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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Cuddle Time, New Friends Gone, Checking Out Truth or Consequences, Haircuts and The Winds Are Back.

Our Location today is Elephant Butte State Park, New Mexico, U.S.A. 

Even though we were both well rested when we woke up shortly after 7:00 MDST this morning we just decided to cuddle and relax for a while longer before getting up. We have gotten so involved in things we want to do or see that we haven’t taken the time to do what is important and just hold one another. The fact that it was only 43 F (6 C) inside the trailer and it was much warmer under the covers might also have had something to do with our decision. 
This was the first place Kathy wanted to locate.
Even before starting breakfast we started our Electric Fireplace to help cut the morning dampness from the air. Our hot Coffee/Tea felt good to hold warming our hands enough to enjoy our breakfast. Our plans for the day were to check out Truth or Consequences so after settling in on the Computers while I checked our upcoming Weather, Kathy was checking out what we could see in town. We also managed to finish our morning reading before heading out the door around 10:30. 
We were surprised when we walked out the door and looked down the hillside that the two couples who had more or less rescued us yesterday had already pulled out of their sites. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to see them down the road someday and if they ever have a problem someone can help them out as well. 

Driving out the entrance of Elephant Butte National Park we saw the signs directing us to Truth or Consequences or to Elephant Butte. Since we have never been to the area before and Elephant Butte was closer that was where we headed first. We normally do a slow drive by of any community we visit so that was what we did this morning. Any time there was traffic starting to build up behind us, I’d simply pulled into a parking lot until they passed. After heading back towards the direction that we had come from we had an idea of what we would look at another day. 
 There was another road taking us directly to Truth or Consequences from Elephant Butte which saved us miles and brought us into town from the opposite direction. Still doing the slow drive by we were soon on Main Street and Kathy was looking for her list of places to explore. Instead of driving past anything she might have on the list I just pulled to the curb.

The first place she wanted to find was the Geronimo Springs Museum. Guess where we were already parked. We got out to check it out but right outside was a Map of downtown Truth or Consequences and we were just around the corner from the area on Broadway Street that she really wanted to go. 
Before getting back in the truck we saw this little park created by the Local Artisans. There were a number of memorial stones throughout dedicated to sponsors who supported the arts.  
Driving over to Broadway Street we recognized it as the way we’d driven through town yesterday. As we approached the addresses that Kathy had written down it was easy to find curb side parking. We started walking up one side of the street checking out a few of the shops. We found some interesting and unique items at Martha’s that were reasonably priced that ended up coming Home with us. 
By that time it was past noon and we were starting to feel a little hungry. Right across the street was a small cafe type eatery called A Little Slice of Heaven that advertised Good down home Cookin’ so that was where we headed. This was a Mom and Son Business and there seemed to be a constant flow of locals coming and going. Reading the simple menu we figured one order of Cole Slaw and a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich would more than feed the both of us so we shared. It tasted great and we were well satisfied with what we ate. Even though we ate inside they have a very nice looking terrace where you can eat outside. 
We checked out a few more stores before leaving the Historic Downton Area. Many of the buildings in this area are from the time when the town was first created but many are now vacant. Even Martha’s had downsized her store space by thirty percent due to a sluggish economy. 
Kathy had complained about her hair being too long and needing a Haircut. As any RVer knows finding a good hair stylist when moving around is always hard. I had spotted a place called Pro Family Haircuts on the way into Truth or Consequences so I headed back in that direction. Located in a building with other businesses Pro Family Haircuts is run by Michelle who looked to be just finishing her own lunchbreak. Kathy went first and only had to explain what she wanted once. If she thought that Kathy wanted more trimmed Michelle would ask rather then taking too much off like others in the past. Next was my turn and again Michelle worked carefully not to overdo it and she ended up with two very satisfied customers. We would highly recommend Michelle at Pro Family Haircuts if you are in Truth or Consequences. 
Driving up the road we saw a very small sign advertising Walmart which was located up a hill behind other businesses. We have seen many places in the Southern US that had Sun Covers for customers to park their vehicles out of the Sun but this one was even more unique. The Sun Covers at this Walmart were all covered with massive Solar Panels that was not only feeding power to the store but back to the “Grid”. That means whatever power that is overproduced is bought by the local power company. A great investment to saving the planet. 
The entire parking lot has Sun Covers to protect the vehicles
and they are all covered by Solar Panels.
We found a few things that we couldn’t find downtown before heading back to Elephant Butte State Park. One of those things was a Meat Lovers Pizza from the Deli Counter. Since I hadn’t put out our Weber Q yet that was the first thing I did when we got Home. The forecasted High Winds were just starting so the Weber was set up right behind the truck to block the breeze. As soon as the grill was lit the first thing on was our Pizza Stone which helps to even out the heat throughout the grill. Then Kathy and I got the Pizza onto a Pizza Pan and added additional cheese to it. Because of the blowing Wind as soon as the temperature reached 200 F on the gauge the Pizza went on. It took longer than the last time but came out perfect with not a stitch of overcooked crust. 
Since the Wind Gusts will be exceeding 40 MPH most of the day tomorrow I already installed the ropes on our slide toppers. This is only a temporary solution but when we get back to Ontario we’ll have our RV Dealer adjust the tension on them so I might not have to do this next winter. 
Finally getting the hang of doing Pizza on our Weber.
It turned out perfect.
Even though we only took a short trip to town today we will be doing more exploring. We are also liking this area so much that we will be coming back. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

Words of Inspiration 

You can give without loving, 

but you can never love without giving. 

Robert Louis Stevenson, Scottish Writer


  1. This looks like a neat little town worthwhile to stop and explore. More pictures, please! Have a great time.

  2. T or C is famous for their mineral hot springs. The very unique Riverbend Hot Springs is a must see even if you don't wish to indulge. The pools are beautifully landscaped and literally IN the Rio Grande River. They have a laid back almost old hippie style and are not fancy or expensive. Definitely a hidden treasure of T or C. 🌞

  3. I love exploring these little towns. This one is on my list.

  4. Solar panel sun covers are very popular in Yuma. That was the first place we saw them and we thought they were a great idea!

  5. Sounds like you had a very nice laid back exploring day. Enjoy your time there.