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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Finally On The Highway, Resolving Credit Card Fiasco and Change Of Time Zone.

Our Location today is Cave City, Kentucky, U.S.A. 

As noted by some of our commenters that agreed we shouldn’t be having issues on a trailer that we’ve had just over two months but we’ve had to get the bugs out of a couple of trailers before now hopefully we won’t find any more. As Marsha also noted it shouldn’t have taken an hour and a half for an Authorization from Jayco when it was their own representative that recommended us going to the Indiana RV Trailer Sales in Middlebury in the first place but they forgot to let the dealership know we were on our way. 
Leaving Wabash, Indiana.
Trying to conserve our Propane last night we only ran the furnace a couple of times to take the chill out of the air in the trailer before going to bed at 10:00 in the Wabash, Indiana Walmart parking lot. Without the furnace running through the night we both stayed under the covers but when I woke at 6:00 this morning the inside thermometer only read 37 F (3 C) so I had to fire the furnace up. There was no use trying to go back to sleep so I started packing away my CPAP equipment in the dark. That was enough to wake Kathy because we had talked last night about getting an early start to our day. With a quick breakfast and coffee, we were on the road minutes after 7:00. 
We beat the sun to start our day.
Resetting our GPS we still had to meander some of the backroads that Indiana-13 took us on. We passed through many small villages and towns only stopping around 10:30 for fuel in Noblesville, Indiana. There was a problem though when we couldn’t find a station large enough for us to pull in. Luckily there was a Walmart in the plaza behind the Frick’s gas station and even that created a challenge with all the curbs meant to keep trucks out. We found a quiet corner of the lot where we unhooked the trailer and locked the pin before driving over to Frick’s. For some reason my Credit Card wouldn’t work at the pump so the manager who was about to leave for the day managed to make it work but Frick’s has a $75.00 cap on all fuel purchases. When I went back in to add another purchase the two clerks couldn’t make the card work either so it was time for us to go. 
It was past 11:00 by that time so we parked near the Wendy’s and had light lunch off their value menu. We hitched back onto the trailer and were driving on Indiana-13 a while longer before connecting to I-69 that would eventually connect us to I-65 South. We had plenty of Construction Zones to drive through causing us to stop at a couple of Rest Areas but with it being Saturday only a few crews were working on the projects. 
We decided to put fuel in both of our tanks, which would be a first for this trip, just before Glen Dale, Kentucky. Stopping at the Pilot truck center I went in to prepay using my Credit Card and was told it was locked. That was not good! We moved the truck from the pumps and started calling our Credit Card Companies to see what was happening. As soon as the computer-generated message began to inform me that you don’t have to notify them if you are traveling I knew the problem. Since I’d been preoccupied before we had left Wildwood on November 1st I hadn’t gotten around to informing them of our travels. As soon as Eli asked my problem I pointed out their message was a lie and when he checked, sure enough our card had been locked because of suspicious purchases outside of Ontario. He simply unlocked it and made note that we were traveling on the file. Ten minutes later we were back at the fuel pump filling up both the truck’s fuel tanks. 
I also learned that for Canadian Travelers that use Canadian Credit Cards in the US that when you are asked for your Zip Code enter the three numbers from your Postal Code and add zero, zero making it five digits and it will work.  That little bit of information will save us lots of future headaches. 
One of our Rest Stops.
We were more than happy to have that issue resolved and got back on I-65 where we kept driving through more construction zones for another thirty plus miles. When Kathy looked at the time and it read 5:45 EST and she saw there was a Cracker Barrel at the Cave City, Kentucky exit we called it a day. After we had a wonderful home cooked meal we found out that we were now in the Central Time Zone so it was actually only 5:45 CST when we were leaving. Feeling too tired to continue after driving 295 Miles for the day we got permission to stay overnight. 
This means we won’t be so cold tonight, we can sleep in tomorrow morning, have a home-cooked breakfast before we leave, be in Nashville before noon tomorrow and not have to worry about the Credit Cards again.  Don’t forget to turn your clocks back tonight because we all lose Daylight Savings Time tonight. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

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  1. How big is the trailer? Is it too long to travel with? Sure matches your truck nicely.

  2. Here's hoping you won't have any more issues for awhile. Glad to see that new header photo.

  3. You have been having your issues, we don't us our furnace hardly at all just our Mr. Heater sure saves a lot of propane.
    We have used that Zip code trick for years and works most places. We much prefer the Flying J fuel islands wherever we can. much easier to get our 56 feet maneuvered.
    Enjoy Cave city.

  4. It would have been a good time to visit Mammoth Cave while you were at Cave City.
    Have safe travels.

  5. 37...brrrr. I would have Paul firing up something for heat.
    We love driving the back roads, but sometimes run into the same issue with gas stations. I drive Paul nuts about the fuel. When we drive those back roads, I make him get gas when we are below half a tank. I do not plan to run out!
    If you ever stop in Cave City again and want a nice campground, Singing Hills RV Park is where we always stay. $18/night PPA. Great place.

  6. Forgot to mention, the new header photo looks great.

  7. Those temperatures are too cold for us too. I think if we were out of propane we'd be looking for a place to fill up quick! Enjoy the rest of your journey south. It's going to get much warmer.

  8. Arizona doesn't have day light savings time so we never change our clocks.