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Many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" to follow our dreams.

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Registered As A Donor, Helped Kathy’s Feet, Planning On Cooling Down and Entertained & Educated.

Our Location today is Pima County Fairgrounds, Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A. 

Last night after being able to post the Blog early we both managed to have a Hot Shower. That may sound a little usual for most people but how many of you can do it without turning on the Hot Water Heater. It was still 84 F (28 C) at 10:00 last night and we easily had a Hot Shower just from the outside temperatures heating our Water Lines. 
Kay Peterson SKP #1
Relaxing afterwards before going to bed the Race Cars finally finished their last race just after 11:00 the same as the night before. Sleeping with the windows and vents wide open again we heard the Coyotes Howling just before Midnight and again before 6:00 this morning. Kathy was so tired she didn’t hear the Morning Serenade. 
Native Singers
As soon as we’d finished breakfast and our morning chores I was off to register for the Mobile Blood Drive that will be taking place here on Tuesday. Thinking I’d arrived early at 9:30 I saw the registration actually opened at 9:00 so I was only able to get one of the last remaining times available. With this kind of Co-operation, they could have easily scheduled more than one day or have brought in a second Mobile Unit. 
This gentleman is a Lawyer.
It was at that time I noticed all the Vendors were open so I did a quick walk through to see what was available. I did get a chance to say hello to Chris and Jim Guld from Geeks on Tour at their booth as well as Gary Wheeler from Mor-Ryde before heading back to the trailer. 
Nine Year Old "A" Student.
Back in Ontario because Kathy has Diabetes and a Diagnosed Foot Problem our Health Care Plan covers at Home Treatment by a specially qualified Health Care Worker Mary. When we in the US that duty falls in my lap which I don’t mind a bit. Mary allowed me to watch what she was doing and explaining the Dos and the Don’ts.  Kathy’s feet started bothering her the other day so the next hour and a half were spent taking the pain from Kathy’s feet which improves her quality of life. I must have been a good student because Kathy’s discomfort was immediately relieved. 
Native Flute Player (Police Officer)
After having our lunch we soon headed back to Old Pueblo Hall. As soon as we stepped inside the building Kathy almost screamed with joy because of the cool temperature created by the Air Conditioning System. When we got to the Vendors area we looked around for a while before I guided Kathy to the rear aisle. There was a vendor selling 12 Volt Max-Air Reversible Ten Speed Power Roof Vents. Remembering what we had paid in the past for a Fantastic Fan Vent this was less then Half and the way this 93 F (34 C) heat has been making us feel while not being connected to the Grid was enough for Kathy to agree to this purchase. The vendor had already sold over half of his available stock for these Vent Fans today. 
Daughter/Mother Cloak Dance.
Kathy waited inside while I planned on walking our purchase back to our trailer. I had possibly gotten Two Hundred Feet out the door when I was offered a Courtesy Ride right to our door but by the time I placed the box inside the door he was gone. This time I made it Five Hundred Feet on the Hot Asphalt when I again lucked out and was brought back to where I caught the first ride. 
Father and 18 year old Son now World Title Holder.
Kathy was still waiting in the Hospitality area of Old Pueblo Hall. We had both been drinking plenty of water but it didn’t seem to be quenching our thirst. Kathy spotted the Coffee Urns still over by the entrance so she suggested trying that instead. It was still Steaming Hot as it filled our cups and it quenched our thirst better then plain water. 
Father (Police Officer) Adult Hoop Dance Title Holder,
 13 Year old "A" Student, Junior Title Holder
We headed over to Thurber Hall where we attended the Opening Ceremonies for the 57th Escapade. We were surprised to see that we were part of the smaller group of members that have attended other Escapades while the majority of those there were First-Timers. Immediately following those Ceremonies as we left the building everyone was being given an Ice Cream Treat to help cool them off.  
Hoop Dance.
As we started our trek across the hot pavement Neal who stopped by our trailer the other day offered us a ride Home. He ended up bringing us to a 4:30 Happy Hour being put on by the RV Dealership where they served everything from Wine, Beer, Pop, Water and lots of Snack Foods to everyone that showed up. Talk about Promotional Advertising. We wandered through the display of RVs and were able to slip through an opening not too far from our trailer.

I did grill us each a Hotdog for supper. After eating we even had a chance to get some Computer reading done before heading back to Thurber Hall.
The cast receiving a Standing Ovation.
After finding seats close to the front Kathy spotted something on the floor a few chairs over. When I picked it up it had someone’s Oregon Drivers License so I brought it to a Security Personal. When the announcements started the first things announced were lost keys and the wallet. When they announced the full name on the Drivers License our neighbour Cooper came forward. That was his full name but it wasn’t his wallet nor did the picture look like him. Two people with exactly the same three names. 
Thirteen Year Old Junior Title Holder
for Hoop Dancing,
The entertainment for tonight was Native Spirit. This is a group of Native Americans that perform traditional native dances and they explain what the dances represented and how the Native Music and Dance have evolved. It was also surprising to learn that one of the performers is a Lawyer and another a Police Officer. There were Mother/Daughter and Father/Son performances. The children performing are all A Students along with being into Native Dance Competition. The one Son who is now Eighteen Years Old won the best in his division as an Adult Worldwide even beating out his Father a past Title Holder himself. These were not your Hollywood rendition of what Native Americans should be but the real thing and they received Thunderous Applause and Standing Ovations as well. 

We managed to walk back Home without tripping in the dark. Shortly after we turned on the Computers we were being Serenaded by the Coyotes once again. Our Fun and Education here has only just begun. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

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  1. Love the Native Indian pictures. Their dancing is fantastic!! Coyotes are a bit noisy, I agree. The more people there, the more they come around looking for "goodies" like small dogs. My friend would say "earplugs", but even those didn't help me.

  2. We enjoyed the short time we had to talk with you and Kathy at the evening entertainment. It's hard to explain why you don't have a lot of time to visit while here to people who haven't attended.

  3. It's about time I started visiting some of my favorite blogs. I swear I don't know where time goes. I know you know I'm in Charleston. Just got the back to settle down so I thought I'd get on for a few moments. When your feet hurts everything hurts. I hope you can keep relieving Kathy's pain. You pictures are wonderful. The native American clothes are so colorful.

  4. The pictures of the Native American Dancers were wonderful. Sounds like you are busy enjoying your time there.

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