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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Plans, Hotter Then Quartzsite and The Duplex.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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Since it was still feeling like 90 F (32 C) when we went to bed last night we left the Air Conditioner run through the night. Being tired from the last couple of nights noises we slept soundly enough that we felt drugged when we got up after 8:00 this morning.
After having breakfast we headed to the Computers since it was supposed to be so Hot today we really didn’t plan on going anywhere so our only plans were Kathy checking what we would be needing for groceries and me exercising.
There were so many of the Blogs we follow that had written that by the time I finished my chores and reading it was already lunch time. Not having been very active we kept it lite by again having Toast with Rhubarb Sauce as a topping. We also shared a Pear for dessert along with a Chocolate Covered Croissant.

After lunch Kathy was starting to check the kitchen cupboards for Food Stocks while was just starting to exercise when the phone went off. It was the Endoscopy Clinic calling to tell me something I already knew. When everything was shut down to stop the spread of the Coronavirus most Government Offices also closed. So if your Driver’s License, License Plates or Health Cards expired the Government simply stated that everything would remain valid until after their offices reopened. The person at the Clinic was adamant I needed a valid Health Card. Guess she doesn’t trust the Government.

Kathy showed me the Shopping List that she had made. Looking at it I knew that we had a stock piled on some of the items. The problem was that those were stacked on the shelves between the Pullout Drawers and she could not see them down there. Lots of those items were scratched off the List but we also added other things on.
After getting all that straightened around there was no way I could continue with the Exercise. Checking The Weather Network I found that it was actually warmer then the Feel Like 108 F (42 C) they had originally forecasted. Then something else caught my eye. Since we enjoyed going to Quartzsite Arizona through the Winter while we were Fulltiming we also monitor its weather. It was surprising to find that at that moment we were actually feeling warmer then Quartzsite.
I’ve observed that when our Humidity goes down our Humidex (Feel-Like) goes up. When the Humidity in Quartzsite drops so does their Humidex basically creating a Wind Chill.

Our Wind Gusts were also higher then originally forecasted and suddenly parts of Windsor was being hit with Loonie Sized Hail.
For supper I cleaned the Potatoes before slicing them to saute in the Frying Pan while Kathy warmed some Precooked Spare Ribs from Lou’s Kitchen along with making a dessert plate to finish our meals. Everything tasted great.

To date all the Processed Meat Products we have gotten from Lou’s Kitchen have not been overly Salty, they taste good, give a good portion, are reasonably priced and are products of Ontario.
You can see the wet pavement but not the Hail.
The 6 o’clock Local News talked about the Hail, the Virus and the Recession that has resulted from it.

Tonight we watched the comedy “The Duplex” starring Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore. It kept us laughing most of the time. It was directed by Danny Devito so you know it was hilarious.

With the temperature dropping tomorrow we’ll be getting out to accomplish things. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Now I really like the looks of those ribs and potatoes, my kind of meal.

  2. It's been in the 90's here and will be up to 100 today. It sure makes me want to stay inside.

  3. Send some heat this way. Terrible winter and I wore a sweater the other day -- in JUNE!!

    1. On second thought, keep it there - we'll be coming through in a few weeks. We hope.

  4. I am so surprised by your high temperatures. Before I started reading Canadian blogs I thought it was always cold there and mildly warm in the wrong I was!

  5. Those potatoes look so good! Wow the temps are certainly interesting!