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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weather Change.

Our Location today is Atlanta, Georgia.

After our moderate drive of nearly 235 miles yesterday and the stress cause by the GPS we slept fairly soundly last night. Both Kathy and I actually kept the blankets pulled up to our necks and slept until 9:00 this morning. The weather channel said we will be getting cooler temperatures so we closed the windows. That was a change from the last few nights. Well they weren’t just whistling Dixie it dropped down to nearly 40 degrees and with the high humidity level it felt down right cold.
This guy was looking for food before the rain.
In order to eat our breakfast in comfort we actually had to turn on the furnace to take the damp chill out of the air. We rechecked the weather report because we had plans to go out exploring the area today. The forecast had been changed to include rain showers for today. Just as we sat with our second cup of coffee at the computers the rain started at a steady pace.
By 11:00 we had a Meatloaf sandwich for lunch that would help to tide us over until just before we returned to the trailer later in the afternoon. Our first stop after leaving the campground was to stop at the gas station back at the main road. I explained the problem with the Campground address and the GPS to the manager and asked if he would mind giving us their address because if we could find this location then we could find the campground. He had a laugh about that but did help us out with the building address.
Nice benches throughout the building.
The newest technology now only $99.99
Your own Jute Box
A real collector.
Now Kathy and I headed out to the Peachtree Flea Market to have a look around to see if there was anything that might catch our eye as well as things that would just bring back memories. We only looked around inside the vendor buildings since it was still raining when we arrived but that also help us to keep the number of flea items that we purchased very low.  
Victorian style women's shoes.
Victorian style wedding dress. Only used once.
It was only mid afternoon when we left behind our treasure hunt and came to the first intersection where we saw a strip mall with all kinds of stores that we could explore. All this exploring helped us to walk around in a comfortable controlled weather condition allowing us to pass away time people watching. By late afternoon we stopped to purchase a light snack that we shared.
This robin was finding worms driven out of their homes from the rain.
Leaving the stores we kept driving around and looking until Kathy wanted to use the GPS to get us back to the park. I kept saying we could find our way without using it. We finally came to the right street but turned in the wrong direction. Turning the truck around in a parking lot we were soon headed in the right direction and made it home without the GPS. That’s what you call team work.
Vegetable Barley soup, hot coffee and open faced muffin sandwiches. for supper
As we were having a warm supper around 6:00 the rain finally stopped but by 6:30 the wind was rocking the trailer. It’s a good night to keep warm and dry in the trailer since we have another adventure planned in the area for tomorrow. The weather is suppose to be a bit dryer.  Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Nothing like a nice bowl of hot soup on a cold and blustery night. Keep warm.