It's about time.

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Thank You for Following our Blog.

Thank You for following this Blog

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Traveling Day With a Bang.

Our Location today is Sevierville, Tennessee.

Last night we both felt tired enough to sleep shortly after 10:00 so that’s what we did but that was also the night before a travel day. I figured I’d be awake most of the night and would then close up the computers and the office. Instead I only got up for a moment laid back down until this morning. Kathy on the other hand had hardly slept throughout the night.
Leaving Atlanta South RV Park.
We were up by 7:30 having breakfast as quickly as possible because now we were slightly behind time. Kathy kept running into me because I was messing up her routine so she had to slow herself down. I had to speed up to get my inside chores completed before going outside to finish the last few things that needed doing before we left. We left the park by 9:10 only ten minutes later than our planned departure.
Even though our route took us directly through Atlanta on I-75 there were only a couple of slow downs but within minutes traffic was flowing at the speed limit or above.  There were also a few drivers that chose to drive well above the limit and we generally saw them again down the road with a set of blue flashing lights parked behind them.
Shortly after 11:00 we needed to stretch and breakfast was well worn off so we pulled into Cracker Barrel in the Chattanooga area where we enjoyed their baked chicken special for Tuesday. Back at the truck Kathy reactivated the GPS while I did my habitual walk around the truck and trailer making certain there are no visible problems that need tending to.
Once we were back on I-75 again we were making good time maintaining the speed limit and passing more flashing blue lights. After an hour we managed to hit a jarring type pot hole in our lane which was very unusual after all the road construction that has been taking place. About ten minutes later a car pulled up next to the truck making jesters back towards the trailer so I immediately headed for an exit ramp.
As I made the turn I could see we had a problem. Pulling into the parking lot of Outback Steakhouse it was very evident that we had a blowout. We have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System on the truck and trailer but it had failed to go off, we didn't hear the tire blow and the trailer did not handle any different then normal. In all the years that I have been driving I have never lost a tire like this. There was little left of the tire and the outer fender is gone along with the insulation above the wheel. There appeared to be no damage to the propane line that was not far ahead of the wheels.
A call to Good Sam Roadside Assistance took only a few minutes to get the details of our problem and what our location was. Two minutes later we received a call from Interstate Repair asking about the size for a new tire. I was told it could take up to forty-five minutes before they might get to us because they would have to pick a tire up if they didn’t have one in stock.
Adam working his magic replacing the tire.
That is all that is left of the old tire next to the new one.
Twenty-five minutes later the Interstate Repair truck arrived and Adam had brought two new tires with him just in case. He teased Kathy about making picture frames from what was left of the tires. The wheel was only slightly scuffed but not damaged so the change went rather quickly. Good Sam picked up the cost for service but we had to pay for the tire which covers the cost of our deductible towards the rest of the damage.
Tire is fixed but repairs will need to be done while we are at home,
We were ready to roll by 3:30 but were so hot, tired and hungry we went next door for supper because The Outback Steakhouse didn’t open until 4:00.
I was half way finished my meal before thinking to take a picture, but it was good.
We are set up at River Plantation RV Park in Sevierville for the next few days with plans for the next few days before we once again start making our way towards home. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. I use Pressure Pro on both truck and 5er. Now it's got me somewhat concerned. If yours didn't activate would mine???
    Glad you're all ok and should be on your way again soon.
    Drive safe.

  2. Thank goodness for nice folks and Good Sam RA. Glad you got all that fixed!

  3. Thankfully you folks are alright! Safe travels.

  4. Glad it was not any worse and that the road service was good. We have had one blown RV tire in many years of travel and hope to keep that a running record.

    Sounds like one strike against pressure pro.

  5. Will you be traveling I 81 thru TN and if so would you like to make a Cracker Barrel Stop in Abingdon VA -- we are in extreme East TN (Mountain City) just about 30 miles from Abingdon VA-- you can facebook me at Jenny Johnson Manuel or email at kimilauri at

  6. So much for the Pressure Pro, but at least everybody is fine. Travel safe.

  7. So glad you guys are OK and that there was no damage to the wheel. What a scary thing to have happen.

  8. The same thing happened to us just north of Atlanta. We are lucky that we carry 2 spare tires. My husband removed the blown tire and had the new one installed in short order.
    Safe travels don't hurry the weather here in Ontario is still cold.

  9. Good that you are both ok, tire issues on the interstates are scary to say the least. Hope the remainder of your journey is less eventful.

  10. I'm glad you are safe and repaired enough to get home. Thank goodness you didn't find yourself in an accident.