad and Mixed Bean Salad while I grilled a nice Steak on the Weber that we shared. 
After washing dishes and cleaning things up we sat outside for a while to cool down. It was already past Sunset so we didn’t get the beautiful pictures we did last night. We also didn’t get the brilliant show of the Moon coming over the mountain like last night. When Kathy Googled why the moon had not risen by the time we came in the answer was that it would be after 9:00 Arizona Time before we’d see it. 
With the sound of the Serenading Coyotes we didn’t stay out very long afterwards. We have things we want to accomplish tomorrow as we get ready to hit the road on Thursday. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

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  1. Not surprised by your comments on a wind generator, I was over at a friends site on Dome Rock Road and he had a wind generator. My thoughts were that it was pretty noisy and I probably didn't want to listen to that all winter.