It's about time.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Someone Got Robbed.

Our Location today is Sugar Loaf Key, Florida, USA.

Once again we had no problems sleeping last night. We even slept in until nearly 8:00 this morning. After having breakfast we simply headed to the computers to get caught up on E-mails and morning blog posts. We could hear the sounds of engines revving outside. Looking out there were a number of RVs heading for the road as the length of their stays had come to an end. There were others however that planned to stay longer but the sites that they were on were booked so in order to stay they had to move to other sites. 
Very windy again today.
Around 10:00 I started doing a few repair jobs inside the trailer because I’d already stuck my head out the door and the humidity was nearly unbearable. Last month while at Punta Gorda I had repaired and modified the front closet in our bedroom. I had secured a shelving unit that Kathy was using to stack her tops on. When she went in to get a top the other day she noticed the screws were backed out. When I removed the screws today I found them bent. Since I plan to again modify that shelf once we are home I simply replaced them with better wood screws. 
He didn't mind the wind.
When we arrived in Florida at the end of December we had one of our Day/Night shades break on us. We’d picked up the RV Shade First-Aid Kit at Camping World back in January but with everything else that I worked on in the trailer the blind took a back seat. The shade that broke was on the rear of the main slide and Kathy likes to have it open so she can see if the rear roadside slide is properly closing or opening. 
Hardest part of restringing this shade was working with the Valance.
 I’d heard horror stories about rethreading them and wasn’t looking forward to it but it had to get done. The hardest part of the entire job was removing the Valance and finding the hidden screws the assemblers had used to mount it with back in the factory. Once the blind was removed it was just a matter of removing the endcaps old string and start restring the blind. After reassembling the blind I realized that I’d reversed the center bar so back to square two I turned the bar and had it restrung even with my mistake within a half hour. At this point I had Kathy lend me a hand while I rehung the blind and adjusted the proper tension on the cords. Now the second hardest part of the job was rehanging the Valances and getting the screws back in their original holes. 
Do you sometimes feel like you're being watched?
Going outside to put my screwdriver back in the tool box I spent nearly an hour talking with Becky and Tom our neighbors who will be leaving tomorrow. They told me of the trailer behind them had been robbed last night. Those people had gone to the pub until closing and hadn’t locked their trailer. The police took a report but with not locking their RV it was just theft and not break and enter.  

I grilled a couple of nice pork chops on the Weber to go with Kathy’s twice baked potatoes, mixed bean salad, fried apples, dill pickle slices and sweet pickled peppers. 

After supper we sat down by the beach for a short while people and bird watching. We met Isabelle and Rick from Maine who only came south a week ago to get away from the severe winter they were experiencing back home. They are only here for another four days and have never been here before. After talking for some time they were asking where to go in Key West to see this beautiful sunset that they always hear everyone talking about. After doing our best to explain where to go for the experience they left to go walk their furkids. 
Friday Entertainer at KOA Pub.
Kathy and I also did something we don’t normally do by later going to the KOA Pub to listen to the young entertainer that was performing. We along with other people had a few sing-along songs and few laughs at some of his modified songs. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. I have restrung all of the shades in our coach and a couple of them 2 times, so it gets to be a fairly easy project after a while.
    Even did them for a few of our rv friends as well.

  2. Glad your restringing project worked so well. Unfortunately, our little project didn't go as smoothly.

  3. Good job on the shade. It's not hard but very tedious. Seems they break at the most inconvenient times. I stock those repair kits because it's an ongoing battle to keep all my shades working.