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Thank You for following this Blog

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Wet Weather Again.

Our Location today is Sugar Loaf Key, Florida, USA.

After another late night blog post I barely managed to post our blog before midnight last night we were both dragging when we got up this morning. Looking out the windows the sky was very overcast yet the Weather Network showed only some clouds and no chance of rain for today. That sure looked good to us so we made plans to go for a bicycle ride. 
Almost as bad as this mornings clouds.
I was outside to get the Tandem Bike ready while Kathy was putting on her shoes. Suddenly I stepped back in the trailer rather quickly. Kathy asked me how I’d gotten wet before she started to hear the rain on the roof. It wasn’t coming down as hard as it did last Sunday on Big Pine Key but it was coming down hard. Looking outside our neighbor Billie was repairing a taillight wire problem on one of his motorcycles under his awning but he was far from dry. 

Kathy used that time to do some online banking and I finished reading the rest of the morning posts we follow. By the time the rain stopped it was lunch time. With it being damp out we had a nice bowl of soup to help us shake the dampness and we shared a sandwich. 
The birds were staying down today because of the wind.
After lunch the sky was still cloud covered but we figured we’d still go for a bicycle ride. I’d no sooner open both zippers on the storage skirt flap and the rain started again. Kathy went back to reading while I did a few number puzzles. All that time the rain would stop and start again and again. Finally around 3:00 this afternoon the sky cleared and the sun came out. 

It didn’t take us long to start pedaling around the park avoiding the massive puddles that covered the roads. Since it would take forever to get a good ride in this way we headed for the bike path along the highway over to Cudjoe Key. There was another thing the Weather Network failed to note this morning was the high wind gusts we were being hit with even after crossing the road where the trees and shrubs blocked some of the wind. We struggled by pedaling harder to ride down to our usual spot of Kemp Channel before heading back to the trailer. Also like the other day the wind at our backs helped to make the ride back less strenuous and we were back home in record time. 

Before writing the blog this evening I again looked at the Weather Network and they showed our area as having been dry the entire day with only some clouds. I’m presuming that if they didn’t forecast the weather before it happened they aren’t going to admit that they messed up afterwards. 

Kathy and I would like to welcome Cristi Ashley as our latest blog follower. From her profile she doesn’t have a blog at this time and it also appears that she is just starting to look into the world of RVing. I will monitor Cristi’s profile so in the future if she ever joins the world of blogging we can give her a Shout Out. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. You really need to get the Weatherbug App. I think you can get a pc app too, if you don't have a smart phone. Weatherbug was predicting a 30% chance of rain in the upper Keys, but when I pulled up the radar, it was clear we were going to get rain. It shows us exactly where we are at, down to our exact rv site, and where the rain is, so you know ahead of time. Glad you didn't get rain. We may have seen you guys yesterday when we were heading down to Sugarloaf Tiki Bar. I saw someone on a tandem bicycle anyway. We'll have to get together soon.

  2. Those weather guessers don't usually get it right do they?

  3. I have the WeatherBug app and love it it is pretty accurate it shows me radar which is a big help when traveling at least I think it is