It's about time.

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Thank You for following this Blog

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blue Grass and Moonshine.

Our Location today is Sevierville, Tennessee.

After a tiring day yesterday neither Kathy nor I had any problems falling asleep and waking up refreshed this morning. We had a quick glance at the computers; enjoyed a light breakfast and then headed out in search of another adventure.
Kathy and I had been to Pigeon Forge in 2006 and were amazed at the changes we saw in 2011 when we returned with our grandsons Matthew and Tyler. At that time the road construction was everywhere and there were more tourist related businesses than we remembered.
Today most of the road construction is complete but the construction is still going strong with the explosion of businesses being built or expanded. Topping this off there must be a street rod convention taking place in Pigeon Forge this week because everywhere you looked the parking lots and the roads were filled with street rods.
We had been searching to find a shop that we had gone to back in 2006 without any luck plus the chances of finding a parking spot were slim. We quickly changed our destination to Gatlinburg for today.
The drive was so peaceful winding its way along the mountain pass to see firsthand what many people only see on postcards or on the computer. Making the last bend into Gatlinburg we were in for our second shock of the day. Since 2006 this town had gone through a Mega expansion of their commercial district.
Gone were the small shops set up in old homes that sold antique collectables stuff that someone had just taken from their attics still covered by fifty or more years of dust. The entire mile length of the main street of Gatlinburg had been converted to one tourist trap business after another. About ready to turn around and head for the hills (pun intended) we spotted a shop similar to the one we couldn’t find in Pigeon Forge.
After finding a commercial parking lot we had the easy walk of two blocks back to the shop. It was easy because it was all downhill. We wanted a sign that we had seen years before but were unable to buy made. After placing our order and paying for it we now had to use up two hours.
Lots of strange characters in this town.
Kathy looked in a few shops while I headed back to the truck to stow away our DSLR camera and bring back the small point and shoot. It was just about 11:00 so we decided on having lunch not far from where we were parked. Since we have read so many blog posts saying how good Five Guys Hamburgers is we thought we’d try them out.
Bacon Cheeseburger was a meal by itself.
As soon as the doors opened we were the second ones in. The front of the building you would think the place was no bigger than a two car garage but one you were inside the place was deep and expanded beyond the counter. In other words it was huge inside. Since they make everything fresh it took nearly ten minutes before we got our food. By the time we finished our meal the place was nearly full. The atmosphere was comfortable and the food good but not exceptional.

Having finished lunch we still had time to pass and we saw a band setting up at the Ole Smoky Moonshine Holler so we went to investigate further. We made our way into an outdoor square facing the stage that was lined with rocking chairs. Talk about getting comfortable so you can listen to Blue Grass music you couldn’t beat that. These were very talented musicians who only got paid from donations from the crowd and sales of a CD they had for sale.
They also pointed out that we were in the middle of a legal Moonshine Still and explained how you could get a taste for free. When they stopped for a break we went to check it out. Kathy had never tasted Moonshine before so today was a first for her and they even had different flavors to try. If you are ever in the area you can legally buy great tasting Licensed Moonshine sold in Mason jars in Gatlinburg.
It was starting to rain by the time we got our sign so we headed back to our trailer. We had gotten soaked in Gatlinburg but our neighbor at River Plantation RV Resort said not enough hit the ground to stir the dust. Tomorrow we have more plans made. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. We heard about the Moonshine place when we were there for the RV Dreams Rally a few years ago, but didn't get there . . . so, how was it Kathy??!! The Rod Run was going on then, too, and the boys loved it!

  2. We like the french fries at 5 Guys more than the burgers. They are too expensive for our taste. If you ever get a chance to eat at Culvers we like their cheeseburgers better. Seems like all the tourist towns are just growing in leaps and bounds and becoming to commercial.

  3. We just arrived home and stayed in Pigeon Forge at Clayboughs campground on Wears Valley Road.
    What a great place if you have time take a drive to Cades Cove lots of wild life.
    Safe Travels