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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Recovering and Hockey.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

Having late night snacks and getting to bed late isn’t a normal thing for Kathy and me but it was fun. I had cheated and managed to write most of the blog yesterday before we went to the Halloween party. Unfortunately the change of routine caused Kathy to be awake past 3:00 this morning. No we hadn’t changed our clocks yet but that was still three hours that she was wide awake. By the time I posted the blog last night my eyes were crossing and changing the clocks was no longer a priority. Don’t know why but I even managed to sleep like a rock. The clock read 7:55 (DST) when we got up which was fine for me but Kathy was dragging. (Beyond the label we are not Party Animals.) 

Before having breakfast we settled in at the computers with a nice cup of coffee in an attempt to break down last night’s snack. However we couldn’t just lollygag around because we had someplace to be. After reading all the blogs we missed last night and this morning we finally had breakfast with another cup of coffee around 11:00 (DST). Once that was finished Kathy needed a morning Snap to make up for some of her lost sleep. While she did that I went around the apartment resetting the clocks back to EST. 
Tyler on Defense.
We were out the door at 11:30 headed for the New Belle River Arena to watch our grandson Tyler play hockey but first we stopped at Tim Horton’s for another coffee to go. No we’re not drinkers but those coffees just seemed to settle our stomachs this morning. 
Tyler playing Defense.
Since we’ve been having trouble getting our seats to watch the games in the one arena as soon as the previous game ended we brushed past the previous group of onlookers to get to them. Those particular seats give me the most optimum spot for taking pictures of the game. Once the game got underway the action was endless and all the penalties imposed today were against the other team for dangerous antics normally only seen in the NHL. There were a number of players missing from Tyler’s team today so the coach was using Tyler on defense, as center and as a winger. With only minutes before the end of the game as Tyler’s team was about to score the tying goal the opposing team deliberately dislodged their net so the referees disallowed the goal. Tyler’s team took a loss for this game. 
Tyler playing Winger. 

Instead of going home we drove over to the JYSK store in search of gift ideas. Kathy is disappointed that she hasn’t finished her Christmas shopping yet this year. She usually has it done by around the end of August but this has been a busy year including a lot of research that we needed to take care of. What we walked out of the store with ended up being something that we have been looking for instead. 
Tyler facing off as Center.
We went to Sears afterwards where Kathy was finally able to find a single pair of pants that fit her perfectly. We also managed to cross another item off our shopping list. 
Tyler in the middle of the action.
Feeling a bit more enthused we headed over to Walmart and continued our shopping. Low and Behold items that we’ve been looking for were suddenly being put on the shelves. We managed to cross quite a few more gifts off of our shopping list. 
Tyler's team lost this on but not from lack of trying.
We got home just on time to watch the 6 o’clock News but it was being preempted by a football game. Guess we’ll be watching the 11 o’clock News (12 am DST) tonight. Glad we’re not staying up late again. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. In my opinion, there is no reason for children to play dirt. They learned that only one way...from their coaches/parents. I think coaches should be held to a much higher standard then they are. Dirty play to me leads to firing of the coach...I don't care if it is a paid position or volunteer. No excuse for it!