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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Back To Organizing, Tornado Warning and Birthday Celebration.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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Even after getting to bed by 11:30 last night I still managed to sleep until 8:30 this morning. I had just enough time to get things ready for breakfast before Kathy joined me after only Fifteen Minutes later today. Talking at the breakfast table we both felt like we had been drugged again even though we carefully wore our Masks while out of the Apartment yesterday.
Taking our Morning Brews over to the Computers I was only there long enough to check the Weather, News, E-Mail, Comments and of course to drink my Coffee. I had finished my usual morning chores and was converting the Dining Table for the chore of filling our Pill Doucettes. It was actually a little trickier because I first had to use the last of the Thirty Day supplies before starting to use those for Ninety Days. I finished our Forty-Five Day dosages of Medication as well as Vitamins for both of us by 1:00 but the job was not finished.
We finally sat at the table to enjoy a bowl of Beef Stew along with English Muffins for lunch topped off with our usual dessert plate.

As soon as we’d cleared the table I was counting Pills to make certain I would be entering accurate numbers into our Medication Spreadsheet. Most things we buy today are over-packaged. In the case of Medication or Vitamins they normally put a small amount into Containers that can easily hold double the amount. When we travel carrying our own Medications I always repackage everything so we are carrying far less containers.

When I opened the Medication Spreadsheet to make today’s entries I was shocked to find the Formulas missing on a couple of Columns. There was no way to fast track its repair and so I had to do all Fifty Corrections manually before the numbers could be added. Once that was finished and the Bin safely stored I had to take a walk to the Recycle Bins downstairs because of needing less Containers then the manufactures.
Back at the Apartment I barely had a chance to check The Weather Network before we had to leave. It showed a Storm Front coming close to our area but not until later in the evening.

Kathy didn’t know what to make for supper so we went to Wendy’s where we ordered Two Chicken Wraps off their Value Menu, Two Small Chocolate Frosties and Two Seniors Soft Drinks all for $7.41. We parked in their lot while enjoying a tasty and satisfying meal. We also noticed heavy Storm Clouds increasing to our North so we didn’t take long to get to our next destination.
Birthday Cupcakes.
When we arrived at Guardian Storage we checked for Mail before going to our Climate Controlled Storage Unit. In order to replace the Folding Pedals on our Tandem Bicycle I needed to get a 15mm Wrench from my Toolbox in order to do it. It only took Ten Minutes considering there were other Toolboxes stacked on top of the one with the Wrench that was needed.
The Clouds were darker then this picture shows.
As we were leaving we swung by the Trailer to be certain it was secure and noticed the Storm Clouds to the North growing more intense. As we headed East on County Road 42 we could see some very intense Rain falling from different sections of those Clouds.
The Rain got more intense.
Our destination was our daughter-in-law Jen’s house in Essex. We were supposed to arrive at 6:30 but were only Forty-Five Minutes ahead. Looking out the front door Jen could only see Blue Sky but to the back of the house were the Threatening Black Clouds that she hadn’t seen yet. We had barely gotten inside the house we the Rain started coming down with the intensity of a Power Washer. Then as we watched it changing direction our Cell Phones all started going off with Tornado Warnings for our area telling us to “Take Immediate Cover”.
(L-R) Sue, Connor, Haigan and Jack.
The boys with their Covid Hair Cuts.
Jen’s parents Jack and Sue along with her sister Melissa and B-I-L Derek their children all arrived around 7:00 with tales of how well the Rain cleaned their Cars. Everyone was there as a family to celebrate Haigan’s 13th Birthday.
(L-R) Myself, Connor, Haigan and Kathy.
After Gifts were opened and Cupcakes and Ice Cream were served the kids played in the Living Room while the adults visited in the Kitchen. With everything being shutdown for the last Three Months there was a lot of catching up to do. It wasn’t until the Power suddenly went out that anyone thought to look at the time.
As we were leaving we saw a lot of Flashing Lights down towards Victoria Street. We would later find out that a Transformer had caught Fire. We would also hear about damage in the Kingsville area from a possible Tornado. As we drove along the refection of water in Farmers Fields that had been dry earlier was very noticeable.
Catching the last of the Sun's glow.
It was past 10:00 by the time we got back to the Apartment. By the time we got settled in it was time to watch the 11 o’clock Local News from London. Tomorrow we have more to take care of. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. I dread tornado warnings. Or severe thunderstorms with hail warnings or ... Sure glad you guys didn't have to go through a tornado. Fun family times.

  2. Tornado warning ... YIKES!! I hate those!!! It does always seem that the tool you want is under something under something else.

  3. It seems like all of Canada was hit by that storm yesterday!

  4. I monitor your weather because Dad lives there so my phone went off with the tornado alarm also. That was unexpected...

  5. Must have been the day for it. Here in north Alabama we are in tornado alley. Our phones went off too yesterday. Rain pelted down. We took to the basement for about 20 minutes. Watching the Birmingham channel our county, Cullman, was the only one under warnings. Great! As far as I know none touched down.

    Why didn't I realize this prior to our moving here????

  6. Love the pic of you, Cathy and the boys :) Happy Birthday Haigan! Cupcakes are just too cute!