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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Broken Water Main, Christmas Shopping, Answers And Research.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

With the cooler damp weather we experienced yesterday it was no surprise when I opened the curtains this morning that the landscape was a very bright single color with only some accent colors thrown in. Last night with the temperatures dipping below the twenty degree mark it didn’t take long for the rain to change to first freezing rain then s@#w. As the sun rose over the horizon it didn’t take long for the icicles hanging from the balcony above to start losing their shapes. The high temperature for today would not even make it to the freezing mark.

When Kathy got up just around 8:00 we were surprised to find there was barely enough water pressure to fill our kettle with. Normally when the building maintenance plans to shut the water off they give the tenants more than forty-eight hours notice and never on a Sunday. After finishing our morning reading on the computer I added extra layers of clothing on to go outside to clean the snow off the car and truck so that the sun might have a chance to melt the layer of ice below.

Exiting the building I was surprised to see contractors digging outside the building utility room. Someone walking their dog at 6:30 this morning had found water bubbling from the ground and had the good sense to notify the building manager. Apparently the water main had failed right where it entered the building which is why the water had to be shut off. It was a good thing that this situation happened now and not during the severe cold of the upcoming winter.

By the time I’d cleaned the vehicles you could say that I needed to warm up. However with not having any drinkable water in the apartment we gathered our shopping list and a coupon and went to Tim Horton’s for lunch. Adding a nice large coffee to the Panini sandwiches that we ate for lunch helped to warm us up. We’ve shared one of those sandwiches before and were quite satisfied. Today we each had our own sandwich and it seemed that there was very little meat on either of them. That’s a good way to lose customers.

From there we headed across the street to Walmart to get some walking exercise in. Today we walked the entire store except the grocery section. We picked up new wiper blades for both vehicles that I had originally planned on getting next month but with the s@#w that came last night today was a good time to get them. As mentioned in our post the other day we have finished our Christmas shopping for this year and have informed the kids that we’ll be cutting back on our purchases for next year. We’ll also be getting together and celebrating an early Christmas at the time of our Canadian Thanksgiving so that we’ll be able to head south sooner. Kathy started her Christmas shopping for next year on Friday and managed to add to it today.

To clarify a few things people asked on comments yesterday. No we are not heading south this winter because we will be home getting rid of things in our apartment because we will be going Fulltime next spring. With additional work we want to get done on the trailer we won’t be heading south of the border until the fall of 2016. A few others couldn’t believe what some of the different Fix-it sites had to say was the cause of our Bad Request Error 400. If you type in “How to repair Bad Request Error 400” you will come up with pages of sites to visit. Start at the top reading them all and those so-called experts all give a different reason for the problem. They also have different ways of repairing the problem for all the different operating programs.

Back at the apartment we had running water so we had supper in. We spent most of the evening doing more research. Kathy reading about current events and trying to find a suitable place to buy clothes online. I continued my research on setting up our Solar Panel system. Using the brand names that Keith from London Fuller had mentioned yesterday as a benchmark I learned how we can have a more powerful system at a lower cost. This will be a work in progress and I’ll mention the components as we acquire them and explain those we’ve chosen and where we purchase them from. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Water mains in campgrounds and shut offs appear to happen in various RV parks year round, but in the Rv no problem we always have water on board as well as our own electricity, makes us pretty independent.