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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Plan B, Christmas Shopping, Power Outage and Registration For Inaugural Good Sam RV Super Show.

Our Location today is Deming, New Mexico, U.S.A. 

Even though neither Kathy or I had anything alcoholic to drink at the Taco Tuesday outing last night and we still managed to be Home by 9:00 after folding our laundry, we both woke up feeling dragged out. With the morning temperature hovering around 37 F (3 C) we were happy to run the Fireplace to warm up. Since I needed to finish drilling the holes to mount the last Stabilizer along with other work I need to fix my twenty-five-year old drill but what happens if I can’t. We made “Plan B” to replace it. 
Shortly after 10:00 MST we were on our way to Walmart in Deming. The plan was to buy a replacement drill as well as a couple of groceries. The drill was quick and easy, no muss no fuss. Trying to get familiar with the grocery section of the store, because they are all different, before we knew it the cart was starting to fill up. When we finished the groceries, we started looking in other parts of the store mostly for the exercise but also for ideas. 
Columbus Street in downtown Deming, New Mexico.
If you recall Kathy is always on the lookout for gift giving ideas when we travel because many of the things we see when traveling, are not available in the stores back in Ontario. You might also recall that because we would be heading south at the beginning of November that we celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving and Christmas together with our families where we gave them all their Christmas gifts that day. Many people that have not even started this year’s Christmas Shopping are really going to hate us because we’ve already purchased gifts for Christmas 2017. 
With all our purchases in the truck we went back to True Value Hardware in hopes that they had some Aluminium Angle Material. Striking out there we stopped at Tractor Supply Company where I managed to get a single four-foot section of two inch and a single four-foot section of one and a quarter inch Aluminium Angle Material. I made my own Solar Panel Brackets for the Avalanche trailer and plan on making them for this trailer. I use stronger materials then the prefabricated brackets and I know it will hold up to the abuse from high winds and traveling. 
It was nearly 1:00 MST by the time we got back Home and got everything unloaded. Luckily Kathy had taken some Johnsonville Brats out of the freezer so I immediately fired up the Weber Q and had them grilled to perfection by the time Kathy had put the groceries away. 
It was past 1:30 and even though I am not feeling one hundred percent I wanted to finish installing that last Stabilizer. Just as I was heading outside the staff member on duty at the office was driving around on her golf cart telling everyone the power was out in the entire area and might not be on until after dark. That is why I’m trying to get the solar set up so we don’t have to worry about things like that. 
Driving through a neighbourhood.
Kathy had planned on frying up some bacon to have ready to use in salads, on sandwiches and other dishes but didn’t want to add anymore heat in the trailer. George from Our Awesome Travels had showed on his blog how he uses a Grill Mat to cook lots of things on his Weber Q. We had purchased two and had tried them before. Using a larger mat and trimming its size down a bit it took less than fifteen minutes on our Weber Q for Kathy to have a pound of crispy bacon that she can keep in the freezer to use. 
Parked at the Police Station.
I decided to check my E-mails to check the status on the purchases that we made yesterday. Since the computers and MiFi hotspot run off their own battery power I figured I’d continue working them until either the power came on or they shut down. Happy to see that some of our purchases could arrive by this weekend I was about to shut down the computer when it dawned on me to check my Spam Box. There at the top of the pile sent on November 1st was an Invite to attend the Inaugural Good Sam RV Super Show at the Phoenix International Speedway in February. 
Mentioning this to Kathy she thought it was a great idea so we tried registering online but their system would lock up. The original cutoff date for registration was for yesterday but they had extended the registration so I called the 1-800-234-3450 number and was very successful at getting tickets. We’ll be dry camping for five days and nights with access to the RV Show, Seminars, Live Entertainment for two nights along with a Fireworks Display for just over twelve dollars a night. There will also be a Barbeque Competition and moneys raised from the purchase of these foods will benefit the Cure SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) organization. Looks like we will be eating out that weekend supporting a good cause. 
Our new neighbour. Picture was shot through the screen door.
A new neighbour was just pulling in when the sun was starting to set and the computers were saying they needed a charge when suddenly the power came back on. Tomorrow I will be outside no matter how I feel early so I can get things fixed up and working. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.
All pictures taken
by Kathy.

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  1. Hey - I love the idea of cooking bacon on the grill. I hardly ever make it because I hate cooking it in the RV! I tried it directly on the grates once and burned it beyond recognition! I'm going to look on Amazon for those grill mats. Was there a particular brand that you bought?