It's about time.

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Branded Party Animals and Great Deals.

Our Location today is Sugar Loaf Key, Florida, USA.

Reading the comments from yesterday’s blog post Kathy and I realized that we are now officially considered to be Party Animals. We were told as long as we didn’t stay past 9:00 we were safe. Last night that all changed when we stayed until the last number because “The Band Reach” was that good and they didn’t finish playing until just after 10:00. There goes our reputations! 

After recovering from our big night out we slept in until nearly 8:00 but after finishing breakfast we lounged around reading on the computers until nearly 9:30 before we felt like heading out the door. We were heading to Summerland Key to attend their weekend Flea Market in hopes of finding those make or break deals that everyone is always looking for. 
This motorcycle at the Flea Market was cheaper than most and a lot quieter.
Last year while attending the same Flea Market I found replacement Sun Glasses to replace my ten year old pair that just didn’t want to stay in one piece any more. The replacements were working well until they fell off the side rail of a pickup I was working on lately and landed under my foot. I managed to reassemble them fairly well but every time someone is staring at my face I know they are seeing something strange about my sunglasses. I even got a spare pair just in case the new ones met the same fate. 
Live entertainment at the Flea Market.
Kathy was looking for a few things but had no luck in her search so she even tried helping me. The other thing that we were looking for we struck out on but I saw something else. We have been slowly changing the lights in our trailer over to LEDs. Of the 36 LED bulbs I originally purchased for the trailer only four are still working the way they should. The rest (32) actually fell apart. Last year (2014) while attending the Escapade in Goshen, Indiana I found a vendor that was selling good quality LED replacement bulbs but at $20.00 a bulb. Today one of the hardware vendors at the Flea Market was selling the duel LED bulb light fixtures for $22.00 each so we picked up two to try in our rear bedroom. If those do the trick we may get a few more before we leave. 

We are still learning the area and since there are not too many fast food eateries around we looked around to see where we could have lunch. After driving over to Deer Key but not wanting to cross the Seven Mile Bridge for lunch we turned around. That’s when it dawned on us that we hadn’t been to the No Name Pub yet this year. 

Driving through the No Name Key we soon arrived at the Pub. Their claim to fame is being the oldest bar on Summerland Key being built back in 1936. When you enter the walls and ceiling are covered with dollar bills ($200,000 worth to be exact). Their menu is simple and the food so-so but their pizzas are outstanding and all reasonably priced. If you want you can sit outside on a patio that is bigger than all the floor space inside. 

After enjoying our meal and having gotten our check I was about to pay for it when there right in front of us was the perfect Xxxxxxxxx Gifts. We had to ask our waitress where she got it at and were amazed to find out that she got it at XXXXXXX. So not only did we have a delicious lunch but now know where to pick XXXXX up. Sorry can’t give it away! 

Our next stop was the Winn Dixie. Not that we needed very many groceries but it helped to top off what we already had. Once the truck was loaded I topped off one of our water jugs at the Water Dispensing Machine. 
Yesterday when our old neighbor had to relocate in order to stay here for another two weeks that helped us. When he had parked his rig his slides were over on our lot making it a tight fit just to park the truck. When the person that had reserved that sight pulled in his slide does not go past the lot line which means we’ll now be able to open our awning.

As we count the days down to the beginning of Spring we realize there is still a lot we want to do while we are in the Florida Keys. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. I thought we were friends, and you could tell us anything. lol

  2. I guess Kevin and I aren't party animals, we hardly ever go out in the evenings. Glad that you had such a great time!

    Wow, sure sounds like they pack everyone in like sardines at the RV park you are at. We once stayed at a park in Cabos San Lucas and we couldn't even get into one of our basement compartments. Luckily we were only there for 3 or 4 nights.

  3. The Keys look like a place we need to check out one of these days. Love that kind of weather. Great photos. Thanks

  4. We try to avoid those crammed in campsites, not very comfortable. Have fun.