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Monday, June 22, 2020

Test Results, In Search Of Pot and We Have A Problem.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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We were both up around 7:30 this morning which gave us some relax time before we had to head out the door. We had a chance to check our E-mail, Comments, Weather Forecasts and News while having our morning Coffee/Tea. Kathy had planned to stay behind but after some prompting from me decided to come along for the ride.
Very Overcast.
With the threat of Thunderstorms and Clouds that filled the sky we thought for certain we’d be getting wet. Instead we might have gathered a couple dozen droplets on the Windshield as we crossed town.
This was a follow up appointment with our Family Doctor about my concerns. Kathy and I sat together outside in the Car until there were only minutes before my appointment. Like many doctors today they team up with a Pharmacy to keep their Lease Payments down. Most times the Pharmacy is at the front so you pass through before reaching the Doctor’s Office itself. Since the start of the Pandemic the outside door is electronically locked and unless you have an appointment and are wearing a Mask they are not unlocking it.

Inside I actually sat in the Waiting Room for an entire Three Minutes before being brought to the Examination Room where I waited a whole Minute before George came in the room. All the Blood Tests came back with good numbers and the only thing the Ultra Sound showed were a few possible irritants but nothing to be concerned with. Since he hasn’t received the results of the Colonoscopy I’ll see him again in August.
From there we headed towards Guardian Storage to settle our monthly account and gather our MailThe closer we got we were noticing large Water Puddles where Rain had fallen. The Storm had completely missed us.

Our next stop was Dollarama. We got there before noon and were lucky enough to only have Six People ahead of us. We only had a few things on our List and one was another Flowerpot. They seem to be suddenly popular this year as there were only small ones left on their shelves. We still managed to find other things that we knew we were running low on but we planned to go to another Dollarama looking for that Flowerpot.
Since it was 12:30 by then so we went through the Drive-Thru at Arby’s where we ordered a couple of Greek Gyros for lunch. We sat in the parking lot to enjoy them.
Next we went to Motor City Community Credit Union. Wearing my Mask upon entree I had to disinfect my hands then sign a Questionnaire about the Virus before proceeding to wait for a Teller to be available. We have a few Birthdays coming up. When I left there was a short Social Distanced Line starting outside.
I decided to go to a Dollarama we haven’t been to in a very long time. With only Four People ahead of us it was only a few minutes before we were inside. As I have said before these stores may all fly the same banner but since they are independently owned there is always a variation on what they carry. We found a Flowerpot that will do along with a few other things that also came home with us.

By the time we got back to the Apartment we were feeling the heat. When we walked in to our Apartment it felt like we were walking in to a cooler.
We waited until 5:30 to cook a Store Bought Medium Thin Crust Hawaiian Pizza for supper. Sitting at the table Kathy complained about the Cold Air blowing on her back which has never bothered her before.
We barely finished eating when the 6 o’clock Local News started. The first thing they spoke about was how our Region is the only one in Ontario that is not allowing Non-Essential Workers to start returning to their jobs. The number of new Coronavirus Cases in the Windsor/Essex Region just today sky-rocketed and only One was not among the Migrant Farm Workers. Our area is Industrialized while the Migrant Workers are along the outer edge of the county. There have been other regions that are starting to see Cases among their Migrant Workers.

Around 8:00 we were both feeling Cold inside the Apartment. With the outside temperature still feeling like 95 F (35 C) it should not have felt that way. The Air Conditioner only a Foot above the floor was set for 77 F (25 C) but the Thermometer that is Six Feet off the floor was reading 64 F (18 C). Kathy was upset that I shut the AC off but when we finally stopped shivering an Hour later she finally understood there is a problem. Heat rises so the Thermometer on the Wall should have been higher then the AC Unit itself. Since we have a Two Year Warranty I’ll be calling Al tomorrow.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. You have been referencing Migrant Workers on many of your past posts as being the source of your growing Covid-19 cases.

    At least in your country, Migrant Workers come to Canada with a valid visa and Canadian employers are responsible for their shelter, housing, as well as their well being. It is not like they are so well paid that they can go to a doctor or rent an apartment on their own much like the Migrant Workers that come to the United States to pick the crops that feed your country as well as ours.

    There is a reason why they come to both countries...that being that no one else wants that job. With the exception that they come to yours legally and they should be afforded tests, a decent place to live, and be paid if they become ill so they can self-isolate and not contaminate other workers.

    You are also a Border City with Detroit, Michigan who has been having large numbers of Covid-19 cases. While the border with Canada as well as Mexico is is not closed to vital travel... so if people go back and forth for work or otherwise that also factors into the large surge in numbers on both sides of the border...please be fair about that!

  2. We have recently been flooded with virus cases from Mexico. In the last couple of weeks, hundreds have been taken in close to the border (counted as virus patients), then shipped off to hospitals further north (like Indio and Palm Springs) and of course counted again. That's why we are back to mask wearing.

  3. I assume if they find something in your colonoscopy that they will call you in before August.....

  4. I can only assume that you are happy with your test results even though you did not say so. If they saw something during your colonoscopy they would have mentioned it right away to your doctor. Hopefully you are feeling better re whatever caused this flurry of tests.

    Never heard of nor have I seen that you described as a partnership between a pharmacy and medical office. Most interesting.

  5. It's hard to walk out of Dollarama with just one thing isn't it?
    We don't have lineups in our community now. We are lucky to have no active cases in our county now.