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Monday, November 28, 2016

Chasing Wrong Addresses and Ontario Neighbours.

Our Location today is Casa Grande, Arizona, U.S.A. 

It felt good not to have anything pressing to do this morning so when the sun started to peek around the edge of the window blinds I simply ignored it. When Kathy got up at her usual morning hour and saw me lying there she just lay back down to get a little more rest time in. After the high winds from last night had been having their way with the slide covers the silence sounded good. After opening the living room blinds evidence of the heavy rain that we experienced was visible in the huge puddles that covered the Asphalt Roads in the Park. 
Water puddles left over from last night's rain.
Soon after 8:30 as we finished our morning coffees at the computers I was once again verifying the addresses for the Local Blood Donor Locations in Casa Grande as well completing my morning reading. After 9:00 I was able to once again call Renogy about the extra Solar Panel Cables they had sent me. We had no intention of paying for a second set of Cables we had not ordered. I had called before Thanksgiving Day to inform them of the problem but they had never E-mailed the Return Shipping Label. Today I spoke with yet another person who guaranteed me action within twenty minutes.
An hour and a half later as we were about to leave for the day, I was sitting at my computer telling Kathy there was no message when it suddenly popped up as I was about to shut the computer down. Luckily the printer was already set up and we carry the Clear Packing Tape Dispenser with us so two minutes later we were out the door with a purpose in mind. 
As mentioned in last night’s post all the researched addresses were all listed on Florence Boulevard so that was the direction we headed in. We looked for the FedEx location we’d found Online first. It turned out to be a Strip Mall that we drove the length of four times but there was no evidence of a FedEx location. 

We then started looking for the Red Cross Blood Donor location. Finding the building with the address I had found Online turned out to be a Medical Laboratory and nobody even knew if there was a Blood Donor Clinic in Casa Grande.  They did tell me the FedEx Depot was at the Strip Mall we’d already gone to.  

Back at the Strip Mall I finally went into the Fry’s grocery store where they said the FedEx Depot was in the Post Office. Driving to the far end of the Mall to the Post Office when you entered the doors, there was a sign about three inches tall that said this was an Authorized FedEx Depot. Too bad they didn’t have a sign outside or at least in the window. 

Since it was going on noon we stopped in to Wendy’s where we both enjoyed one of their Chicken Sandwiches. We had no sooner given our orders when the place seemed to suddenly be filling up. Sitting at a table that faced the parking lot we watched as the line of people trying to get in the building started to stretch outside. 
After eating we continued our search for the Local Red Cross Blood Donor Clinic. Three of the addresses turned out to be empty store fronts and the fourth was an Auto Recycling Yard. Businesses that move or close down and have Websites should have the courtesy to Edit or Remove them but most don’t.
We needed to get to City Electrical Supply to get the wiring that is needed to wire our Progressive Industries EMS (Electrical Management System) in the trailer. Having double checked its location Online this morning we were surprised that it was only two miles from our location and the only place we had the correct address for. The best part was that price was much less than I expected. 
Needing to get some exercise we decided to walk around Big Lots for awhile. They were just setting up their Christmas Displays which we thought were cute but that wasn’t what really caught our eyes. Those of you that have been reading for some time know we have already celebrated the Canadian Thanksgiving and Christmas together (Merry Thanksmas) with our family back in Ontario. What caught our eye were more Gifts we’ll be giving for our Christmas Celebration in 2017. 
Old Baptist Church.
We had more than walked off lunch by that time so we stopped at Dairy Queen where we enjoyed their Value Meals that include Ice Cream Sundaes as part of the meal.  
Wanting to be Home by dark we discovered we had new neighbours when we arrived. It turns out that Willie and Linda are from Fort Frances in Northwest Ontario. They have been slowly making their way from Texas and are now headed further west in Arizona. We’ll get a chance to talk with them more before we all leave on Thursday. 
Inside for the night Kathy found a phone number for the Red Cross in Phoenix that I’ll be calling tomorrow. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.
Pictures taken
by Kathy.

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  1. Wow, that is a lot of misinformation for one town:) I guess they are not looking for new customers.

  2. Re yesterday's post. Those are not pull through sites my friend. They are only pull through if your neighbour has not arrived. Wanted to clear this up before people book this park thinking there are pull through with patios.