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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Chores Done, Seeds Located, Family Visit, Special Delivery and More Cases.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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Once again I managed to get carried away with my early morning Blog reading and didn’t get to bed until nearly 2:00 this morning. I slept like a rock but was awake for the day before 8:00. That’s the part I don’t get. If I get to bed early I sleep late. If I get to bed late I wake up early. After getting things ready for breakfast I had already been on the Computer checking things out before Kathy joined me for breakfast. It was strange that she also got to bed as soon as the 11 o’clock Local News was over last night and she slept past 9:00. It must be contagious.
After getting our morning chores finished early we discussed what we planned to do today before spending the rest of the morning on our Computers. Kathy sent a Facebook Birthday Wish to our daughter-in-law Melissa this morning.
For lunch we had Baked Beans on Toast topped off with a dessert plate.

Kathy busied herself replanting another Plant we were given on Fathers Day. One of the reasons she puts them in larger pots is not so much that they will grow bigger but to put them in Soil. When you get plants most have been started in a Mulch Base and have little in the way of nutrients to thrive on. Soil will give the plants the nutrients they need to continue to flourish.

I forgot to bring the Wrench and Bicycle Pedal in from the Car last night so I went out and retrieved them. While Kathy worked on the Plants I replaced both Folding Pedals on our Tandem Bicycle out on the Balcony.

Kathy was replanting the Christmas Cactus Flower we got last November by the time I finished the Bike and was just getting ready to exercise and found that we didn’t have quite enough Potting Soil to finish the task.

We were just about to make a quick run to take care of that when our daughter Karen called inviting us to visit on their Deck. When we mentioned about our quick errand she asked if we could look for Sunflower Seeds for her.
We headed over to Home Depot where we had gotten the last bag of Potting Soil. It didn’t take long to find that and the Miracle Grow to add as Vitamins for the plants but they said we should have gotten the Seeds at the beginning of the season.
Heading towards Karen’s we stopped at Walmart to check for the Seeds and were told the same thing about getting them at the beginning of the season.
Back on the road again heading towards Karen’s I made a quick turn into Canadian Tire. They always carried Seeds in the past and they had a Garden Center so it was worth a try. I dropped Kathy at the door before parking the Car then meeting her in their Gardening Section. There were tons of Seeds but eventually we found what Karen had asked for.
When we arrived at Karen’s house in Tecumseh we immediately went in the backyard to the Deck. The only one there to greet us was Sanford as Karen was downstairs folding laundry while Greg was in the kitchen getting some Salmon ready to be smoked. Soon we were visiting and talking about work.
Since Greg is Skilled Trades at the Chrysler Mini Van Plant he is back in the Plant and is required to wear a Mask, Safety Glasses and Gloves to protect himself and others from the Coronavirus.

Karen works for the University Of Windsor and is presently working from home. At this point it doesn’t look like she’ll be returning to the University Office anytime this year.

It was a fun visit but we headed for home around 5:00. Kathy reminded me we hadn’t taken anything out of the Freezer for supper. Wanting something different we went to KFC and ordered a couple of Chicken Zingers. They are large sized Chicken Wraps with a little spice to them. Quite tasty we would have them again.

Since they were in the same Shopping Plaza we went to the Tecumseh Dollarama. We found another Flowerpot that we were looking for but surprisingly they didn’t carry Bread at this location.

Our 6 o’clock Local News was again preempted by a Golf Tournament. I thought these were replays but the Caddies were wearing Masks and the Players were alone with the Caddies so this was “Live”.

Shortly before 7:00 Kathy got a Message for Sue saying that she and Jack would meet me downstairs with more Masks that she made for us to keep Safe.

We watched The Good Witch then the 11 o’clock Local News. The total Coronavirus Cases among the Migrant Farm Workers in our area Doubled just today.

Tomorrow we have Calls to make, Errands to run and Chores to do. We’ll see how that works out. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. It has always boggled my mind how much stuff one can find at "Canadian Tire" when you would surmise that it only carries tires!

    This evening I saw where Andres Manuel López Obrador...the President of Mexico...did did not allow a couple of thousands of seasonal workers to leave for Canada after three Mexican migrant workers died in Canada recently.

    There were talks with Quebec officials regarding their safety and how they should be provided with protective gear as none of the deceased had Coronavirus before their departure. After everything was ironed out the flight was finally allowed to leave Mexico City bound for Canada.

    Anytime you are in a congregate setting such as a nursing home, jail, detention center, meat packing factory, or migrant camps you will see a rapid propagation of the disease.

  2. There's so much more testing, I'm not surprised at the increase in cases. As far as I am aware, Mexico isn't doing much to stop it. I wouldn't be surprised if many really DID have the virus before they left Mexico. Hoping it starts it's down curve soon.

  3. This stupid virus has disrupted everyone's lives. I would think in a migrant camp it would spread very quickly. But I'm sure your farmers like ours here in the States are totally dependent on migrant workers to get the crops picked. So very sad.

  4. I don't understand why healthy people get tested? Only runs the numbers up which is what the government wants. Sounds like a nice visit with Karen and Greg..of course Sanford was thrilled to see you!