It's about time.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

More Solar Research, Poor Customer Service And Money Saving Deals

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

Getting to bed a little later than usual last night was balanced out when I slept until nearly 7:30 this morning. I went through my morning ritual of opening curtains before accomplishing my morning reading before Kathy woke up. We changed our menu around for breakfast opting to have muffins for breakfast rather that our usual cereal. While eating we discussed what errands we’d be doing today but since there weren’t that many and the temperature was quite a bit cooler than yesterday we decided to wait until after lunch.

While Kathy was getting caught up on her reading and bookkeeping I surprised myself by starting to do some of my own research which is something I normally don’t like to do. However when it comes to things that are technical I have the tendency to understand it much better than Kathy and that kind of research does appeal to me. Since we’re looking to expand our solar system on the trailer I contacted a local company called Unconquered Sun who gave me the name of another company called Home Energy Solutions near Barrie in Ontario. Both these companies no longer sell their products to the general public and have become distributors. They did give me the name of a retailer called London Fuller that I left a voicemail with only to have them leave us a message later when we had to go out. The rest of the morning I was researching solar retailers online.

After lunch we drove over to VitalAire to pick up our CPAP supplies that we get every six months. When we got there they didn’t have anything ready for me or Kathy. Because they continue to mess up our orders we will not get any supplies before we leave next winter. The case worker that used to be there always made certain we had our supplies on time and there was never any delay in our orders. Due to company cutbacks they let her go and now four managers can’t keep up with the orders. We now have to return next week to get our supplies.

Our next stop was at Guardian Storage and our trailer. Were we surprised when we saw that there had been fresh crushed stone spread throughout the yard since we were there last Sunday. That means that our trailer will no longer be surrounded by water the next time that it rains. I returned the toolbox that is normally kept in the trailer and picked up another so that I’ll be able to work on replacing the car heater motor next week.

Leaving there we stopped at Princess Auto because I’d seen them advertise solar panels not too long back. Once we found them we only found low output panels similar to what we already have and were sold out of the higher output units.

We drove over to Canadian Tire next to check out their supply of solar panels. They had a good assortment but their 100 watt panels were over five hundred dollars which is more than double of the price in the US. Since the wind was blowing fairly steady outside we decided to walk around the store to get some exercise in. Remember in yesterday’s post I mentioned that we’d finished our Christmas Shopping for this year. Let me tell you that today Kathy bought some of our first Christmas Gifts for next year.

Our last stop before going home was Shoppers Drug Mart where we picked up some vitamins that we needed. The best part was that all the ones we picked up today were between forty to seventy percent off helping us keep our budget in check.

Back at the apartment I continued researching more online companies for solar components. It’s a good thing we are taking our time doing this and we are not in a rush. The weather guessers are forecasting our first s@#wfall of the season starting overnight and throughout the day tomorrow with the temperatures being below the freezing mark for the weekend. That sounds like the perfect time to call that retailer back tomorrow and continue with more research. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. It is very frustrating search for RV solar systems in Canada, good luck.

  2. I'll bet there is a lot to learn about solar panels.