It's about time.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Finishing Touches and Grilled Chicken.

Our Location today is Moore Haven, Florida, USA.

That was different! Would you believe we both managed to sleep past 8:00 this morning and we both felt well rested when we got up. The temperature was below the 50 F (10 C) mark here until nearly 10:00 this morning so after having breakfast and doing our morning reading we found a movie on television that we’d never seen before. It felt good to have a Lazy morning as we are still nursing our stuffed and runny noses in hopes of slowly being able to breathe more normally. Even a nice bowl of soup along with a cup of tea for lunch helped to warm us enough to start cracking open the windows soon after. 

Once the table was cleared I started getting things wrapped up that had been delayed by our catching that cold last week. In order to get our new Fantastic Fan up and running it needed to be wired into the 12 volt fuse panel and since there were no open feeds I fused the wires that had been run, shut the 12 volt feed and wired off the main feed. Now our only problem is getting used to how the remote control works. 

Going outside the first thing I did was fire up our Weber Q to let it warm up. That gave me a chance to reinstall the sewer hose holder that I’d had to remove while running the wires between the frame rails for the Fantastic Fan. After washing my hands I lowered the heat on the grill to a quarter from the lowest setting because of the wind it would have blown the flame out if it had been set totally on low. It was then time to add the medium sized partially frozen chicken we had on the grill. 

Kathy spent time on her computer doing book keeping and banking. At one point she asked for my assistance to help deal with a banking message sent to her E-mail address. After a quick call we were told not to worry about the message even though it was legit and was not a scam trying to get our personal information. 

My next chore was returning up to the roof where I had found a few problems while running the wiring on the weekend. The junction box that had been installed last year in preparation to add solar panels to our roof had broken free from its bossing. To fix this holes were drilled through the bottom of the box where it would be held by screws supported by fender washers making it better than new. I also added additional wire loom over the cables to prevent any UV deterioration of the cables. Finally I replaced the screening over the fridge vent. By the time all the sealing was refinished it felt good to be back on the ground. Even though the temperature reached a high of 66 F (19 C) the north wind chill made it feel much cooler even though I’d worn my jacket the entire time. 

Checking the chicken with our meat thermometer after two and a half hours on the grill it was perfectly cooked. Handing it off to Kathy she covered it with foil before putting it in the microwave. Microwaves are very well insulated and even in the off mode kept the chicken piping hot until it was supper time. 

Since it was nearing 5:00 I rehung the rear basement wall before starting to put some things away. Supper was delicious and there’s plenty of leftovers for a few more meals. We’ve still got two more cold nights to put up with this week but the day time highs are slowly starting to get back to normal starting tomorrow. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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