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Many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" to follow our dreams.

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Not So Short Drive, Interesting Visits, and Raceway Sounds In the Solar Only Area.

Our Location today is Pima County Fairgrounds, Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A. 

Hopefully everyone had a chance to Safely Enjoy Saint Patrick’s Day today without too many problems. Even after parking close to the roadway next to Snyder Hill BLM last night we were so tired by the time we got to bed that we didn’t hear the roar of the traffic going by. The only thing that seemed to wake us around 7:30 Arizona Time was the Sun peaking in through our open windows. We were finished breakfast shortly after 8:00 and since the Computers had been put away last night we were ready for the 17-Mile trip to our destination for the next week. 
Our site at Snyder Hill BLM.
Kathy entered in the Co-ordinates into our GPS that had been forwarded to us from the Escapees office for the location of our Destination. I had already taken a walk to see where we’d be exiting the BLM from but did a second circle check to be certain that everything was secured in order to pass some time. 
As soon as we were ready to go we started maneuvering our way through the construction that was taking place throughout Tucson. That was when we watched as a Coyote expertly leapt over the Cement Construction Barrier, looked before crossing all the traffic lanes then gracefully crossing the last Cement Construction Barrier. We both agreed that it had done that often enough to know how to do it without any fear of vehicles or humans but who would believe that we saw a Coyote in town. 
The Desert is Alive.
It seems that a lot of addresses are not accurate enough at getting you to your destination so with the Co-ordinates set in our GPS we were very confident that we wouldn’t have any issues, that was until we made the last turn into an Industrial Park and ended our trip at a New Kingdom Hall. All that could be done was to enter the address and hope for the best.  
Picture taken seconds after the Coyote crossed in front of us.
Note the Construction Barriers on both sides of the road.
We arrived at the Pima County Fairgrounds just after 9:00 after driving 28 Miles, eleven more then we planned but it did take a little while for the Parking Staff to separate the Early Early-Bird Arrivals from the workers coming in to do work at the Fairgrounds themselves. Kathy had already given me the Parking Pass and the Boondocking Papers for our windshield that indicated we were going to be parking in the “Solar Only Section”. After listening to Generators running at the last two rallies we attended we didn’t want to listen to that noise again. Let’s just hope they don’t mess up and stick someone that only has a Generator with us. 
The person that led us in to our site way at the back of the Fairgrounds was none other then John Hatch. His wife Bridget writes the blog Travels of John and Bridget who we have followed for many years. Hopefully we’ll get a short visit in with them before we leave. Unfortunately all of the sites at the Fairgrounds were already marked on the ground and they had us pointing to the North. Most RVs that are Solar Equipped have are more efficient pointing East or West so it looks like leaving our Solar Panels in a Flat Position will do the trick. 
The site we are parked on was fairly level to start so once we had the Levelers and Stabilizers set within minutes and we were spreading the slides out getting things set up inside. After Kathy set up the kitchen she immediately started making lunch. I had set up our Laptop Computers and our CPAP Machines when Kathy said it was time to eat. 
I’d gone outside after lunch to set up our Weber Q when Neal from the Mesa RV Dealership that has a lot of New RVs here For Sale stopped by. He stayed and talked for a short while acting impressed at the Solar System that we had set up in our trailer. After he left both Kathy and I agreed he was probably trying to see if he could interest us in buying an expensive new “A” Class unit.  
When he left it was only minutes later that Cooper our neighbour stopped in for a short visit. We compared notes on our Solar Panel Systems and he agreed that Neal was probably trying to drum up some business. 
Old planes at the Air-Force Base.
I have been working at getting things better organized as far as my hardware that I keep on hand and one way was by purchasing Portable Organizer Bins from Harbor Freight. I’ve gotten all the Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Screws and Cotter Pins all organized now I want to do the same with the Electrical Connectors that I have stocked so around 2:30 we headed out of the Park for the nearest Harbor Freight. 

The closest location to us was on East 22nd Street in Tucson and as usual the place was packed. I found the Organizer that I wanted and was surprised to see it On Sale saving me Five Dollars. Kathy suggested just walking around so I had a chance to show her a few things that I could have used years ago but are no longer practical with our Fulltime Lifestyle. 

We walked across the parking lot to the Walmart Store but there was something strangely different about it. First, the sign was Green not the traditional Blue and Second, from the outside this was one small store. As soon as we went inside we had the answer to our questions, this store was a Walmart Grocery Store. Yes you read that right a Grocery Store/Pharmacy. No clothes, TVs, hardware or Auto Parts just Groceries. We did walk out with a few things that we were needing. 

On our way back to the Fairgrounds we stopped at a Fry’s Gas Station to top off our Diesel. What the surprise here was that it was fifteen cents a gallon cheaper then we have seen anywhere else for the last three months. I also got a chance to get rid of the second edition to our Bug Collection on the Windshield.

Back Home at the Fairgrounds we discovered something we didn’t know before we headed into Tucson. There is a Raceway that is immediately behind the Fairgrounds. We have listened to it since we’ve gotten Home and even though there are quite a few cars running laps we don’t think they are racing tonight but maybe working on their cars in preparation for a race this weekend.  

Since we are Early Early-Birds tomorrow we should see a lot more Early-Bird RVs filling our little neck of the woods at the rear of the Pima County Fairgrounds. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

Words of Inspiration 

May your blessings outnumber 

The Shamrocks that grow 

And may trouble avoid you 

Wherever you will go. 

Irish Proverb


  1. Sounds like you are all settled in and ready to spend an enjoyable week. Have fun and stay safe.

  2. Hope you don't have much noise from the Raceway.

  3. Yup ... you're at the fairgrounds!! The round-de-rounds are to your North I think, and the drag race track is to the south. It's going to be a noisy weekend for you, but usually they quit by 9:00 pm. Everything from there is a long piece to drive, but Fry's has the best fuel prices in the entire area, as does a Shell station (I think) further up on Houghton Rd. Glad you found it right off!! Have fun!!

  4. First type of Walmarts here in Florida are called... Walmart Neighborhood Market... I like super Walmarts the best...

  5. It was great meeting you two. Sorry we did not get to meet up together. We were very busy and I am sure y'all were too. I'm just now catching up on blog reading. I also bought two of the Maxair Deluxe vent fans and will be replacing ours when we get to Tualatin River NWR in Oregon. Safe travels