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Many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" to follow our dreams.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Finished Part Of The Project, Found The Adobe Deli and Another Wind Storm.

Our Location today is Deming, New Mexico, U.S.A. 

I was awake long enough to get most of my morning reading finished before Kathy came downstairs for breakfast. We hadn’t run the fireplace at all last evening because the temperature stayed in the upper forties throughout the night. 

As soon as the clock struck 9:00 MST this morning I was on the phone with Renogy Solar Systems explaining that we had found the Missing Cables yesterday by pulling the Solar Panels completely out of all the boxes. I explained that trying to look down inside the boxes while they were in the truck was not the same as actually emptying the boxes where you could see the hidden treasures inside. I suggested they put a sticker on the Solar Panel Boxes when they contained the Cables so they wouldn’t have a repeat with someone else. They appreciated my call and told me not to worry about it. 
Kathy startled the house pet.
Since the weather forecast for Deming, New Mexico was forty percent chance of showers but I thought I’d get a few things outside finished before that happened. The first thing I did was since there was barely any breeze was to spray paint Kathy’s new Shower Caddy that I’d had to modify. The coating had pealed where it was bent so by using multiple coats of a Water-Proof Acrylic Paint I was able to reseal the metal frame work. 
The next thing I tackled was to complete the wiring to the Taillights and Backup Lights that I’d just installed to the rear of the trailer. It consists of two Junction Boxes one that is mounted on the Bicycle Carrier and one on the Rear Corner of the trailer. I’d finished the one on the Carrier and was just starting to close up the one on the frame when the Rain started coming down. By tucking my feet under the Roadside Slide I finished that part of the job just in time for it to stop Raining. Now I just have to run the wires from the front of the trailer through the Conduit. 
All kinds of Signed Hard Hats over the Bar.
Kathy and I had spoken earlier about trying to find the Adobe Deli that everyone here at Dream Catcher RV Park just raved about. Our first attempt to find it was not a total waste getting to taste an Indian Taco but we wanted to try the real deal. I changed and cleaned up and we were soon out the door just before noon. 
Looking towards the Entrance.
Armed with better set of written instructions this time we were once again headed down the road just up the street from the park. Luckily after Bob the Manager had finished writing down some details I had also written a few things he had said but not written. Everyone had said “the place was rundown on the outside but served the best food and drinks in the area,” and Bob had agreed. Everyone had said “the French Onion Soup and Ruben Sandwiches were the best ever,” and Bob had agreed.  Everyone before had said “it’s about ten miles up the road,” Bob said “just as you pass the eight-mile marker”. Everyone before had said “you’ll see a big sign advertising the place,” Bob said “there is a faded old sign that you can barely read on the other side of the road”. Everyone before said “it’s an old-school house,” Bob said “it was an old school but you won’t recognize it as such”. 
Kathy had even gone Online and seen pictures of the inside of the place and was quite impressed with what she saw and the Menu. After making the turn onto Side Road that Bob had written the name to we traveled for nearly a mile before pulling in front of a rundown place not seeing where this restaurant we were looking for could be. Ready to head back Home we saw a young man cleaning up the yard and asked him if he knew where the Adobe Deli was? With a big smile on his face, he answered “Right here!” 
This French Onion Soup is the best we have ever had.
After parking the truck, I spotted the entrance and started leading Kathy in its direction. From behind I could hear her saying “What are we getting ourselves into?” Walking in the door the place was just as it had been described. Someone at one time had been an avid hunter and there were mounted trophies mounted all over this place. The waitress met us and led us to a table for two, got our drink order and left us to look the menu over.
Kathy's Garden Salad.
There's a Double Decker Ruben under those Onion Rings.
Serving us our drinks she made a couple of recommendations “the French Onion Soup and the Rueben Sandwiches.” 

We both ordered the French Onion Soup but Kathy ordered a Garden Salad while I had the Ruben Sandwich with Onion Rings. As everyone back at the park had said the French Onion Soup was the best we have ever had and Kathy loved her Salad. That Delicious Ruben Sandwich was a Double Decker and could have fed the both of us but I ate the whole thing. The Homemade Onion Rings were also delicious and nothing was overly salted like some restaurants serve their food. For the amount of food that we were served the cost was actually reasonable and we’ll definitely be back in the future if we are in the area. 

As Kathy said if they even painted the signs so people would know where they were and trimmed the bushes back from the entrance they’d have to expand. If it hadn’t been from all the recommendations from those at the Park we’d never have tried the place but it lived up to its reputation. Kathy now says the place has Character. 
Dust Clouds blowing across the road.
Driving back towards the Park it really started to rain. So I recommended going back to the True Value Hardware Store for a Plastic Conduit Elbow that I’d forgotten to get the other day when I made the exchanges. We first stopped at the local Super K-mart that is Going Out of Business but didn’t find anything worthwhile. We also stopped at the Dollar General where we found a few usable bargains. 
Just the tip of this flag even wavered.
The Wind Gusts only shows 38 MPH but they were higher
then the other day.
As we drove towards Home the wind started blowing up the dust similar to the other day but by the time we got back to the Trailer it was getting worse. Kathy had to cover her mouth and nose with a Kleenex because of the dust. I barely opened the truck door and the wind ripped my hat off. Recovering my hat, I got Kathy inside before retrieving our purchases. 
The Wind calmed down as the Sun set.
The wind continued to buffet the trailer but it didn’t move like the other day thanks to the Stabilizers. Our Supper consisted of a cup of tea as neither of us were even hungry. We’ll see what tomorrow brings along. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

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  1. Those are the best kind or restaurants, that we look for. Some surprising meals.

  2. That sounds like the type of restaurant we went to in Kentucky several years ago. Very good food and large portions.

  3. I try to stop at local restaurants whenever possible, and I generally find the best food and friendly service. When I was in Texas the wind was so bad that it lifted one whole side of my trailer up as Jack and I watched. I couldn't get in the driver side of the truck, I had to go around to the passenger side and thought I'd lose the door!

  4. Finding the Adobe is part of the attraction. The first time we went, we were asked if we made reservations. They found room for us, but it was packed.

  5. What a busy day. Thanks for the recommendation. We are only staying one night at the park, but now might have to unhook and try that restaurant.