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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Helpful Explanation, Crazy GPSs, Room With A View and Heavy Thunder Storm.

Our Location today is Elephant Butte State Park, New Mexico, U.S.A. 

Even though we didn’t think there was any reason for us to be in a rush leaving Dream Catcher RV Park this morning we were both awake shortly after 7:00 MDST. As we sat having breakfast we contemplated whether or not to stay another day because of the High Winds that were being forecasted for the Deming, New Mexico area for this afternoon. 
I-10 heading towards Las Cruzes
Since I hadn’t put the Computers away last night we brought our morning Coffee/Tea over to check things out. The only thing not to like about the Forecast was the colder temperatures but it looked like a great day to travel. Our morning refreshments were soon consumed and things started getting packed away. We have started to get more efficient in how long it takes us to open and close our Home for travel. Once I had completed my inside chores I needed an extra layer to keep warm to go outside. 
Being that we were hooked up to full utilities I was able to dump and flush our waste tanks with very little effort. The one thing that did slow down my progress was our neighbour Dale came around asking questions about towing a Fifth Wheel Trailer. He and his wife just became Fulltimers on January 1st and they are in a 24 Foot Travel Trailer. I continued my chores while explaining the trail of trailers we have gone through and why we made the changes we did.  
Going through Las Cruzes.
When he told me a Tucson RV Dealer had offered him a Fifth Wheel at a very high price plus they be taking their trailer as a trade as well and that the dealer said his ¾ Ton Truck would pull this heavy trailer I told him he was getting fleeced. Forty Foot Fifth Wheels tend to be in the Seven Ton Range and would destroy his truck. Then I told him about shopping online seeing what different dealers have in stock check and them out but wait until the middle of June to buy it. Most dealers want to bring in next year’s models at that time and will drop their prices drastically to get rid of the older stock. He thanked me for the information, but he really liked that trailer he had seen. 
Heading towards Truth or Consequences.
We were on our way out of the park just before 11:00 this morning. Having researched our route on Map-Quest the other day I knew that if we took Arizona Highway 26 to I-25 it was only 87 Miles and we would be in Truth or Consequences in just over an hour. Our GPS insisted we take I-10 towards Las Cruzes and the other one just gave us the silent treatment. Kathy insisted the GPS would take the shortest route and get us to where we needed to be so we followed its instructions. 
After getting off I-10 and driving through Las Cruzes to connect to I-25 we finally arrived at the Cabello State Park that Kathy had programmed the GPS for but it was for “Day Use Only”. The intention was to be close to Truth or Consequences so we could look around. Reprograming the GPS for Truth or Consequences it now began trying to have us drive down Farm Lanes so we finally had to shut it off. 
Heading towards the Fishing Village.
We kept driving not knowing where we were and finally stopped for fuel when we reached Williamsburg. As the person at the Post Office explained the village of Williamsburg was added to the outer edge of Truth or Consequences so was actually part of it.  
They told us where to find a campground so we followed their instructions to a Tee. The place we ended up at was a Fishing Village that the roads were barely wide enough for the truck and when we got to the campsites they would barely hold the truck. There was a very tight turn around loop but we made it in and out unscathed  
In Recognition of the Civilian Corps of Engineers,
located in the upper parking lot.
When we got to the parking lot at the top of the hill we stopped. It was already 2:30 and we needed to eat something since we’d had breakfast seven hours earlier. Kathy made us Meatloaf Sandwiches which helped us to start feeling better again. We pulled out Kathy’s Computer so she could find us a campground and while she was doing that I saw something walk past the back of the trailer. 
Following our new friends.
I got up and saw a couple checking out the empty stone building in the parking lot so I asked “Do you know where we are?” and “Do you know where there is Camping around here?”. There were two couples and they tried explaining our location and how to get to Elephant Butte State Park back towards Truth or Consequences but were confusing themselves in their instructions. Since they were camping there themselves they offered to lead us there which we gladly excepted. 
By the time they had walked back to their truck we had the trailer ready to roll. When they left the parking lot their GPS told them to turn left in effect taking them away from their Campground and I told Kathy so but we followed them just in case they were right. About five miles through the winding roads they pulled over and Red-Faced admitted their GPS had malfunctioned and was now telling them to turn around. It was a little tricky turning around on the sloping shoulder of the road but we made it. 
Traveling back seven miles on the winding road past the entrance to the Fishing Village we arrived at Elephant Butte State Park. They pointed the gate we needed to use and we Thanked them before they drove on to their own sites. The Attendant was very helpful giving us ideas of where to park and where we couldn’t park. We drove out to B Loop and saw plenty of sites but Kathy wanted to get closer to the water. Driving further she finally realized those were the Reserved Sites the Attendant had told us about that we couldn’t take.  
The two middle trailers are our new friends.
Back on the top of B Loop once we finished backing in we were looking down at our new friends waving up to us. Looking towards the rear of our trailer we are also looking down towards the Lake with all the Mountains surrounding it. 
Gazebo, Picnic Table and Firepit.
We got the trailer unhitched and leveled just in time for a quick little shower to start wetting things down. After I finished closing up the truck I went inside to help Kathy to finish setting up our Home. Off in the distance we could hear the sound of approaching Thunder. We were soon closing the windows we had just opened earlier because for the next two hours the rain came in waves before finally letting up. 
Just got settled in on time.
Our 87 Mile Trip turned into a 160 Mile Frustration. We are going to start writing Map-Quest directions down in the future and not being led on extended trips like today. We’ll still explore the area but just from a different Base Camp and we’ll wait until tomorrow to visit our New Friends. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

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  1. We just use Google Maps for travelling, no GPS to deal with works fine for us. Love Elephant Butte state park, excellent campsites. Enjoy TorC.

  2. Sounds like a very frustrating travel day, but at least you ended up in a nice campground :-)

  3. We have 2013 Pinnacle and one of our slides is the very long living/dining slide. It is the only one where the topper makes a lot of noise in the wind. I was trying to figure out what you meant when you said you 'tied down your topper'. But couldn't quite figure out what you did. Could you explain to me a little more what you did cause we sure would love to stop that bugger from making so much noise and also I don't think it's too good for it either. Thanks.

  4. More than once my GPS has led me down a lonely road and be face to face with a fence. Those are some of the things you will remember later and laugh about.

    Enjoy your adventures.

  5. 99% of the time our GPS is correct but I still keep the Atlas out. Nothing like a real map to look at. Our GPS suggests two routes to a destination.

  6. If in doubt I always check Google maps. I usually review it before even settings out on a trip.

  7. We use are GPS cautiously...we also have the Atlas and we print out Google Map for our travels, just in case we need to change things up.

    We did some work at the Riverbend Hot Springs, mostly rooms but they do have about 10 spaces for RV's and the soakings in the hot springs are magnificent. We did tile work for Jake a few years back, Jerry did some of the bathrooms in a few rooms and I created a mosaic piece on a pole of a lizard on the Rio and it's still standing. Great hosts and the place has been in the family for many years. A great place to stay either in your RV or in a room...check it out.

  8. Whew...glad to read you finally made it to a campgrounds safe and sound...enjoy exploring the area.
    We took that AZ 26 going west last year and it was a pleasant drive...less traffic.
    Just something for you and Kathy to think about when you are navigating the route, (as the navigator I use Google Maps, an Atlas, and always have an individual state map handy, plus when we are heading toward mountains I am looking at the mountain directory before we pull out) GPS's and Google Maps are usually giving you the quickest/shortest route but I believe it is for people driving in a car not people navigating RV's down the road. Just something to ponder. Stay safe.