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Friday, June 12, 2020

Long Line, No Place Like Home, Interesting Shopping Trip and Correcting A Mistake.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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We again left the AC on last night not that it was cooling anything down when it was set much higher then the 59 F (15 C) that it was outside. It was mainly circulating the air which helped calm Kathy’s sense of being closed in so she slept like a rock.

Again I spent the night tossing and turning but I still managed to be awake by 8:00 this morning. I had things ready for breakfast and was part way through my Computer reading when Kathy came out to join me. After having our Muffin for breakfast we took our Coffee/Tea to the Computers.
By 9:00 we were getting ready to head out the door with the Plan we made yesterday. Our first stop would be the east end Service Ontario Office. For our American friends this would be the equivalent to a State Office. Years ago as a way to save money the Provincial Government combined the OHIP Office, with the Vehicular License Office and Drivers License Renewal Office as One
When we arrived shortly after 9:30 there was already a line of people that were Social Distancing around the corner of the building. With Ten on the South side there was another Thirty on the East side of the building. Because both our names are on the Truck Ownership we would both be required to sign forms. We laughed a few times listening to the conversations others were having and most in line were wearing Masks though not all and it seemed those were the ones Coughing without covering up. Finally we were inside the building to find another Ten ahead of us. We found out that though it was not publicized this Office has been open with limited hours since May 9th. When we finally reached the counter we accomplished getting my new Driver’s License, Health Card, License Sticker and Organ Donor Card all taken care of at once in less then Ten Minutes.
We walked out of the Office at 11:50 after standing in line for over Two Hours with no place to sit both our backs were telling us to sit down. Since we also planned to do our grocery shopping we knew we needed to have lunch. Being across the street we drove over to Wendy’s Drive Thru and ordered Chicken Wraps from their Value Menu, Small Chocolate Frosties along with Seniors Sodas. Their prices have gone up because it cost us Twenty-Two Cents more then it did last year. We sat in our Car in their parking lot to enjoy this satisfying lunch.
Kathy checking that everything is okay.
We headed over to Guardian Storage to collect our Mail. We also went to our Trailer for Two Reasons. One was so I could check that everything was secure and even checked things on the roof. Secondly since the washrooms in Restaurants along with Fast Food establishments are presently closed and it was over Four Hours since our morning refreshments Kathy needed some relief. Most women can relate to this there’s no place like using your own washroom so rather then travel all the way back to the Apartment she used the Trailer which was our Home for over Three Years.
Kathy coming out of our Trailer.
We finally made it to Zehr’s grocery store and were surprise that there was a short wait to go inside. We had our Masks and List as many others but not all. Since I’ve been doing the grocery shopping by myself lately this appeared to be something new to Kathy as she was almost dancing around the counters looking at things as is for the first time ever. She was amazed that most of the shelves were stocked compared to being nearly bare the last time she saw them. There was only one thing on our List we weren’t able to get but a number of things that were not on it also found their way into our Cart.
It was after 3:00 by the time we got everything put away in the Apartment and our Backs appreciated sitting in our comfortable chairs. With the Balcony Door open with a slight breeze blowing in our 72 F (22 C) temperature felt wonderful. It was at that time I started reading the Comments on our Blog. I want to say Thanks to Patsy from Chillin’ With Patsy for pointing out a mistake in yesterday’s Blog. The title of the movie we watched was “Must Love Dogs”. I’ve since corrected the mistake.
Around 5:30 we started cooking up a Medium Thin Crust Store Bought Pizza for our supper. Kathy also served a slice of Double Chocolate Cake for dessert.

After the 6 o’clock Local News we spent time on the Computers before watching a movie about a Mountain Rescue. I should have written the title down. Tomorrow is suppose to be just as nice a day so we’ll try to find something fun to do. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Rick, that looks like a good supper you had, but you forgot to mention what kind of wine you had.

  2. Your DMV office seems to have it all together. Nice you can get everything taken care of at one place.

  3. I will be so glad when this whole thing is over. I can't imagine standing in line over 2 hours.

  4. I guess you still have your water tank filled up at the trailer. With your blue boy you could also empty the waste tank but where would you bring it in Windsor?
    Those ready made pizzas from Dr. Oetker I like too and we have one every so often for lunch. It's easy cooking and tasty.

  5. A girlfriend told me about, and I recently purchased a Tinkle Belle ( for emergencies such as Kathy experienced. At the time I didn't know if any services would be open for our trip across the country. Handy gadget although it required some getting used to in the retraining of muscles.

  6. No waiting in line for us, we just won't go there. We're waiting for our DMV to open to register the Tundra we bought in TN beginning of March.

  7. Yikes to the long wait in lines but once to Kathy to get out and to the grocery store.

  8. Thank you for answering my question about Service Ontario. It is a brilliant idea to have one location where you can handle all these things.

    I had no idea one had to have blood donor card in Canada. We do not have to have one in the USA or at least not in Texas.

  9. Thanks Rick, it's a favourite movie of mine so felt the urge to mention it. :D