It's about time.

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Monday, June 15, 2020

Early Appointments, Computer Adjustments and Something To Talk About.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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Surprisingly I slept soundly last night even though that normally doesn’t happen when the Alarm is set. I would later find out that even though Kathy was going to be staying behind this morning she had a night where she tossed and turned which left her quite tired when she got up.
I arrived at Clear Imaging by 7:45 knowing that I was early for my appointment. I watched as other cars arrived noting that most were Staff with a few Patients. The doors were opened at 8:15 which allowed me to be right on time. Everyone Staff as well as Patients were wearing Masks and had their temperatures taken before anyone’s day even started. After registering I barely had a chance to sit down in the waiting room when I was called in. Our Family Doctor had ordered an Abdominal Ultra Sound in hopes of resolving my problem. The entire procedure took less then Twenty Minutes and the results should be in by Wednesday.

Leaving there I headed further south to Dyna-Care where I again had my temperature checked even before getting through the second set of doors. Everyone was wearing a Mask and if you didn’t have one you were given one that was in a sealed packet. This was another thing our Family Doctor was having checked to see what my problem is by having my Blood Tested. The results should be in his hands by Wednesday. That sounds familiar.

I managed to walk into the Apartment minutes before 10:00 and since I’d had to Fast for both tests having a Banana for breakfast felt good. Since I have to be careful of what I eat for the next few days it was satisfying enough.
We spent the rest of the morning on the Computers talking and enjoying our Coffees. Kathy told me about her night before she made French Toast for our lunch while I continued cleaning up the SD Card for the Camera which recovered 4.5 Gig of storage. The French Toast really hit the spot and tasted wonderful.

We worked together setting up our Crock Pot to cook a Beef Roast for our supper.

I had to get rid of the One-Note off of Kathy’s Computer because it wasn’t allowing her to print any documents. I also had to update and print the Calendar Spreadsheet that Kathy uses to keep track of everyone’s special days.
Around 5:00 Kathy had me thin slicing a Potato so she could saute it as a side. She also had me slicing a Pepper as a side along with the Beef Roast while she made Gravy to go with it. It all tasted great and there’s more for other meals.

We had the Dishes and Kitchen all cleaned up before the 6 o’clock Local News. We later watched the movie “Something To Talk About” with Julia Roberts, Dennis Quade, Robert Duvall, Gena Rowlands and many more stars. It was released in 1995 so you can imagine what they looked like Twenty-Five Years ago. This was our first time seeing it.

Tomorrow will be a busy day in preparation for Wednesday. Why does that sound familiar? Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. It is interesting to note there are no longer two hour waits to get to see doctors or to have tests done. Hopefully they keep up the same precautions forever. They still see the same number of patients, we just don't have to wait so long.

  2. With our family history of colon cancer, I have frequent colonoscopy. I find sticking to liquids for a couple of days prior to the Big Drink makes things go a lot easier. My daughter, who has crohns disease, was told this at her clinic. She has them ever six months, can you imagine!!

  3. Len had appointment at University of Alabama Hospital at Birmingham yesterday. They only let other people in if the patient has issues necessitating it. Appointment on 3 different floors. Lots of walking involved. He would have difficulty if I was allowed with him. Found a wheelchair for me to push.

    Had our temps taken, then masks entire time. 10 hours. I was so glad to get to the car and rip that thing off.

    We will all be so glad if this thing is ever over.

    1. Can't figure how to edit this. Should have said a problem if I was NOT allowed to him.