It's about time.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Double Date and Shopping.

Our Location today is Punta Gorda, Florida, USA.

Last night we thought that it was going to get really cold out. So not wanting to let the trailer get too cold we ran both our cube heaters through the night. Like I said we thought and we all know what thought did. We were both so toasty warm we spent most of the time sleeping on top of the covers. Tonight however even this far south in Florida the forecasted low is just above the freeze mark but they also show that with the north wind blowing the way it is right now it will feel like early December back home. 
We had plans for the day but first we had errands to run. By 9:00 we were on our way out of the park heading for the True Value Hardware store in Punta Gorda. Of all the stores that sell hardware or flag supplies they are the only ones that carry Spin Fasteners for flags. When we got there they had gotten only one set in because they are not in big demand. Since I had also planned on going to another big box store for some metric set-screws I took the chance to look for them at the True Value Hardware and was glad I did. Not only did they have what I needed but that saved me at least a half hour of walking and searching through bins in hopes that they had it at the other store. 

Kathy and I had planned to see a couple of movies today which is totally unlike us. Kind of like having two dates in one day. Those movies have been out since the beginning of the year so we knew that if we didn’t see them soon we’d have to wait until they came out on a DVD to watch them because other theaters in the area had already dropped them. Having set the GPS for the movie theater that had both movies listed we were surprised that it was only ten miles south of our campground on the Tamiami Trail. When we arrived we were well ahead of the first showing so we first drove the length of the entire shopping plaza the theater was located then we parked the truck and started walking. 
One of Kathy's friends.
She's a real Tree Hugger.
Kathy had tried finding a Jo-Ann Fabrics that we had recently seen and there it was in this plaza. After walking around inside but not seeing anything that we needed right away we left without making a purchase. We did however come away with ideas for Christmas gifts for this coming year which is only 315 days away. Next we looked around the Dollar General and Bealls with the same luck. By then it was past 11:30 so we walked up to the Applebee’s where we enjoyed our lunch. When we arrived back at the theater we noticed that the time for both movies was different from what Kathy had found online. We simple reversed the order in which we viewed them. 
Giving us the cold shoulder.
The first movie we saw was Taken 3 starring Liam Neeson. Kathy and I have seen both the other two Taken movies and this one did not disappoint. The only slow point in these movies is while they set the plot at the beginning and then the movie keeps you on the edge of your seat the rest of the time. We both gave Taken 3 two thumbs up. 

There was time between the next movie so we walked to the opposite end of the mall and back to get some much needed exercise. It was only 3:30 which was too early for supper but it would be late before the next movie ended. Seeing a Subway we ordered a six inch Black Forest Ham sandwich with a bag of chips and a glass of pop to share. It was more than enough that we weren’t hungry throughout the next movie. 

The next movie was Black or White starring Kevin Costner. This movie only kept you on the edge of your seat a few times but made you do some serious thinking of what you would do if you were put in that position. There was no sugar coating but there was no attacking of any of the characters because of their race. This is a feel good movie that everyone should see. Again Kathy and I both gave it two thumbs up. 

Our 7:30 supper turned out to be a six piece Chicken McNuggets and we were more than satisfied. Tomorrow will be a cooler change of pace kind of day. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. I haven't heard of double dating for years and years and years. You two took it to a new level...hehe

  2. Wow two movies in one day! We are lucky to see two movies in two years. Enjoy your weather still much nicer than here.

  3. Rick and Kathy I know you don't here from us much but I don't comment as much as we used to.We do however follow you guys everyday and wish we could share some of your adventures. I think have read that you carry a cpad machine with you, as you may know Donna suffers from cpad and I was wondering if you could send a picture of your machine and how it is setup in your fiver,Also any experiences you have had,You can use our e-mail at has put a crimp on our travel plans and we are trying to find a way to get away. Thank you guys and always remember, you can stop here at the ranch for a few days anytime.We will be missing the Escapade this year so we won't see you if you are going. Have a great winter in Florida. Sam & Donna.

  4. Wow.. that was quite an exciting day! Two movies and McNuggets!