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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Chores and A Tornado.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada. 

Since the fresh air didn’t tire us out enough for a good night’s sleep on Monday all the running around we did after dropping our grandson Tyler off yesterday surely worked. Kathy and I were both in bed early and other than rolling over a few times basically slept soundly until past 8:30 this morning. 

After having our breakfast and finishing the normal morning reading it didn’t take long to change course in order to beat the expected afternoon 102 F (39 C) Humidex. With the last few days of near normal temperatures we really didn’t want to face any more sweltering days. So after turning the Air Conditioner back on Kathy had a pile of expense entrees to make on our spreadsheet that we use to track our spending. Since the last time I did the laundry was Friday the twelfth before our move it was now past due. Having been delayed by errands and the issues with the truck it all seemed to get in the way but isn’t that called life. 

I finally made it to the Park Laundry Room shortly after 11:00 and as washing machines became available I filled them up. I lucked out when it came to the driers because a few of those people chose to bring their wash home to dry on their clothes lines. That gave me the chance to have all the laundry in the dryers and get back Home to have lunch with Kathy shortly after noon.  

Kathy had more filing to do after lunch which worked well for the time it took me to return to the laundry room to fold our clothes. Finally, back Home after 2:00 it didn’t take us long to get things put away.  

With our need to do some personal upgrades to Our New Home Kathy had asked me to research some prices of what things would cost. After researching the value of something here, a little thing there and few other things all around it didn’t take any time for those costs to climb. Glad we’re not rushing to do it all right away. 

We had enjoyable Homemade Corned-Beef on Rye Sandwiches for supper this evening and they tasted great as well as being a fraction of the costs if we had gone out to have them at a restaurant. We had the dishes all washed and put away before the 6 o’clock News came on. The weather forecast gave us a heads up as to the possibility of a severe thunderstorm for this evening. 

Once the news was over Kathy returned to the dining room table to work on reorganizing all the business cards we’ve collected through the years while I tried seeing if there was anything to watch on the television. Within minutes we heard the sound of distant thunder and both said the weatherman finally got it right. It would be another forty-five minutes later before we’d find out how wrong that statement was. There was no rain in the park so we just figured the rain had passed us by. 

Our daughter Karen called minutes after 8:00 to see if we were all right. When Kathy responded why shouldn’t we she suddenly had a weird look on her face. As soon as she hung up we tried the local television channels to no avail but the local radio station was filling the airwaves with reports coming in from private citizens. 

The LaSalle area had been hit with a tornado that did severe damage to many homes on three blocks of Liberty Street. Minutes later the same tornado cell would hit Riberty Road near Foster in Windsor again damaging more homes before jumping to Walker Road and destroying a number of businesses there. This storm was hitting and hopping. It then jumped the E.C. Rowe Expressway where a number of businesses were damaged. It finally made one more touchdown on Banwell Road in Tecumseh where it damaged new homes under construction. The good part was that nobody suffered anything more than a few scratches throughout this ordeal. Though there is plenty of property damage it can all be replaced. 

We have errands to run tomorrow and because we have to drive through many of the affected areas we might be able to see the damage first hand. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

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  1. Just saw all this tornado damaged on the 11 pm news and thought of you right away. Glad to hear you are all right and your family also. Scary stuff. Take care.

  2. Glad the tornado missed you.
    Do you have a recipe for homemade corned beef ?

  3. Glad everyone is okay, one of my biggest fears, on the road or not.

  4. Glad to read you are both safe and sound and no one else was seriously hurt.

  5. Oh these tornadoes are so scary. So very glad y'all are fine. One hit Ohio and did some major damage.