It's about time.

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Thank You for following this Blog

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Warmer Dryer Exodus and Saying So Long.

Our Location today is Goshen, Indiana.

We slept a little more soundly by not having the furnace turned on and the cube heaters adjusted slightly lower since the temperature was only going down to 37 F last night. I still managed to wake a couple of times but fell quickly back to sleep. The last time I looked at the clock nearly had me jumping out of bed because the clock now read that it was past 8:00 in the morning. Since we won’t be leaving until Tuesday morning there was no reason to jump out of bed like that. 
People checking how dry the ground was so they could leave.
That kind of movement immediately had Kathy awake even though she still needed more rest. Luckily when we travel we each carry Antibiotics that our doctors prescribe just in case they are needed. So this past Thursday when the over the counter medication wasn’t working Kathy started on the Antibiotics as well. She was still groggy this morning but starting to feel slightly improved. 

After having a second cup of coffee again with our breakfast this morning we quickly read the morning blogs. That is when I read that Samand Donna Weibel had not had a good day yesterday and they were leaving this morning. I told Kathy that I was going over to say so long to them. 

Hopping on my bicycle I rode around to the fair grounds to where they were parked and found them in the process of packing up. As soon as I rode up Riggs started barking like mad but as soon as I got off the bike and called his name I had a tail wagging new friend. I managed to talk alternately for a few moments with Sam and Donna with them wishing Kathy a speedy recovery. We bade each other safe travels with the hopes of meeting down the road in the future. 

By the time I returned to the trailer it was nearly 10:00 and the bright sunshine was helping to warm things to a comfortable temperature. I told Kathy and we decided to sit outside to watch the exodus of RVs that were heading to their next destinations. A few of the RVers that were bringing their pets for a final walk before they intended to hit the road stopped by to talk for a bit as we watched rig after rig pull out. Finally around 10:40 we could see Sam and Donna heading out of the park by the outer park road. 
Sam and Donna leaving the fairgrounds.
If you remember how I teasingly thanked Nick Russell for recommending the South Side Soda Shop for its good food yesterday. Well when we read his blog this morning he explained how he and his wife Terry had gone out for supper last night with Greg and Jan White. He spoke of the King Wha Chinese Restaurant in Elkhart. Nick doesn’t recommend restaurants unless they are good. 

Since we have been craving Chinese Food for some time and since Kathy was feeling slightly better we headed out. We traveled through the town of Goshen to Elkhart and were pulling into the parking lot at King Wha before noon. We enjoyed their Lemon Chicken which included Egg Drop Soup, Egg Rolls and Steamed Rice. Once we started eating we just couldn’t stop because it tasted so good and we didn’t have any leftovers to take home. Keep up the good work of finding great places to eat Nick. 
Only two units left. It was filled this week.
After eating I was trying to locate an RV parts store unsuccessfully in Elkhart so after a while we just stopped at a few retail stores not looking for anything in particular but to walk off some of our lunch. It was past 5:00 by the time we got back to the fairgrounds to an almost empty infield parking area. 
Our trailer between a couple of A Class RVs.

For supper I grilled a couple of nice pork chops to go with the salad Kathy had made and the Strawberries she had prepared for dessert. 

Tomorrow I have some phone calls to make before I start closing things up. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Rick and Kathy, Make sure before you leave the Goshen area you make a short trip(15 miles) to Nappanee. You have to go to Rocket Science ice cream shop. They make the ice cream right in front of you with liquid nitrogen. It's at Coppes Commons 401 East Market Street in Nappanee. They're open from 4 pm to 9 pm Monday. You will not be disappointed. If you make it there let me know what you think. Curt

  2. Glad you were finally able to ride your bike. What a mess that place was. Safe travels to your next destination.

  3. Glad people are able to roll on out now of the muddy grounds where the rally took place. I remember one a few years back in Perry GA that was a huge mess and many rigs being towed out of the mud. Ick....

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  4. It was nice meeting you and thanks for stopping by before we left. Hope Kathy gets well fast. the weather sure was conducive to good health. hope to catch on the flip side