It's about time.

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Thank You for following this Blog

Monday, August 4, 2014

Personal Entertainment.

Our Location today is Welland, Ontario, Canada.

Even though we didn’t sleep well last night because we forgot our own pillows back at the apartment we were still up by 7:15 this morning. No we weren’t traveling we were going to hear our granddaughter Emma sing today. 
Granddaughter Emma

Before leaving the hotel we went downstairs to have breakfast that was paid for by our room. Kathy enjoyed pancakes with sausage with orange juice and coffee. I enjoyed the scrambled eggs with sausage with orange juice and coffee. As soon as breakfast was over we returned to the room where I checked the Weather Network online to see what we could expect for the day and then we were out of there. 
Impressive Awards for Barbecuing.
Lift Bridge over Welland Canal.
Not all the vendors were open yet shortly after 10:00.

Ten minutes later we were at Gary and Jen’s place and listening to the morning commotion of a family and friends getting ready to head out for a day of excitement. The game plan was that we’d travel together in our own vehicles with Jen taking the lead to Port Colbourne for the last of the Canal Day Celebrations and the rest of us following. A GPS could get you to an address but it couldn’t get you someplace that you need to find parking for like a daughter-in-law that lives in the area can. The reason for getting there by 10:30 was to find free parking before the out of town crowds would arrive. 

After parking on a tree shaded street we were only a block from the outdoor stage where Emma would be performing later in the afternoon. We walked around as a group checking out some of the vendors and the Tall Ships that were down at the Welland Canal. Just in the short time that we walked around the crowds started to thicken so by noon hour we thought it would be wise to go set up our chairs where we’d like to sit by the bandstand. 
7 year old grandson Haigan climbing a rock wall.
It wasn’t until 1:00 that the band started to play and they were doing great for the first fifteen minutes. Then the show really started to hop when the fifth member of the group arrived as an Elvis Tribute Singer. They had everyone hopping and bopping and participating with classic Elvis songs playing until 1:45 before taking a break. 
Kathy checking out where to set up our chairs.
Band doing a sound check.
This is where our granddaughter Emma got to the stage. Emma has been entering a number of singing contests put on by the Niagara Regional Young Entertainers Association and was recently crowned the winner. After her introduction it didn’t take long for the crowd to actually start listening to her as she sang her three songs that kept them all in awe. Granddad was kept busy taking pictures that she will be able to use for promotional purposes. For only being 16 years old she received a very generous round of applause and big praises from the tribute band as they passed one another behind the stage. 

Jen had a fall near the bandstand so after Emma had finished her songs the rest of our group headed back to their home while Kathy and I stuck around for another round of the tribute band because we are both big Elvis fans.

Back at Gary and Jen’s we all decided to go to the outdoor Karaoke place in Niagara Falls. Because of the limited parking we all piled into two vehicles and left the truck parked at their home. It felt strange not driving but then I would have gotten lost trying to get there on my own. 

Friend Page, granddaughter Emma and friend Megan.
Emma, her friends, her grandmother Sue, even our son Gary from our group and complete strangers got up on stage numerous times and did a great job of further entertaining everyone. Supper was pizza and chicken wings but with everything that was happening that was more than enough. 
Emma at Karaoke
Megan at Karaoke
Emma's grandma Sue
Friend Page and our son Gary.
Emma working the floor at Karaoke.
It was after 10:00 by the time we got back to the hotel and now the task of writing the blog begins. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Looks like you had a fun day with great outside weather too.

  2. What a wonderful day y'all had. Sue can't possible be a grandma. She looks as young as the girls. Glad you two got to spend so much valuable time with the family. Lots of memories from this one day.